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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC RADIO 2 Tuesday 4 October 2011

Jamie Cullum's Jazz Show

Tuesday 4 October
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Jamie Cullum showcases his love for all types of jazz and music rooted in jazz from its heritage to the future. This week, American jazz pianist Brad Mehldau performs tunes from his latest album, Highway Rider, as well as some of Jamie's favourite tracks from previous albums, in a solo session at the BBC Maida Vale Studios.

Presenter/Jamie Cullum, Producer/Karen Pearson for Folded Wing

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Barbara Windsor's Funny Gals Ep 1/3

New series
Tuesday 4 October
10.00-11.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Following her celebration of British funny ladies, Barbara Windsor returns to celebrate three iconic comediennes from across the pond, beginning with Lucille Ball. She pays tribute to Lucy, not just as a great performer, but also as a woman who became a powerful television studio boss.

At 19, Lucille was sent home from drama school because they said she had no talent. It was typical of her that she then found her way to Hollywood, playing in scores of movies before a starring role in an early radio sitcom which became I Love Lucy – one of the most popular television programmes of all time.

The programme travels to Lucy's birthplace, Jamestown, New York, where this summer Lucyfest celebrated what would have been her 100th birthday. Packed with clips, recollections and music from her first husband and co-star Desi, Barbara also hears from Lucille fans Lynda Bellingham and Ruby Wax.

Presenter/Barbara Windsor, Producer/Susan Marling

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BBC RADIO 3 Tuesday 4 October 2011

Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert

Tuesday 4 October
1.00-2.00pm BBC RADIO 3

In the first of BBC Radio 3's concerts recorded last season as part of the series given by the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in New York, there's a chance to hear Radio 3 New Generation Artists the Escher Quartet on home territory.

Their concert includes two quartets by Schubert from towards the end of his short life, The Quartettsatz, and his final quartet, a score which is one of his most forward-looking and whose constant struggle between major and minor only resolves itself at the very last minute.

Producer/Mark Lowther

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BBC RADIO 4 Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Man With Many Names

Tuesday 4 October
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Peter Day explores the haunts of the enigmatic Irish novelist, humorist, columnist and multiple pseudonymous Flann O'Brien, on his centenary.

Born as Brian O'Nolan or perhaps Brian O Nuallain, he published his books as Flann O'Brien; he penned a column in the Irish Times as Myles na gCopaleen and also wrote under the names of George Knowall, John James Doe, Matt Duffy, Count O'Blather, Brother Barnabas and Sean O'Longain. He was also a senior civil servant and adviser to government ministers.

To mark the centenary of O'Nolan's birth, Peter travels to Dublin in search of the man behind the multiple personas, and meets those who drank with him, supped with him at the family dinner table and have made careers out of studying him.

A selection of readings from his work will be broadcast later today in The Brother.

Presenter/Peter Day, Producer/Simon Elmes for the BBC

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The World In His Ear

Tuesday 4 October
1.30-2.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Music writer Philip Sweeney finds out about the pioneering and controversial music figure David Fanshawe and delves through his archives of field recordings from across the globe.

When composer David Fanshawe died last year he left behind myriad field recordings and a rich portfolio of composition, including his magnum opus, African Sanctus.

He recorded tribes in Africa that no longer exist and visited Pacific Islands where few, if any other travellers, have trod; he even moved his family out to Fiji to be near him.

Some claim he was a forefather of world music, others that he mined cultures and music that were not his to take.

In The World In His Ear, Philip speaks to composers, admirers and family members, and discovers a larger-than-life character who collected thousands of field recordings from across the globe.

Presenter/Philip Sweeney, Producer/Gemma Newby for Somethin' Else

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Afternoon Play – Dinner In The Village

Tuesday 4 October
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Dinner In The Village by Caryl Phillips, explores the tensions between two famous bi-racial couples in Forties America.

In Greenwich Village, Trinidadian activist and author CLR James introduces his friend, African American novelist Richard Wright, to a young Californian girl, Constance.

CLR adores young Constance and eventually they marry. CLR asks Wright's wife Ellen, who is from a Polish Jewish background, to teach Ellen how to be the kind of wife a writer needs.

Over the course of many meals at one of the few New York restaurants that serve mixed-race couples, they talk about how Paris would offer much more freedom than Manhattan. They also discuss what wives can do to better serve their writer husbands and try to paper over the rifts developing in their marriages.

Caryl Phillips explores how the writers, CLR James and Richard Wright, both with white wives, fight public hostility and inner demons.

