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29 October 2014
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Network Radio Week 52

Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008


BBC RADIO 2 Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008
Noel Gallagher's Line Of Enquiry
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
12.00noon-2.00pm BBC RADIO 2 (Schedule Addition 1 December)

Noel Gallagher is in conversation with BBC Radio 2 listeners in a special programme recorded for Boxing Day.


Noel Gallagher's Line Of Enquiry, a two-hour special, promises to give a unique insight into one of the greatest songwriters and most outspoken artists of his generation.


Kate Thornton leads the audience through their Line Of Enquiry, as they put forward the questions they've always wanted to ask the Oasis front man.


Radio 2 listeners have also chosen the songs for the show's playlist, alongside Noel, who has picked a handful of tracks from his own record collection.


Presenter/Kate Thornton, Producer/Claire Slevin


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Radio 2 Celebrates The Music Of Disney
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
7.30-9.15pm BBC RADIO 2

BBC Radio 2 brings Broadway and West End stars to London for a unique concert event celebrating the music of Disney, hosted by Josh Groban.


Staged in the Lyceum Theatre, the current home of The Lion King, the 70-piece BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Larry Blank, back a stellar cast that includes the original Broadway stars of The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Aida and The Little Mermaid.


Heather Headley (Nala in The Lion King), Ashley Brown (Belle in Beauty And The Beast), Drew Sarich (Quasimodo in Hunchback Of Notre Dame), Kerry Butler (Belle in Beauty And The Beast), Adam Pascal (Radames in Aida) and Tituss Burgess (Sebastian in The Little Mermaid) are joined by West End stars Maria Friedman, London's current Zorro, Matt Rawle, and the current cast of The Lion King, for an evening of musical magic.


The concert, which was recorded on 8 December, features classics from Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, Fantasia, Jungle Book, Lady And The Tramp, Toy Story, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, Enchanted and High School The Musical.


Among the songs being performed are The Circle Of Life, The Bare Necessities, Under The Sea, A Whole New World, Once Upon A Dream, You'll Be In My Heart, He's A Tramp, Beauty And The Beast and When You Wish Upon A Star.


Producer/Anthony Cherry


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Listen To The Band
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
9.30-10.00pm BBC RADIO 2

The internationally renowned Canadian Brass Quintet played a typically mixed bag of music at their appearance in this year's Durham International Festival of Brass. Tonight's edition of Listen To The Band, presented by Frank Renton, features highlights of their performance and includes a Glen Miller medley, the famous Adagio by Samuel Barber, Penny Lane and baroque classics from the 17th century.


Presenter/Frank Renton, Producer/Terry Carter


BBC Radio 2 Publicity


BBC RADIO 3 Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008
Paradise Lost Ep 5/12
Monday 22 December to Friday 2 January
5.00-5.55pm BBC RADIO 3

Anton Lesser continues to read John Milton's Paradise Lost to mark the 400th anniversary of the writer's birth.


Today, in Book Five, Eve tells Adam about a worrying dream she has had and they then set about their labours.


Presenter/Anton Lesser, Producer/Nicolas Soames


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

Belief Ep 3/5
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
8.45-9.15pm BBC RADIO 3

Joan Bakewell concludes her exploration of areas of belief with artists, thinkers and other public figures. In a society where the arena of belief has become increasingly personal and subjective, religion remains a significant influence, and Joan explores in conversation with her guests the influences that have shaped them, the ideas they have about life's big questions and how their beliefs affects both their personal and working lives.


In this final edition, Joan speaks to the head of Britain's Reform Jewish community, Rabbi Doctor Tony Bayfield, who has devoted his life to challenging those who claim to have a monopoly on truth. It has taken the form of promoting Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue, as well as criticising all forms of fundamentalism. This year, he spearheaded a commitment to collaborate with other branches of Judaism in an attempt to embrace diversity and pluralism and reduce infighting. His stance has seen him publically oppose his friend of 40 years, Britain's Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks. Yet that friendship remains, despite the passionate theological divide. Rabbi Bayfield talks openly about the Shoah or Holocaust survivors who taught him at theological college, the place of converts with Judaism, and how his training and work as a Rabbi left him utterly unprepared for the untimely death of his wife.


