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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC RADIO 2 Tuesday 26 October 2010

Jamie Cullum

Tuesday 26 October
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Jazz musician Jamie Cullum
Jazz musician Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum continues to showcase his love for all types of jazz and music rooted in jazz, from its heritage to the future. This week's special guest is South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela, who's worked closely with artists including Abdullah Ibrahim, Miriam Makeba, Paul Simon, The Byrds and John Dankworth. His hit song Bring Him Back Home became an anthem for the movement to free Nelson Mandela.

In a touching yet light-hearted interview, Masekela reflects on the good times and the hard times that have contributed to the music he is creating today.

Also on today's programme, saxophonist, composer and DJ Finn Peters talks about the making of his new album, Music Of The Mind.

Presenter/Jamie Cullum, Producer/Karen Pearson for Folded Wing

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Can Money Make You Happy?

Tuesday 26 October
10.00-11.00pm BBC RADIO 2

BBC Radio 2's Faith In The World Week takes the theme of Money and Faith. In this special documentary Dragons' Den millionaire Duncan Bannatyne, one of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs, explores the different attitudes towards money from various religious traditions. Meeting people from all walks of life, he encoounters traditional and contemporary perspectives from those who have experienced great wealth or poverty.

The programme explores alternative systems of dealing with money, such as Islamic banking and a Christian approach to debt, and hears from business leaders, celebrities and religious figures who have particular and distinctive views on money.

With a timely reflection on the effect of the current financial crisis, Duncan looks at whether people are now challenging beliefs, theories and principles over money. He meets young city philanthropists; a church organisation helping people crippled by debt; psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos; media guru Max Clifford; and TV vicar Peter Owen Jones, who tried to live without money.

Duncan explores crucial issues such as whether money holds the secret to having a happy life; if money should be a means to an end or the goal itself; and whether people have learnt anything from the current situation.

Can Money Make You Happy? is part of Faith In The World Week, an opportunity for programmes across BBC Radio 2 to look at the impact of religion on culture and society through a particular theme. This year's week takes the theme of Money And Faith.

Presenter/Duncan Bannatyne, Producer/Mark O'Brien for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 3 Tuesday 26 October 2010

Performance On 3 – Stephen Kovacevich 70th Birthday Concert

Tuesday 26 October
7.00-9.15pm BBC RADIO 3

Pianist Stephen Kovacevich recently celebrated his 70th birthday with a concert at the Wigmore Hall in London, which can be heard today.

With a distinguished career that has spanned nearly five decades, Kovacevich is admired not only for his solo performances, but also as a chamber musician and conductor.

The music featured is Brahms's Piano Quintet in F minor Op 34; Liszt's Piano Sonata in B minor; and Bartók's Sonata for two pianos and percussion. Joining Stephen are fellow pianists Martha Argerich and Khatia Buniatishvili; percussionists Colin Currie and Sam Walton; and the Belcea Quartet.

Presenter/John Shea, Producer/Philip Tagney

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BBC RADIO 4 Tuesday 26 October 2010

Leading Ladies

Tuesday 26 October
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Jude Kelly, theatre director and artistic director of the Southbank Centre, marks the 350th anniversary of the first performance by the first English professional actress.

Before the Restoration and the reopening of the theatres after years of Puritan rule, boys and men had played women's roles. However, when Charles II came to the throne he requested that women be allowed on stage. The course of theatre history was changed for ever when a woman took to the stage in the role of Desdemona on 8 December 1660.

Although little is known about who she was, Jude Kelly pieces together a picture of what life would have been like for the first generation of actresses. In the programme, Jude visits the real tennis court at Hampton Court Palace to find out what the first performance would have been like, takes Celia Imrie to the site where it took place and tours the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in search of Nell Gwynn.

Presenter/Jude Kelly, Producer/Benjamin Partridge for Whistledown Productions

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Rosa And Leos

Tuesday 26 October
1.30-2.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Peter Avis tells the story of how music critic Rosa Newmarch brought Leos Janáček's music to Britain.

Although little-known today, Rosa Newmarch was a pivotal figure in helping concert-goers in early 20th-century Britain appreciate and understand new music from Czechoslovakia, Russia and Finland. She travelled extensively abroad, hearing new works performed and later arranging to have them played in English concert halls. She was friends with composers such as Sibelius and Elgar and she wrote copious programme notes and books on musical trends abroad.

In 1920 Rosa visited Prague for the first time and was immediately taken with the music of Leos Janáček. She eventually met the composer and, on her return to England, began writing about him. In 1926, she persuaded Janáček to come to London. Rosa booked the Wigmore Hall and planned an ambitious programme of her friend's music. However, the visit coincided with the beginning of the General Strike. Although the concert of Janáček's work took place, there was little publicity surrounding it, as there were no newspapers being printed.

In this programme, music writer and lecturer Peter Avis tells the remarkable story of Rosa and her friendship with Leos Janáček. With contributions from Rosa's grand-daughter, musical experts and extracts from correspondence of the time, he re-evaluates the significance of Rosa's place in musical history.

Presenter/Peter Avis, Producer/Emma Kingsley for the BBC

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Afternoon Play – The Climb

Tuesday 26 October
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Frankie has a dream. He wants to be like his hero, mountaineer Sherpa Tensing, and, with his friends John and Bud, is attempting an unforgettable climb. But Frankie has Down's Syndrome, John is blind and Bud is only 3ft 6in tall.

