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29 October 2014
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Network Radio Week 21

Thursday 22 May 2008


BBC RADIO 2 Thursday 22 May 2008
Theme Time Radio Hour With Bob Dylan
Thursday 22 May
11.00pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 2

With the Chelsea Flower Show currently in full bloom, Bob Dylan celebrates Flowers this week.


The diverse mix of tunes featured include Good Year For The Roses by George Jones; Bonny Bunch Of Roses by Paul Clayton; Tulip Or Turnip by Duke Ellington and his orchestra; Wildwood Flower by The Carter Family; When The Roses Bloom Again by Laura Cantrell; and I Threw Away The Rose by Merle Haggard.


Presenter/Bob Dylan, Producer/Phil Hughes


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BBC RADIO 3 Thursday 22 May 2008
Composer Of The Week – Waxman Ep 4/5
Monday 19 to Friday 23 May
12.00-1.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Donald Macleod continues to explore the extraordinary life and music of Franz Waxman, one of Hollywood's greatest composers.


In today's penultimate programme of the week, Donald showcases three pieces of music that show Waxman's remarkable facility in different genres – beginning with a Stravinskyan Sinfonietta composed on a ship between continents, followed by Waxman's music to the film Peyton Place, inspired by American folksong and the New England landscape. The programme ends with extended music from Waxman's epic Biblical oratorio, Joshua, written after the tragic death from cancer of Waxman's first wife, Alice, in 1957.


Presenter/ Donald Macleod, Producers/Steven Rajam and Kerry Clark


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Performance On 3
Thursday 22 May
7.00-8.45pm BBC RADIO 3

Today's edition of Performance On 3 features the second of two concerts recorded from the 24th annual Lufthansa Festival of Baroque music this week, and it's the turn of the Ensemble Pierre Robert.


The Ensemble, formed by French organist Frédéric Desenclos, has made its name with refined interpretations of vocal and instrumental music of the French Baroque. It picks up on the Festival's theme of moments in history when peace has prevailed, by performing music occasioned by pauses in Louis XIV's many military campaigns. Lully's operatic Idylle sur la paix was composed in 1685 to mark the ending of a recent war, and the Canticum eucharistum pro pace, or Eucharistic prayer for peace, by Sabastien de Brossard, celebrates the joining of Strasbourg to the kingdom of France.


Presenter/Tom Service, Producer/Brian Jackson


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BBC RADIO 4 Thursday 22 May 2008
A Taste Of Honey
Thursday 22 May
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Fifty years ago, a play by an unknown northern writer was staged at the Theatre Royal in the East End of London. It immediately divided critics and charmed audiences with its portrayal of working-class life and rare exploration of social taboos. The play was A Taste Of Honey and its author, Shelagh Delaney, was just 19 years old. Half a century later, BBC Radio 4 examines the significance of the play.


With clips, archive and interviews with the original cast, the programme explores a unique play that marked a departure from the buttoned-up tradition of the Fifties. Set in a Salford bedsit, the play burst onto the stage to address homosexuality, mixed race relationships and sex before marriage in a torrent of raw emotion and humour.


Producer/Gail Champion


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Afternoon Play – An Unchoreographed World
Thursday 22 May
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Margot Fonteyn's name dominated British ballet for more than 40 years. One of the truly great dancers of our time, she was the most famous ballerina of the second half of the 20th century. An Unchoreographed World explores a formative event in the life of the young dancer.


It's 10 May 1940, and Margot is trapped in Holland during the German invasion with her lover, Constant Lambert. Both the couple and the fledgling Sadler's Wells Ballet are in jeopardy. Her life threatened, the dancer discovers who she really is and what her destiny might cost her.


Frances Byrnes is a writer and dance expert, and her previous work for BBC Radio 4 includes three Afternoon Plays and one Friday Play.


Sophie Jerrold plays Margot and Richard McCabe plays Constant. The cast also includes Kate Littlewood and Oliver Millingham.


Producer/Mark Smalley


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Material World
Thursday 22 May
4.30-5.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Quentin Cooper discovers how a unique collaboration between scientists at Leicester University and Northamptonshire Police has come up with a new technique in the fight against crime.


Quentin finds out about new techniques to detect previously undetectable fingerprints and how they'll help track down bomb makers and perpetrators of gun crime. Conventional methods to pick up fingerprints at a crime scene use techniques that pick up the residue left behind from fingers, but strong heat can destroy that residue. In a shooting, if a fingerprint was left on the bullet cartridge, the heat from the firing process would vaporise that residue leaving no information for forensic officers to work with. But John Bond and his colleagues at Northamptonshire Police scientific support unit have come up with an ingenious new technique. They've found that fingerprints do leave a microscopic corrosion on the surface of any metal. But it's incredibly thin – only tens of thousands of atoms thick. By applying 2,000 volts and a kind of photocopying powder, they can reveal the otherwise unreadable fingerprints.