Presenter/Joan Bakewell, Producer/Karen Maurice


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

World On 3
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
11.15pm-1.00am BBC RADIO 3

Lopa Kothari presents her own mix of music from around the world, in this edition of World On 3, and is joined in the studio by Cuban chanteuse and Buena Vista Social Club member Omara Portuondo, who performs material from her new album.


Omara Portuondo was born in Havana in October 1930. Her mother came from a rich Spanish family and was expected to marry into another "society" family. Instead, she ran off with the man she loved – a tall, handsome baseball player from the Cuban national team. Moreover, he was black and, in those days, mixed-race marriages were still frowned upon in Cuba. One of three children, in 1952 Omara formed a female vocal quartet with her sister, Haydee, Elena Bourke and Moraima Secada – led by the pianist Aida Diestro. They were to become one of the most important groups in Cuban musical history and Omara was to remain with the Cuarteto Las D'Aida for 15 years.


Her debut solo album, Magia Negra, appeared in 1959. It was an adventurous affair, straddling Cuban music and American jazz, and included versions of That Old Black Magic and Duke Ellington's Caravan. She continued with Las D'Aida until 1967 when she left to pursue her solo career.


Highlights have included singing with top charanga outfit Orquesta Aragón in the Seventies, recording for the first time with the Buena Vista Social Club in 1996 and going on to become part of the legendary Buena Vista performances in Amsterdam and at New York's Carnegie Hall, and recording a further two albums with the group and a second solo album in 2003.


Still sounding as good as ever, Omara is in her element while performing live and has won over international audiences with her gloriously infectious stage presence – crisscrossing continents as an ambassadress of Cuban culture.


Presenter/Lopa Kothari, Producer/James Parkin


BBC Radio 3 Publicity


BBC RADIO 4 Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008
The Eureka Years At Christmas
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
11.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 4

Adam Hart-Davis goes crackers for Christmas
Adam Hart-Davis goes
crackers for Christmas

Presenter and historian Adam Hart-Davis explores the history of the science and technology behind Christmas.


In a special festive edition of Eureka Years, Adam finds out who invented Christmas crackers, the connection between fake trees and toilet brushes, and when Christmas trees were first decorated with glass baubles.


Adam discovers the Christmas-card town of Lauscha in Germany, where glass baubles are still blown by hand and lung – a tradition dating back to the mid-1830s. He also finds out about the first Christmas tree lit by electric light bulbs, looks at X-rays of teddy-bear skeletons and pulls a cracker in the name of scientific investigation. And he uncovers the year in which Christmas, as we know it, was invented – 1843.


Producer/Mary Ward Lowery


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

More Or Less
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
1.30-2.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq and comedian Dave Gorman join Tim Harford as they take listeners on a journey through the world of numbers.


Konnie has an A-level in maths and a degree in Economics from Cambridge University, while Dave dropped out of a maths degree course at Manchester University but rediscovered his passion for the subject years later after reading Fermat's Last Theorem. Tim puts their skills to the test with a brain-teasing quiz.


The programme also investigates the validity, or otherwise, of the oft-quoted statistic, that up to 1.8 million couples consult a solicitor to initiate divorce proceedings each January.


Also, a survey found that 88 per cent of American college students rated themselves as being in the top 50 per cent for driving skills. It's an example of the "above average effect" – the tendency of people to overestimate the extent to which they possess desirable skills and characteristics.


Presenter/Tim Harford, Producer/Innes Bowen


BBC News Publicity

Afternoon Play –
The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
Ep 1/4
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Clive Merrison and Andrew Sachs return as Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson in four brand-new tales of mystery and murder.


Bert Coules, the chief writer behind BBC Radio 4's celebrated dramatisations of the complete Sherlock Holmes canon of 56 short stories and four novels, once more takes up the pen where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle left off.


In this opening adventure, The Eyes Of Horus, the baffling disappearance of a fabulous ancient Egyptian jewel from an impregnable bank vault threatens to cause the government acute diplomatic embarrassment.


