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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Sunday 8 March 2009

Lark Rise To Candleford Ep 11/12

High Definition programme
Sunday 8 March
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE
Dorcas (Julia Sawalha) discovers a shocking secret
Dorcas (Julia Sawalha) discovers a shocking secret

A sudden storm proves the catalyst for a series of revelations that will for ever change the lives of a number of Lark Rise and Candleford residents, as BBC One's adaptation of Flora Thompson's childhood memoirs continues.

When the address on a letter is rendered indecipherable, Dorcas Lane pursues the identity of its recipient only to uncover a shocking secret kept from James Dowland for years. Dorcas is subsequently haunted by strange noises around the Post Office and, although greatly distressed, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Laura Timmins, meanwhile, is tormented by the knowledge of a possible betrayal. Will her intervention – even with the best of intentions – make things better for Alf and Nan? Emma also receives life-changing news that she finds impossible to tell Robert.

Later, Miss Ellison's choice of who she wants to give her away at her wedding meets with objection, not just from Thomas Brown, but from others in the hamlet.

Julia Sawalha plays Dorcas Lane, Jason Merrells plays James Dowland, Olivia Hallinan plays Laura Timmins, John Dagleish plays Alf Arless, Rebecca Night plays Nan, Claudie Blakley plays Emma Timmins and Brendan Coyle plays Robert Timmins.


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Damages Ep 4/13

Sunday 8 March
10.20-11.00pm BBC ONE

Patty is in New York preparing to defend Daniel Purcell against a murder charge, as the award-winning US legal drama continues.

Ellen and Tom, meanwhile, are in West Virginia looking for Josh Reston, the newspaper reporter who has uncovered evidence linking Ultima National Resources (UNR) to the dumping of toxic chemicals. CEO Walter Kendrick presses his lieutenant to find the water sample that Josh collected from outside a UNR plant, before any damage can be done to his company. Arriving at Josh's ransacked cabin, Ellen and Tom begin to worry when the reporter is nowhere to be found.

Daniel's concerns about a possible murder conviction are eased when another suspect is arrested. Although Kevin Walker confesses to murdering Christine Purcell after Daniel positively identifies him, Patty is convinced that he wasn't acting alone. Worried that Walker could cave under pressure and expose their conspiracy, Kendrick tells Claire Maddox to make sure he will never be able to talk.

Back in West Virginia, Josh emerges from hiding, telling Ellen and Tom what he knows about UNR's illegal dumping and revealing that he has the evidence that will confirm their suspicions. In order to keep the information from falling into the wrong hands, Tom and Josh draw the attention of both the local police and Kendrick's henchmen, allowing Ellen to escape to New York with the sample.

After convincing Patty to finally allow a meeting between him and their son, Michael, Daniel arranges to test the water sample in preparation for filing a lawsuit against UNR. But, when he is called to submit the toxicity report before a judge, Daniel catches Patty unawares by testifying that there is absolutely no sign of any pollution being released from the UNR plant. Finally, after Daniel makes it clear that he doesn't want anything more to do with UNR now that he has been bribed to destroy Patty's case, Wayne Suttry hires an assassin to make sure that Walker can never talk.

Patty is played by Glenn Close, Daniel by William Hurt, Ellen by Rose Byrne, Tom by Tate Donovan, Josh Reston by Matthew Davis, Walter Kendrick by John Doman, Kevin Walker by Bill Dawes, Claire Maddox by Marcia Gay Harden and Wayne Suttry by Brett Cullen.


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BBC TWO Sunday 8 March 2009

Tennis – Davis Cup

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 8 March
12.00noon-2.00pm BBC TWO

Sue Barker presents live coverage from the third and final day of Great Britain's Davis Cup tie against Ukraine at the Braehead Arena in Scotland.

The reverse singles take place today with the eventual winning nation earning a place in the World Group play-offs later this year. British fans will be hoping that John Lloyd and his team will have already wrapped up victory by this stage, as happened two years ago against Croatia when Tim Henman and the Murray brothers put Britain into an unassailable 3-0 lead going into the final day.

Andrew Castle and Greg Rusedski provide the commentary.


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Athletics – European Indoor Championships

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 8 March
2.00-5.10pm BBC TWO

Live coverage of the European Indoor Athletics Championships continues from the Oval Lingotto in Turin.

The third and final day includes the men's and women's 60m finals. Britain has an excellent record in the men's sprint, winning gold at seven of the last nine Championships. The last four titles were won by Jason Gardener, but with the Bath sprinter now retired there will be a new name on the roll of honour.

Steve Cram, Paul Dickenson and Steve Backley provide the commentary with analysis from Colin Jackson.


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Ski Sunday

Sunday 8 March
5.10-5.40pm BBC TWO

Ski Sunday presents highlights of the men's downhill from the Norwegian resort of Kvitfjell, which will be hosting two downhill events this year after fog caused the postponement of the race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany in February.

It was a similar story last year when the cancelled Val d'Isere race was also held in Kvitfjell. On that occasion, American Bode Miller won one race and was second in the other on the way to clinching the overall World Cup title.

Matt Chilton commentates.


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High Altitude

Sunday 8 March
10.30-11.00pm BBC TWO

Graham Bell and Ed Leigh invite Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon and his brother, Jonny, to a frozen lake in Sweden in a quest for sailing supremacy on ice, as the all-action winter sports show continues.

On catamaran-shaped boats, they fly across the ice at speeds of up to 100kph in an exhilarating – and potentially dangerous – competition.

Graham and Ed are then challenged to access the highest mountain peaks using only natural means, such as animals and wind, rather than cable cars and helicopters.


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BBC THREE Sunday 8 March 2009

Two Pints – Comic Relief Special

Sunday 8 March
9.00-9.30pm BBC THREE

In a first for BBC Three, the cast of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps are joined by the casts of Coming Of Age and Grown Ups in a special episode for Comic Relief.

Tim, the bartender of The Archer, arranges Timothy Claypole's Comic Relief Night Of Fun – a pub quiz with a twist.

Split into three teams, the guys and girls battle it out in three categories, starting with the "bitch off", which literally ends in tears as Gaz takes it too far and DK takes it personally. Next is the "drink off" in which Grant, Donna and Matt head for the bar to see who can down a pint of lager the fastest.

The final category is the "flirt off" and Gaz is in his element. Jas joins Michelle and Janet (both played by Sheridan Smith), who do their best to seduce Gaz into giving them the highest score for their flirting abilities. As Michelle and Janet try their best lines, Jas shows that, where Gaz is concerned, the direct approach works best.

As a special treat for Comic Relief the episode ends with a song – Stop Thinking, Start Drinking – featuring an unmissable rapping duet from DK and Gaz.

This Comic Relief special is co-written by Susan Nickson (Two Pints Of Lager and Grown Ups) and Tim Dawson (Coming Of Age).


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Comic Relief Naughty Bits

Sunday 8 March
10.30-11.30pm BBC THREE

Comic Relief's Naughty Bits is a collection of all those rude and cheeky moments in which celebrities have been shamed and humiliated and participants on Red Rose Day have even ended up naked, all in the name of fundraising.

Forming part of BBC Three's night of Comic Relief, this 60-minute show relives some of the most memorable late-night antics from the past 21 years, including Ricky Gervais's squirm-inducing appeal film, Borat's jaw-dropping offer to Graham Norton via a naked Chris Evans and a foul-mouthed Elton John.

The programme also features Sheridan Smith, Ralf Little, Jeff Leach, Alex Riley and Rhod Gilbert choosing their favourite and most shocking moments.


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