Producer/Judith Kampfner for Waters Company

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The Brother Ep 1/3

New series
Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 October
3.30-3.45pm BBC RADIO 4

This programme offers selections from Flann O'Brien's writings following the exploits of the inimitable "brother", a man with an opinion on almost everything.

Born on 5 October 1911 in Strabane, Northern Ireland, Brian O'Nolan is perhaps best known as Flann O'Brien, the name under which he published his novels At Swim Two Birds, The Hard Life, The Dalkey Archive and The Third Policeman.

Often described as one of the "holy trinity" of modern Irish writers alongside Joyce and Beckett, he was notorious for writing under a range of pseudonyms.

To mark the centenary of his birth, a series of readings selected from O'Brien's Brother articles introduces one of his most peculiar and eccentric literary creations.

The brother is apparently an authority on almost every subject imaginable. He lives in digs with his long-suffering landlady and her lodgers and believes that he really does know best about everything.

Readers/Jim Norton with Kevin Moore, Producer/Heather Larmour for the BBC

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A Good Read Ep 1/9

New series
Tuesday 4 October
4.30-5.00pm BBC RADIO 4

In the first of a new nine-part series, former Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo and short story writer Sara Maitland talk to Harriett Gilbert about the books they love in A Good Read.

Their favourite books cover the globe from Venezuela to Edinburgh to Steep in Hampshire, where Michael Morpurgo and the subject of his book both lived. He chooses Under Storm's Wing by Helen Thomas, a collection of her memoirs and letters about life with one of Britain's best-loved poets.

Sara Maitland's choice, House-Bound by Winifred Peck, is described by all three as a real oddity – a book unlike any other, but a rather good oddity.

And Harriett Gilbert picks The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka, a gripping novel about a man with a terminal illness.

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All In The Mind Ep 1/8

New series
Tuesday 4 October
9.00-9.30pm BBC RADIO 4

In the first of a new series of All In The Mind, Claudia Hammond talks to the woman whose job was to retrieve the bodies of soldiers in Iraq.

Jess Goodell's job in Mortuary Affairs in the US Marines was to recover the remains of soldiers in Iraq so they could be returned to the US.

Jess talks about the psychological impact of retrieving bodies often in the aftermath of improvised explosive devices. In training she was told that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is real "like flu" and describes how she developed PTSD.

The programme also explores why there is a higher rate of premature death in people with mental disorders and whether drugs for mental illness might contribute to risks of disease.

The programme investigates why laughter could be the best medicine and how the physical exertion of laughing hard with a group is such a bonding experience.

Presenter/Claudia Hammond, Producer/Pamela Rutherford for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA Tuesday 4 October 2011

Ambridge Extra Ep 1/26

New series
Tuesday 4 October
2.15-2.30pm BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA

In a new series of Ambridge Extra, an old face is returning home and there's a new girl at school.

Ambridge Extra airs on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.15pm. An omnibus half-hour programme airs on Fridays at 10.30am and is repeated on Sundays at 11.15am and 7.15pm.

Producers/Rosie Boulton and Sara Conkey for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Tuesday 4 October 2011

5 Live Sport

Tuesday 4 October
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Pougatch presents a comprehensive round-up of the day's sports news.

At 7.30pm, 5 Live Sport investigates why clubs fire their managers so early in the season and why a number of experienced managers are going abroad because of limited opportunities in the UK in The Sacking Season.

From 9pm 5 Live Sport presents a celebration of John Motson's career on BBC radio and television, 40 years since the commentator became a junior member of the Match Of The Day team in 1971.

Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Mike Carr

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Tuesday 4 October 2011

Shaun Keaveny

Tuesday 4 October
7.00-10.00am BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC

Shaun Keaveny chats to award-winning actor and director Paddy Considine about his new project, Tyrannosaur. Considine, who has previously starred in Bourne Ultimatum, In America, Red Riding and Submarine, has already garnered various awards across the film festival circuit for this, his writing/directorial feature film debut.

He talks to Shaun about the film and his move behind the camera.

Presenter/Shaun Keaveny, Producer/Lisa Kenlock

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The Radcliffe And Maconie Show

Tuesday 4 October
1.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC

Peter Gabriel tells Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie about his new album, New Blood, which features songs from his solo career in an orchestral setting.

Presenters/Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie, Producer/Lizzie Hoskin

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BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC Tuesday 4 October 2011

Gideon Coe

Tuesday 4 October
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe's archive treats include The Jesus & Mary Chain in concert from 1988, a complete Peel Session from Man Or Astroman plus session tracks from Fairfield Parlour, Doo Rag, Port O'Brien and Matumbi.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Henry Lopez Real

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