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24 September 2014
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Thursday 8 January 2009

BBC ONE Thursday 8 January 2009
Thursday 8 January
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Dot faces a moral dilemma, in tonight's visit to Walford, as Max arrives to visit his daughter, Lauren.


Danielle, meanwhile, offers to watch over Jean but her best intentions leave Jean, and the house, in danger. Elsewhere, the products of Janine's deception are beginning to arrive at her flat, as she finds a new use for Jay.


Dot is played by June Brown, Max by Jake Wood, Danielle by Lauren Crace, Jean by Gillian Wright, Janine by Charlie Brooks and Jay by Jaime Borthwick.



Life Of Riley Ep 1/6
Thursday 8 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE (Schedule change 16 December)

Maddy (Caroline Quentin) and Jim (Neil Dudgeon) are living the Life Of Riley
Maddy (Caroline Quentin) and Jim (Neil Dudgeon)
are living the Life Of Riley

Caroline Quentin returns to BBC One in a new six-part sitcom, Life Of Riley.


She plays Maddy, who has just remarried and is about to find out what happens when two families collide. Suddenly, she is the head of a modern-day extended family, with children, stepchildren, step-siblings and half-siblings, and a few ex-partners and in-laws thrown in for good measure.


Maddy is like Roseanne but thinner, like Seinfeld but with dirtier trainers and like Victor Meldrew – but she does believe it. In Life Of Riley, Maddy discovers that parenting has never been so complicated and she is outwitted at every turn by people a quarter of her age.


In tonight’s opening episode, Maddy finds a pregnancy test and is convinced it belongs to one of her stepchildren. But she’s in for a big surprise when she finds out who the real owner is...


Life Of Riley co-stars Neil Dudgeon as Maddy's husband, Jim.



Thursday 8 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule change 11 December)

Mickey Bricks returns in this new series of the popular drama about a team of con artists. Following his stint in Australia, selling the Sydney Opera House to an unsuspecting punter, Mickey has returned to a "new" London. The credit crunch has hit Britain and, while the nation tightens its belt, there are still a scurrilous and greedy few who are getting ever richer. Mickey is keen to put new plans into action to extract their cash.


However, it's not just the financial state of the nation that has changed; Mickey's crew is looking somewhat depleted too. Local know-all Cyclops reveals that Ash is back to short cons, while Danny and Stacey are "grifting" their way across America. And the law has finally caught up with Mickey's old friend and mentor, Albert, currently detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.


Far from being desperate to get out of prison, Albert is living the high life. The art of the long con is in his blood and, naturally, he already has a "mark" lined up for Mickey.


Albert's tip off involves an obnoxious pair of developers, Sara Naismith and her assistant, Aaron, who have made a killing in dubious property deals and are benefitting from recession and repossessions. They bribe, batter and bully to ensure they get their own way. Keen to make a quick buck on the Stock Exchange, Sara and Aaron have no qualms about investing their million-pound fortune.


Enter Mickey, posing as a ruthless stockbroker who uses his insider trading to make a killing on the money markets. Keen to take advantage of Mickey's knowledge, Sara and Aaron are quick to latch on to the almost "risk-free" investment he offers. They seem ready and primed to fall into his trap. Surely it's a done deal?


Mickey Bricks is played by Adrian Lester, Ash Morgan by Robert Glenister, Albert Stroller by Robert Vaughn, Sara Naismith by Kelly Adams, Aaron by Matt Di Angelo and Cyclops by Bill Bailey.





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