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29 October 2014
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Network Radio Week 33

Saturday 9 August 2008


1XTRA BBC Saturday 9 August 2008
Rampage In Ayia Napa

Saturday 9 August
7.00-10.00pm 1XTRA BBC

Tonight is the final of three weekend broadcasts in which Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson and Rampage (Mike Anthony and Treble T) have played the biggest summer sounds from the hottest summer locations.


Tonight, Rampage come live from the party island of Ayia Napa, where they are joined by special guests Taio Cruz and Sway.


1Xtra Loves Summer is simulcast on BBC Radio 1, from 7-9pm.


Presenters/Treble T, Mike Anthony and Zena, Producer/Helena Antoniades


BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Publicity


BBC RADIO 2 Saturday 9 August 2008
Jason Byrne Ep 5/6
Saturday 9 August
1.30-2.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Award-winning Irish comedian Jason Byrne turns his attention to the world of sport.


The show features stand-up and sketches with Laurence Howarth, Anna Bengo and special guest Ivan Brackenbury, the spoof hospital DJ created by comic Tom Binns.


Presenter/Jason Byrne, Producer/Julia McKenzie


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Dermot O'Leary
Saturday 9 August
2.00-5.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Dermot O'Leary has a live session from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a Danish group who mix pop with funk, folk and soul, and are united in their love of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Sly And The Family Stone. Formed only last year, their debut gig saw them supporting Amy Winehouse in Copenhagen.


Indie popsters The Little Ones also bring a little Californian sunshine to the studio with live tracks from their debut album, Morning Tide.


Presenter/Dermot O'Leary, Producer/Ben Walker


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Too Much Too Young – The Story Of 2 Tone
Saturday 9 August
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Ska band The Specials
Ska band The Specials

Paul Sexton tells the story of the legendary 2 Tone record label and the band at its centre, The Specials.


In 1979, 2 Tone exploded on to the UK music scene. Led by The Specials, an invasion of ska bands had the whole country dancing.


The Specials captured the times perfectly with a series of hit singles and albums that tackled social issues, unemployment and racism. From their debut single onwards, they were regular guests on Top Of The Pops and, as Britain burned during the riots of 1981, they were at the top of the charts with their biggest single, Ghost Town.


The 2 Tone label was the brainchild of Jerry Dammers of The Specials, whose plan was to create his own Coventry-based version of Motown Records. As unlikely as that seemed, within a year the label had scored seven hit singles, a Top 10 album and a sell-out UK tour, introducing the world to bands including Madness, The Selecter and The Beat.


Paul Sexton traces the fortunes of 2 Tone Records, from its early successes to its demise in 1985. And nearly 30 years after The Specials first skanked onto the music scene, he finds out about their forthcoming reunion.


The series features brand-new interviews with Jerry Dammers, Terry Hall, Neville Staple and Lynval Golding, as well as members of Madness, The Beat and The Selecter. Also featured are contributions from Rhoda Dakar, Pete Waterman, Don Letts, Garry Bushell and The Guardian's Alexis Petridis.


Presenter/Paul Sexton, Producer/James Hale


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Suzi Quatro
Saturday 9 August
8.00-9.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Jay Siegel, founder member and lead singer of The Tokens, talks Suzi Quatro through his favourite American songs and their influence on his life and career.


First breaking onto the pop charts in 1961, The Tokens boast the second-longest chart span in the history of rock 'n' roll. More than 30 years after the debut of their first big hit, Tonight I Fell In Love, they re-emerged on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in August 1994, following the re-release of their No. 1 single, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame in 2004.


Jay is also a producer, who worked on He's So Fine by The Chiffons.


Presenter/Suzi Quatro, Producer/Mark Simpson


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BBC RADIO 3 Saturday 9 August 2008
World Routes In China
Saturday 9 August
3.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Lucy Duran travels to Shanghai to find out what's left of traditional Chinese music in this booming metropolis and tracks down some of its most respected and proficient performers.


Lucy visits Mr Lin, a virtual recluse who drinks heavily to aid his playing. He performs on a guqin (a finger-plucked zither), which dates from the 13th century. He explains how the instrument survived the Cultural Revolution by being hidden in a bomb shelter. He wasn't so lucky. Banished to the north, he forgot how to play his beloved instrument. As Lucy discovers, he re-learnt, and his delicate touch – at times you can only hear the scratching of the silk strings – creates a mesmerising sound.


