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24 September 2014
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Network Radio Week 27

Friday 4 July 2008


BBC RADIO 2 Friday 4 July 2008
Friday Night Is Music Night
Friday 4 July
7.30-9.15pm BBC RADIO 2

Paul Gambaccini presents a special edition of Friday Night Is Music Night this week to commemorate American Independence Day.


Robert Ziegler conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra in an evening of American song, with special guests Brenda Edwards and the Cormac Kenevey Quartet, recorded live at London's Mermaid Theatre.


Presenter/Paul Gambaccini, Producer/Jodie Keane


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Listen To The Band
Friday 4 July
9.30-10.00pm BBC RADIO 2

One of the most famous names in the band world, the Grimethorpe (UK Coal) Band, features in session in this week's Listen To The Band, presented by Frank Renton.


Music featured comes from Cole Porter and Gordon Langford and there is also an arrangement of Richard Harris's iconic hit MacArthur Park.


Presenter/Frank Renton, Producer/Terry Carter


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BBC RADIO 3 Friday 4 July 2008
Composer Of The Week – Victoria:
A Swan-Song For An Empress
Ep 5/5
Monday 30 June to Friday 4 July
12.00-1.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Donald Macleod and Jeremy Summerly conclude this week's exploration of the life and work of Tomàs Luis de Victoria (born 1548) – singer, organist, composer and priest - whose music is the crown of the Spanish Renaissance School.


Victoria is well known for his final work – his Requiem, dedicated to the memory of his dowager Empress Maria at the Convent de Las Descalzas Reales in Madrid. Victoria spent his last 24 years here – first in the Empress' services and after her death, in 1603, as convent organist. In his final days, Victoria witnessed a new organ at the convent and secured a substitute organist and successor, formally named by the King. Just eight weeks later, Victoria died at the convent in August 1611.


Presenter/Donald Macleod, Producer/Rebecca Warner


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

Afternoon On 3 –
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Friday 4 July
2.00-5.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea, Louise Fryer concludes her week of specially recorded afternoon performances of music inspired by both themes. Today, she includes a sequence of music that includes Ravel's Une Barque sur l'ocean, Elgar's Sea Pictures and Joby Talbot's Sneaker Wave, alongside Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique, Edward German's prelude The Tempter and HK Gruber's "pan-demonium" for baritone and orchestra, Frankenstein.


Presenter/Louise Fryer, Producer/Simon Jordan


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

Performance On 3 – Academy Of Ancient Music
Friday 4 July
7.00-8.45pm BBC RADIO 3

JS Bach's Brandenburg Concertos are amongst the most popular orchestral pieces of all time, but it is rare to hear them all in a single programme. Richard Egarr and the Academy of Ancient Music perform them all in this concert from London's Wigmore Hall – a feast of Baroque music played by the country's leading musicians in this field.


Presenter/Suzy Klein, Producer/Tony Sellors


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

Jazz Library – Cassandra Wilson
Friday 4 July
10.30-11.30pm BBC RADIO 3

Cassandra Wilson, one of the most acclaimed singers in contemporary jazz, joins Alyn Shipton for this week's edition of Jazz Library.


On the eve of the release of her new album, Loverly, Cassandra takes a look back over all her recorded work with Alyn. She goes back to her very earliest days with Henry Threadgill and Steve Coleman, and then traces her remarkable series of albums for Blue Note, the music which has brought her to concert stages throughout the world.


Presenter and Producer/Alyn Shipton


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

Jazz On 3 – Steve Noble, John Edwards
And Ingrid Laubrock Session

Friday 4 July
11.30pm-1.00am BBC RADIO 3

Jez Nelson presents an explosive session from drummer Steve Noble, double bassist John Edwards and saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, in tonight's edition of Jazz On 3.


Recorded exclusively for the programme, the session showcases each player's virtuosity as well as their collective musicianship, with Laubrock's measured cascades of notes tessellating with Noble's complex, fidgety grooves over Edwards's forthright bass riffing.


Presenter/Jez Nelson, Producer/Robert Abel


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BBC RADIO 4 Friday 4 July 2008
The Medal Makers
Friday 4 July
11.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 4

Former athlete Allison Curbishley introduces listeners to a silent but crucial presence at every major sporting event – the judges.


During her long career as an athlete, Allison relied on judges and officials for fair, smooth-running competitions. She met them as a teenager starting out at school events, and they were a constant presence on the track – right up to her 400m race at the Olympics in Sydney. Now, in the build-up to Beijing 2008, she finds out how they do their job.


Allison talks to some of the men and women from the UK who are off to China this summer to officiate at athletic, equestrian and aquatic competitions. Most of them are volunteers – they all feel passionate about their sport and they all put as much effort into judging school children as they do World champions.


Allison also learns about the technology that has changed their lives, the pinpoint accuracy of the photo finish, the incredible sensitivity of the computers used to identify a false start and why, despite all these advances, there's no replacement for the naked eye.


