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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network Radio BBC Week 2: Thursday 13 January 2011

BBC RADIO 2 Thursday 13 January 2011

Listen To The Band

Thursday 13 January
10.30-11.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Frank Renton presents highlights of the recent Brass In Concert entertainment competition, which is held every year at The Sage, Gateshead.

The show features The Fairy (Geneva) Band and the winner of the best soloist award, Matthew White, who is also the current BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist of the Year.

Presenter/Frank Renton, Producer/Terry Carter for the BBC

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Tim Rice's American Pie Ep 40/52

Thursday 13 January
11.00pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 2

Sir Tim Rice reaches Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.

Featured artists in tonight's show include Roy Orbison, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Billie Holiday, Will Smith, Pink, Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen.

Presenter/Sir Tim Rice, Producers/Anthony Cherry and Ruth Beazley for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 3 Thursday 13 January 2011

Music Planet

New series
Thursday 13 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Andy Kershaw treks across the globe for Music Planet
Andy Kershaw treks across the globe for Music Planet

A major new series, Music Planet offers the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures witnessed on BBC One's Human Planet by experiencing their music, sounds and songs.

Andy Kershaw and Lucy Duran go trekking across the globe to bring music from the peoples of some of the world's remotest regions, visiting many of the places featured in the TV series. This week the focus is on the music of ocean communities.

Galicians consider themselves Celts, linked by sea travel with peoples in Northern France, Ireland and Scotland. In Galicia, Lucy Duran meets leading piper Xosé Manuel Budiño and is invited to the village of Cebreiro for a party celebrating Celtic culture.

Andy Kershaw goes shark fishing in Papua New Guinea with Blais, the singing shark caller from Tembin Village, to the accompaniment of the villagers, who encourage them with a unique repertory of shark-calling songs.

Lucy visits the coastal city of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil, the ancient capital of Camdomblé, the religion that uses old African customs and languages and is practised on the seashore looking across to Africa. The sea and its shells are crucial to the liturgy as well as to its music.

In the Solomon Islands, Andy gets the gospel – the Deep Sea Canoe Movement is dedicated to keeping up continuous worship 24 hours a day on the paradise island of Malaita.

Presenters/Andy Kershaw and Lucy Duran, Producers/Roger Short and James Parkin

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BBC RADIO 4 Thursday 13 January 2011

Imelda Marcos, Dictator Of Taste?

Thursday 13 January
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Mark Ellen asks why Imelda Marcos is emerging as an unlikely modern art icon.

During her time as First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos was an enthusiastic patroness of the arts. She has now become an object of inspiration to artists across the globe, with Imelda-inspired works including an elaborate song cycle, photographs, a film and even plans for a musical.

In this programme, Mark Ellen explores the emergence of Imelda Marcos as a modern icon as David Byrne, Norman Cook and other artists and musicians inspired by her life; consider why Imelda has mutated into a modern muse, and whether she deserves such broadly sympathetic treatment.

Presenter/Mark Ellen, Producer/Julia Johnson for the BBC

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Afternoon Play – Escape From Gaza

Thursday 13 January
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

In summer 2009, Ahmed Masoud left his pregnant wife to visit his sick mother. This, perhaps, is considered an everyday occurrence for most, but Ahmed's family live in Gaza...

Escape From Gaza is written by Justin Butcher and Ahmed Masoud and stars Adeel Akhtar as Ahmed Masoud, Sam Dastoor as Mahmoud, Kevork Malikyan as Father, Saikat Ahamed as Mohammed, Souad Faress as Mother, Claire Harry as Heather, Leah Brotherhead as Alex, Deeivya Meir as Dudo and Lloyd Thomas as Tariq.

Producer/Jessica Dromgoole for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Thursday 13 January 2011

5 Live Sport

Thursday 13 January
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Eleanor Oldroyd presents all the day's sports news.

Presenter/Eleanor Oldroyd, Producer/Mike Carr

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BBC 6 MUSIC Thursday 13 January 2011

Marc Riley

Thursday 13 January
7.00-9.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

My Jerusalem visit BBC 6 Music's Manchester studios to play a live session. The New Orleans collective met through singer-songwriter Jeff Klein, who played with each of them in his travels as a solo artist.

Jeff met guitarist Dave Rosser, a touring member of the Twilight Singers, through producer Mike Napolitano. Bassist Ashley Dzerigian was in Great Northern and toured with Ed Harcourt. Drummer Cully Symington was in bands including Cursive and Bishop Allen and tracked the Gutter Twins album.

Rick Nelson, who plays violin, viola, cello and keyboards in the band, is a long-time member of the Polyphonic Spree and St Vincent. Matt Bricker, also a member of the Polyphonic Spree, had been playing with The Low Lows.

My Jerusalem will play their new single, Bury It Low, which is released next week.

Presenter/Marc Riley, Producer/Michelle Choudhry

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Gideon Coe

Thursday 13 January
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe closes the week with a diverse live bill from the BBC archives from Ned's Atomic Dustbin and King Creosote, along with studio tracks from Yes, The Soundcarriers, Cornershop and Eton Crop.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon

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