Lucy joins a group of older people who meet every Sunday afternoon to perform Silk and Bamboo – a style of music that traditionally uses string instruments made of silk and blown instruments made of bamboo. Led by the charismatic 84-year-old Mr Zhang, this group resurrect and perform a repetoire that would otherwise be lost.


The World Routes team travels 100km west of Shanghai to the garden city of Suzhou. Apart from its gardens and canals (it's known as the Venice of the East) it's also known for a certain style of narrative song called Pingtan. World Routes makes a rare recording of this wonderful style, in a small theatre, in front of a dedicated audience of elderly men. Each "play" is normally performed over 15 days and is sung and narrated by two young women who accompany each other on string instruments.


Presenter/Lucy Duran, Producer/James Parkin


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

BBC Concert Orchestra

Saturday 9 August
7.00-9.00pm BBC RADIO 3
Press pack

Jazz infuses tonight's live Prom, with the BBC Concert Orchestra and its principal guest conductor Charles Hazlewood performing a selection of music by Gershwin, Bernstein, Stravinsky and two young British jazz composers, Jason Yarde and Gwilym Simcock.


The concert opens and closes with Gershwin, starting with his rousing Strike Up The Band and ending with his much-loved An American In Paris. Gershwin said of the latter: "It portrays the impression of an American visitor in Paris as he strolls about the city, listens to various street noises and absorbs the French atmosphere."


There are two clarinet works by Stravinsky and Bernstein, performed by virtuoso Michael Collins: Stravinsky's Ebony Concerto, which was described by the composer as "a jazz concerto grosso" with a blues slow movement; and Bernstein's Prelude, Fugue And Riffs, which premièred on the composer's 1955 Omnibus television show, The World Of Jazz, with Benny Goodman as soloist.


Three jazzy world premières of BBC commissions include a big new orchestral work by one of the most exciting young voices in British jazz, 27-year-old pianist Gwilym Simcock, the first jazz artist to become a Radio 3 New Generation Artist. He says of his Progressions For Piano And Orchestra: "...[it is] meant to bridge the gap between the traditional orchestral format and the contemporary improvisation of a piano trio."


The other premières by alto sax player Jason Yarde (who led the groundbreaking Jazz Warriors band) are an orchestral arrangement of My Man's Gone Now, from Gershwin's opera Porgy And Bess, and his own Rhythm And Other Fascinations. Both Simcock and Yarde perform their own music.


Presenter/Sarah Walker, Producer/Brian Jackson


BBC Radio 3 Publicity


BBC RADIO 4 Saturday 9 August 2008
Meter Mad
Saturday 9 August
10.30-11.00am BBC RADIO 4

Marking 50 years since the first parking meter was installed in London's exclusive Mayfair district, Meter Mad explores the history and future of the parking meter.


Presenter Jenny Eclair explores the place the parking meter has held in the public's psyche since its conception in Oklahoma in 1935, when some locals put in their money and tied their horses to it.


Susan Berberett, curator of Oklahoma's City Museum, tells how Ed Betterfield filed lawsuits against the parking meter. Jenny learns how the film Cool Hand Luke, which sees Paul Newman jailed for decapitating parking meters, prompted copycat attacks in Southampton, and designer Ken Grange describes the challenge he faced when he was asked to create the first British parking meter.


Westminster Council, the first local authority to install them, is also pioneering their extraction, replacing them with mobile phone and chip-and-pin technology, a shift that digital culture academic Charlie Gere says will have much wider social implications.


Presenter/Jenny Eclair, Producer/Josie Barnard


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Dover And The Unkindest Cut Of All
Saturday 9 August
2.30-3.30pm BBC RADIO 4

Scotland Yard's most objectionable detective, Chief Inspector Dover, returns in this comedy thriller set in the Seventies.


In Dover And The Unkindest Cut Of All, written by Paul Mendelson, Mrs Dover sees a young constable throw himself off a cliff just as she is about to drive herself and Chief Inspector Dover off on their holidays.


It is bad news for Dover, especially when it transpires that the constable in question is the favourite nephew of the local Chief Constable.


Dover finds himself ordered to remain in the seaside wasteland of Fishton-on-Sea to solve the mystery. It is a mystery that soon embraces an earlier unsolved case of murder and mutilation, gangland villains, strange disappearances and, bizarrely, the local Ladies' League.