Clive Merrison stars as Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Sachs as Dr John Watson, Colette O'Neil as Lady Jean Mallory, Stephen Critchlow as Mr Lofting and Stephen Thorne as Inspector Lestrade. The cast also includes Janice Acquah, Paul Rider, Jonathan Tafler and Malcolm Tierney.


Producer/Patrick Rayner


BBC Radio 4 Publicity


Friday 26 December 2008
Fighting Talk – Old Chestnuts
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
10.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Colin Murray, Johnny Vaughan and Christian O'Connell open the Fighting Talk vault to pick out the funniest, most outrageous and memorable moments from the programme's history, as the points of punditry panel show celebrates its fifth series.


The retrospective uncovers which Fighting Talk regulars have had the biggest rivalries, who has made the best and worst sporting predictions, and which sportsman has been the greatest Fighting Talker, and reviews the records for verbal dexterity and disaster in Fighting Talk's final hurdle, Defend The Indefensible.


Presenters/Colin Murray, Johnny Vaughan and
Christian O'Connell, Producer/Mike Holt


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live Sport
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
11.30am-7.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Pougatch presents today's edition of 5 Live Sport and brings listeners the traditional full programme of Boxing Day football fixtures. The live commentary kicks off at 12.45pm as Stoke take on Manchester United at the Britannia Stadium, and there is also coverage of all the day's 1pm games – including Chelsea v West Brom and Tottenham v Fulham.


From 3pm, listeners can hear live commentary of Liverpool v Bolton from Anfield and updates of the other 3pm kick-offs – including Middlesbrough v Everton and Wigan v Newcastle in the Barclays Premier League and Ipswich v Birmingham in the Coca-Cola Championship. At 5.15pm, there is live commentary of the Premier League's late kick-off between Aston Villa and Arsenal at Villa Park.


Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Mark Williams


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

Kermode's Films Of The Year
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Kermode looks back at this year's big screen releases and features reviews of Mamma Mia, High School Musical 3, Sex In The City and the latest Bond instalment – Quantum Of Solace.


Presenter/Mark Kermode, Producer/Robin Bulloch


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity


Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
12.55-5.00pm BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

Commentary on two of the Boxing Day football fixtures, including a lunchtime kick-off in the Premier League, can be heard this afternoon.


Producer/Jen McAllister


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity


BBC 6 MUSIC Boxing Day Friday 26 December 2008
Elbow Special
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
3.00-6.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

The members of Mercury award-winning band Elbow are let loose in the BBC archives for three hours this afternoon to find nuggets of sound that reflect influences on their music.


Their sometimes surprising selections include previously unbroadcast interviews, long-lost session tracks and concert recordings that have long been left on the shelf. Guy, Pete, Mark, Craig and Richard reveal what has inspired them over the years and discuss how 2008 has been the best year yet for Elbow.


Presenter/Guy Garvey, Executive Producer/Mike Hanson


BBC 6 Music Publicity

Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show
Boxing Day Friday 26 December
10.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Bruce Dickinson celebrates the year gone by in a special edition of his Rock Show this Boxing Day evening.


Some of the biggest bands in rock and metal have dropped by to chat to Bruce recently and tonight he delves into the past and replays some of his own personal highlights and best bits from 2008.


Listeners can once again hear the legendary Lemmy from Motorhead, Lars and James from Metallica and Phil Anselmo from Down. There are also featured interviews from the Stone Gods, Trivium, Korn and Mindless Self Indulgence, among others.


Presenter/Bruce Dickinson, Producer/Ian Callaghan


BBC 6 Music Publicity


Friday 26 December 2008
Too Many Santas
Boxing Day Friday 26 December

Heidi Mikalson explores what the different Santas of the Arctic Circle reveal about Europe today.


Iceland has 13 Santas, while Scandinavia, where each family has its own, possesses millions. The rest of the world, meanwhile, makes do with just one.


Belief in folklore is very much alive. Ninety per cent of Icelanders admit to believing in elves, trolls and other huldufolk (hidden people). Nordic countries have seen an increase of Old Norse Pagans recently and Europe, although officially fully Christian since the year 1000, still has deep links to its pagan past.


Presenter/Heidi Mikalson, Producer/Matt Thomspon


BBC World Service Publicity



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