Presenter/Allison Curbishley, Producer/Nicola Holloway


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Afternoon Play – The NHS At 60 –
Stuffing Their Mouths With Gold

Friday 4 July
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Robert Pugh plays Health Minister Aneurin Bevan who, on a crucial day in September 1945, must decide once and for all whether to allow consultants to keep their private fees and pay for beds in the new NHS. Stuffing Their Mouths With Gold, by Jerome Vincent, is broadcast to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service on 5 July 1948.


Aneurin Bevan is the new Minister of Health in the first Labour Government to have an absolute majority in Parliament, and he feels the weight of history on his shoulders. He knows that he has the chance to bring about a real revolution – the creation of a universal health service that's free at the point of use. It's a socialist dream that can come to fruition, but he has to make the vital decision to reach a compromise with the all-powerful doctors represented by the Royal College of Physicians; and, at the same time, placate those further to the left in the Labour Party who fear that he is betraying his socialist principles. During the course of our imagined day, his decision is reached.


Robert Pugh plays Aneurin Bevan and Richard Attlee (Kenton in The Archers) appears as his own grandfather, Clement Attlee, the Prime Minster.


Producer/David Blount


BBC Radio 4 Publicity


BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Friday 4 July 2008
Wimbledon 2008
Friday 4 July
12.30-4.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Simon Mayo and Clare Balding present men's semi-finals day from Wimbledon with live commentary, guests, interviews and all the latest news and sports stories.


Presenters/Simon Mayo and Clare Balding, Producer/Steve Rudge


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

Wimbledon 2008
Friday 4 July
4.00-7.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Pougatch presents live men's semi-final commentary from the Centre Court at Wimbledon, and a round-up of the day's top tennis stories and live interviews with big name players.


Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Steve Rudge


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity

5 Live Sport
Friday 4 July
7.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Arlo White is live at Silverstone this evening for all the build-up to Sunday's British Grand Prix and, from 8.30pm, is joined by the 5 Live commentary team of David Croft and Maurice Hamilton for 5 Live Formula One.


Listeners can also catch up with all the day's sports news and Arlo looks ahead to the Tour de France, which begins tomorrow, the semi-finals of the Friends Provident Trophy and the big race of the weekend, the Coral Eclipse at Sandown.


Presenter/Arlo White, Producer/Mark Williams


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity


BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA Friday 4 July 2008
5 Live Formula One
Friday 4 July
10.00-11.30am BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

BBC 5 Live Sports Extra revs into action and brings listeners uninterrupted commentary on the first practice session for this year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which takes place on Sunday.


Producer/Jason Swales


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity

Friday 4 July
11.45am-7.45pm BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

Listeners can hear uninterrupted commentary on the first semi-final in the Friends Provident Trophy.


Producer/Adam Mountford


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity

Rugby League
Friday 4 July

BBC 5 Live Sports Extra has commentary this evening on Harlequins RL v St Helens in the engage Super League.


Producer/Jen McAllister


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity


BBC 6 MUSIC Friday 4 July 2008
Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show
Friday 4 July
10.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Ex-Iron Maiden rock vocalist Blaze Bayley joins Bruce Dickinson on his Rock Show this evening.


Originally the lead singer of Wolfsbane, Birmingham-born Bayley replaced Bruce as the front man of Iron Maiden back in 1994. During his five years with the band, two albums, The X Factor and Virtual XI, were released. He joined the show back in February to discuss how hard it was to fill Bruce's shoes and what it was like when Bruce returned to resume his former position in 1999.


This time, Blaze gives Bruce the exclusive first play of tracks taken from his new solo album, The Man Who Would Not Die, and also discusses how his current UK tour is progressing and about his plans to tour Brazil.


Presenter/Bruce Dickinson, Producer/Ian Callaghan


BBC 6 Music Publicity


BBC ASIAN NETWORK Friday 4 July 2008
Silver Street
Friday 4 July

Ambika finally agrees to take Kamla to a Broadway musical, in the final visit of the week to Silver Street. Kamla is suspicious about the change of heart, however, but Jas tells her to back off. Jas then apologises for upsetting Ambika last night.


Suresh later offers Jas a promotion. Jas is delighted and decides she is going to stay out of his and Ambika's marital problems from now on. She also decides it's time to make that call to Vinnie to let him know where he stands.


Ambika is played by Sakuntala Ramanee, Kamla by Surendra Kochar, Jas by Hema Mangoo, Suresh by Pal Aron and Vinnie by Saikat Ahamed.


BBC Asian Network Publicity


BBC WORLD SERVICE Friday 4 July 2008
Health For All – Fact Or Fiction?
Friday 4 July
10.05-10.30am BBC WORLD SERVICE

Uduak Amimo explores why the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals are not likely to lead to an improvement in the health of the world's poorest people.


Four of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals are directly about health. Their target is to improve maternal health, reduce child deaths by two-thirds, halt the spread of killer diseases such as Aids, TB and malaria and provide clean water within the next seven years.


However, these goals, designed to improve standards of health across the globe, seem unlikely to be met by 2015. In some places, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, conditions have got worse in the past 10 years. Five countries have reported increases in maternal deaths. The proportion of children dying before the age of five has gone up, especially in countries which have experienced armed conflict, inadequate investment in health services and a high rate of HIV/Aids.


Presenter/Uduak Amimo, Producer/Helen Sharp


BBC World Service Publicity



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