Dover knows that the only way he can solve the riddle and continue with his holiday is to make the supreme sacrifice and offer his unsuspecting Sergeant McGregor as bait.


Chief Inspector Dover is played by Kenneth Cranham; Sergeant McGregor is played by Stuart McQuarrie; the Chief Constable is played by Philip Madoc; Mrs Dover is played by Carolyn Pickles; Sergeant Rhys-Smith is played by Gareth Armstrong; Joey the Jock is played by Ben Crowe; Miss Ffiske is played by Jennifer Hill; and Siwan Morris is played by Sandra Pugh.


Producer/David Ian Neville


BBC Radio 4 Publicity


Saturday 9 August
4.55-5.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Every day for six months, Radio 4 recreates 1968 in sound – drawing on the BBC and other news archive and the music of the time. These daily programmes, presented by Sir John Tusa, re-trace the year's major political, cultural and social events, as they happened.


This week in 1968, a British plane crashed near Austria, killing all 48 passengers on board; riots left three dead in Los Angeles; and the Greek Prime Minister escaped an assassination attempt. A stand collapsed at the National Jazz and Blues Festival, injuring dozens of people; and Leonard Cohen appeared on BBC Radio's Top Gear programme.


This series is part of Radio 4's 1968 – Myth Or Reality? season, marking the 40th anniversary of a remarkable year which saw extraordinary upheavals worldwide.


A weekly omnibus edition is broadcast on Sunday evenings.


Presenter/John Tusa, Producer/Barney Rowntree


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Love At The Lighthouse
Saturday 9 August
8.00-9.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Love At The Lighthouse explores the life of one of feminism's most controversial icons, Marie Stopes.


Stopes was a tireless campaigner for women's right to have access to contraception, something taken for granted today.


She was a scientist, social pioneer, poet, eugenicist and founder of the Portland Museum in Dorset, where she is remembered by locals more for her penchant for nude sun-bathing and tireless anti-litter campaigns.


When she arrived at the Old Higher Lighthouse on Portland in 1923, Marie Stopes had already written a scandalous bestselling sex manual, opened the world's first birth-control clinic and was in the midst of battling the might of the Catholic Church in a high-profile libel case.


Bizarrely, it was the non-consummation of her first marriage which sparked her sexual fascination. It inspired her to write the explicit Married Love, as well as to open the first birth-control clinic, attracting enormous publicity and vehement opposition. Reviled in the press and banned from the BBC, she became the most talked-about woman in Britain. Embracing eugenic ideals, she even disowned her son for marrying a short-sighted woman.


Presented by Sue MacGregor, the programme features personal recordings, testimony from women whose lives Stopes changed and revealing insights from her son.


Presenter/Sue MacGregor, Producer/David Prest


BBC Radio 4 Publicity


BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Saturday 9 August 2008
Olympic Breakfast

Saturday 9 August
6.00-9.00am BBC RADIO 5 LIVE
Press pack

Nicky Campbell presents Olympic Breakfast live from Beijing as the rowing begins. Six British crews are in action in the heats today, including: Alan Campbell in the men's single sculls; Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington in the women's double sculls; and Matt Wells and Steve Rowbotham in the men's double sculls. In addition, the British men's four begin the defence of their Olympic title.


Reports also come: from the first day of the equestrian three-day event; from boxing, with the spotlight falling on Britain's middleweight James DeGale and light heavyweight Tony Jeffries; from cycling, with the conclusion of the men's road race; and from judo, where all eyes will be on Britain's Craig Fallon.


All the latest non-sporting news comes from Rachel Burden in the studio in London.


Presenter/Nicky Campbell, Producer/Richard Jackson


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

Gethin Jones
Saturday 9 August
9.00-11.00am BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Gethin Jones presents the sounds of summer with guests from the worlds of sport and entertainment. There are also regular reports from the Olympics as events continue.


Presenter/Gethin Jones, Producer/Keith Bunker


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live Olympics

Saturday 9 August
11.00am-3.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE
Press pack

Live from Beijing, Mark Pougatch presents more action on the first day of Olympic competition, including rowing, swimming, boxing, sailing and the men's cycling road race.