Also in the programme, Quentin finds out why DNA might reveal more about offenders and how building a database of lead samples from church roofs could help in the growing problem of theft of lead.


Presenter/Quentin Cooper, Producer/Pam Rutherford


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

It's My Story – The Man Whose Mind Exploded
Thursday 22 May
8.00-8.30pm BBC RADIO 4

How can you piece together a life if you emerge from a coma remembering only snippets of your former self? Documentary maker and presenter Toby Amies attempts to find out more about the extraordinary life of 70-year-old Draka Zaharzar – from his time in Spain as artist model for Salvador Dali, to his life today in a Brighton council flat filled with pictures and pieces of paper reminding him of who he is and what he likes.


As for Drako's memories, the fact that he was a muse of Salvador Dali is one of the more unusual ones – that he has a wife is another. Nearly everything else he forgets. Drako remembers the past but not the present, yet this really doesn't seem to bother him. He has accommodated his amnesia in two ways: a straightforward and courageous philosophy immortalised in a tattoo of the words that came to him in a coma – trust, absolute, unconditional – and he's expanded his unreliable consciousness into his tiny flat. His memory and thoughts have been recorded on paper that covers every surface and hangs from the ceiling.


Toby explores Drako's flat with him and accompanies him out on his irregular forays into the world outside the estate. He talks to neighbours, artists, old friends and enemies to try and grasp what it is like to be in Drakos's head.


Presenter/Toby Amies, Producer/Sara Jane Hall


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BBC Radio 5 Live Thursday 22 May 2008
5 Live Sport
Thursday 22 May
7.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Russell Fuller presents all the reaction to the Champions League final in tonight's edition of 5 Live Sport. At 8.30pm,
5 Live Boxing takes a comprehensive look ahead to Ricky Hatton's big fight at the weekend against Juan Lazcano, with Mike Costello and Steve Bunce in Manchester.


At 9pm, Darren Gough's cricket show returns for the summer and the former England favourite debates the sport's main issues, with some big-name guests.


Presenter/Russell Fuller, Producer/Claire Ackling


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BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Thursday 22 May 2008
5 Live Formula One
Thursday 22 May
9.00-10.35am (First Practice) BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA
1.00-2.35pm (Second Practice) BBC 5 LIVE SPORTS EXTRA

David Croft brings listeners all the action from the streets of Monte Carlo as BBC 5 Live Sports Extra brings uninterrupted commentary on the first and second practice sessions for the Monaco Grand Prix.


Presenter/David Croft, Producer/Jason Swales


BBC 5 Live Sports Extra Publicity


BBC 6 MUSIC Thursday 22 May 2008
George Lamb
Thursday 22 May
10.00-1.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Animal Collective join George Lamb on his show tonight and perform live in the 6 Music Hub.


Presenter/George Lamb, Producer/Mike Hanson


BBC 6 Music Publicity


BBC ASIAN NETWORK Thursday 22 May 2008
Silver Street
Thursday 22 May

Kuljit invites Sway over for lunch, as the Asian drama continues. Sway says he enjoyed spending some quality time with Nadia in Wales and that they had a chance to really connect with each other.


Nadia, meanwhile, tells Khatija she might give up her beauty business. Khatija wonders what will happen when Sway disappears and leaves Nadia with nothing.


Later, Zak and Nadia share a tender moment and Kuljit's views about Nadia and her family results in yet another argument between Kuljit and Sway.


Kuljit is played by Sartaj Garewal, Sway by Mark Monero, Nadia by Sohm Kapila, Khatija by Miriam Ali and Zak by Jetinder Summan.


BBC Asian Network Publicity


BBC WORLD SERVICE Thursday 22 May 2008
One Planet – Wildlife Conservation In Nepal
Thursday 22 May
10.30-11.00am BBC WORLD SERVICE

Nepali Service producer Navin Singh Khadka investigates claims of the involvement of leading politicians in illegal wildlife trafficking in Nepal, a country that has been widely praised as a model for conservation.


The programme is part of BBC World Service's annual Documentary Bursary Scheme, which gives a chance for staff from the BBC's non-English language services to make programmes in English for broadcast on the English network.


Presenter/Navin Singh Khadka, Producer/Julian Siddle


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