The highlights include American swimming sensation Michael Phelps, who begins his bid for a record eight gold medals when he enters the men's 400m individual medley heats. Britain's Thomas Haffield takes part in the men's 400m individual medley and Hannah Miley takes part in the women's 400m individual medley.


There is also coverage of the first game of the Football League season, the Coca-Cola Championship match between Birmingham and Sheffield United, kicking off at 12.45pm.


Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Jonathan Wall


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live Sport
Saturday 9 August
3.00-6.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Ian Brown brings listeners commentary on the first day of the Football League and Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League season and updates from all the big games.


There is also cricket news from the third day of the Fourth npower Test between England and South Africa.


At 5pm, Sports Report comes live from Beijing, with Mark Pougatch presenting all the results, reports and reaction from today's big sporting stories.


Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Mike Carr


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live's Beijing Olympic Podcast

Saturday 9 August
1.30-2.00am BBC RADIO 5 LIVE
Press pack

Late-night listeners have the chance to hear Darren Campbell's Olympic Podcast, featuring his thoughts on the day's events and behind-the-scenes stories from the Beijing Olympics.


The 5 Live Beijing Olympic Podcast is available to download, daily, at


Presenter/Darren Campbell, Producer/Jags Parbha


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live Olympics

Saturday 9 August
2.00-6.00am BBC RADIO 5 LIVE
Press pack

Mark Pougatch presents through-the-night coverage of the morning's events in China.


This programme features coverage of the first Olympic swimming finals, including the men's 400m individual medley final, the men's 400m freestyle final, the women's 400m individual medley final and the women's 4x100m freestyle final.


Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Jonathan Wall


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity


BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA Saturday 9 August 2008
Saturday 9 August
10.45am-6.30pm BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

Live from the Oval, Sports Extra has uninterrupted commentary from the third day of the Fourth Test between England and South Africa.


Producer/Adam Mountford


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity

Saturday 9 August
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

Uninterrupted commentary on the third round of the USPGA Championship comes live from Oakland Hills, Michigan.


Producer/Graham Macmillan


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity


BBC 6 MUSIC Saturday 9 August 2008
Zoe Ball
Saturday 9 August
7.00-9.00am BBC 6 MUSIC

Zoe Ball makes a welcome return to the airwaves as she sits in for Natasha Desborough to welcome listeners to the weekend.


Presenter/Zoe Ball, Producer/Mick Meadows


BBC 6 Music Publicity

Adam And Joe

Saturday 9 August
9.00am-12.00noon BBC 6 MUSIC

The Big British Castle's finest, Adam and Joe, present their 6 Music show live from the Summer Sundae Weekender in Leicester.


Along with their usual banter come live tracks from Friday-night headliners The Coral and Supergrass. The boys are joined by comedy and musical guests and also wander the festival site, waking hung-over campers as they go.


Presenters/Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, Producer/Gary Bales


BBC 6 Music Publicity

Lauren Laverne
Saturday 9 August
4.00-6.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Lauren Laverne presents her show live from the Edinburgh Festival and is joined by comedian Ed Byrne to talk about his Edinburgh show: Ed Byrne – A Different Class.


Presenter/Lauren Laverne, Producer/Adam Hudson


BBC 6 Music Publicity

6 Mix
Saturday 9 August
9.00-11.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Iyare returns with a headline mix from Faithless front woman Sister Bliss, playing a set of classic and contemporary house. There's also an eclectic showcase from Australian dance-rock outfit Midnight Juggernauts.


Presenter/Iyare, Producer/Rowan Collinson


BBC 6 Music Publicity


BBC WORLD SERVICE Saturday 9 August 2008
World Drama – The Tiger's Tail
Saturday 9 August

To mark the 20th anniversary of the country's first democratic uprising, The Tiger's Tail showcases new stories from Burmese writers, combined with input from people who recall the events of 1988.


The stories include: He's Not My Father by Nu Nu Yi; The Children Who Play In The Alleyways by San San New; The Secret Of Successful Transfusion by Ataran; and part of the diaries of Aung San Suu Kyi, along with an exquisite poem, Oblivion, by Burmese comedian Zargana.


Readers include Juliet Stevenson, Keeley Hawes, Sophie Okonedo, Benedict Cumberbatch and Kristopher Milnes. Contributors include Vicky Bowman.


Director and Producer/Marion Nancarrow


BBC World Service Publicity



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