With ropes, crampons and grappling irons at the ready, the big day has finally arrived. Frankie, John and Bud are as ready as they'll ever be. But this is not a mountain nor a great hill they are preparing to climb tonight – it is Blackpool Tower. The men are forced to pull together as a team in a race against time as they attempt to reach the top before the police try to intercept their highly dangerous, and highly illegal, deed.

Frankie is played by Tommy Jessop, John by Liam O'Carroll and Bud by Warwick Davis, in Andrea Earl's drama.

Producer/Pauline Harris for the BBC

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Original Shorts Ep 1/3

New series
Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 October
3.30-3.45pm BBC RADIO 4

This is the fourth series of Original Shorts, three short stories broadcast over consecutive days.

In the first short story, Adam Godley reads Adam Thorpe's specially written story of a monk's startling dream.

Set within a monastery in the French Alps, Brother Dominique wakes from a powerful dream almost certain he has had a vision of an angel. Those wings seemed very persuasive as they descended, beating in a golden blur. But when the local blacksmith and his son come up the mountain to repair the great oak cross that stands at the top of the pasture, the monk begins to have doubts.

In Wednesday's short story, written by Rob Green, Jill Gascoine gives a funny and touching performance as Brenda.

Brenda is a kind, careworn woman of uncertain years who has been caring for her demanding old mother for most of her life. But Brenda is a romantic and she's still hoping that her own life might begin sometime, somehow. Perhaps Tom, a porter from the local hospital could fit the bill – but not if her mum has anything to do with it.

In the final story, Martin Jarvis reads Christopher Matthew's story of old school rivalry.

John Small does not want to pretend he was at school with Tim Slingsby; and why are Slingsby and Tony Fobbing so keen that Small should attend the Old Melburian's Dinner? Are there old scores to settle? And who, actually, will be settling them?

Readers/Adam Godley, Jill Gascoine and Martin Jarvis, Producers/Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres for Jarvis and Ayres Productions

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Sugaring The Pill

Tuesday 26 October
9.00-9.30pm BBC RADIO 4

The NHS is paying people to be healthy; Claudia Hammond investigates whether it really works. As the health service struggles to cope with the obesity epidemic and many other chronic conditions, public health experts are searching for ways to encourage people to stop smoking, lose weight and change their unhealthy behaviour.

Over the past few years, NHS-funded schemes have offered financial incentives in the form of shopping vouchers to encourage people to be healthy. The schemes are targeting a range of health behaviours, from quitting smoking and eating less, to getting teenagers to have a chlamydia test or turn up for a vaccine.

The schemes have grown out of studies in the relatively new area of "behavioural economics", which looks at how emotional factors affect economic choices. And the idea is attracting interest from some unlikely players, with an investment banker and a loyalty card expert running schemes in partnership with the NHS.

Some construe their use as a form of bribery and coercion, and some believe that it undermines patient choice and damages the doctor-patient relationship. The Citizens Council has been debating the issue of whether the NHS should give financial incentives to get people to adopt healthy behaviours, and will report to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) at the end of September.

Presenter/Claudia Hammond, Producer/Beth Eastwood for the BBC

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Beautiful Dreamers Ep 1/6

New series
Tuesday 26 October
11.00-11.30pm BBC RADIO 4

Beautiful Dreamers recounts six gloriously improbable events that never actually happened. It comprises interviews with the protagonists, their colleagues and their critics, as well as "documentary" clips sounding like footage captured at the time.

Within the series, the stories include the creator of the first animal orchestra; a billionaire who will free-fall from space; an ex-con and New York junkie who has become famous for a death-defying bridge jump; the first swimmer of the River Europe; the modern Jonahs who are regularly swallowed by whales; and a Uruguayan footballer who has made an emphatic attempt to stamp out corruption in the game.

Beautiful Dreamers stars Toby Jones, Charlie Higson, Eleanor Bron, Simon McBurney and Kevin Eldon and is written by Nat Segnit and James Lever.

Producers/Steven Canny and Sasha Yevtushenko for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Tuesday 26 October 2010

5 Live Sport

Live event/outside broadcast
Tuesday 26 October
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Pougatch presents all the day's sports news and the build-up to tonight's League Cup action.

From 8pm there is live fourth-round commentary of Manchester United versus Wolverhampton Wanderers in the League Cup, plus updates of the evening's five other ties.

Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Mike Carr

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

5 Live Football

Live event/outside broadcast
Tuesday 26 October

Football fans can enjoy live and uninterrupted commentary of the League Cup fourth-round tie between Leicester City and West Bromwich Albion (kick-off 7.45pm).

Producer/Jen McAllister

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BBC 6 MUSIC Tuesday 26 October 2010

Gideon Coe

Tuesday 26 October
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Siouxsie And The Banshees and the Flaming Lips are Gideon Coe's concert artists tonight. They played Warwick University in 1981 and the Kentish Town Forum in 2003 respectively. Vintage sessions come via Maximum Joy, Goblin, Frightened Rabbit and Sun Carriage.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon

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BBC ASIAN NETWORK Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sonia Deol

Tuesday 26 October
10.00am-12.30pm BBC ASIAN NETWORK

BBC Asian Network's Sonia Deol
BBC Asian Network's Sonia Deol

Sonia Deol talks to singers Roop Kumar Rathod and Sunali Rathod live on today's programme. Talking about their lives and careers, the artists also discuss their tour and how they feel about performing Bollywood hits together in the UK. Listeners can also enjoy highlights from their concerts in Leicester and Birmingham.

Presenter/Sonia Deol

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BBC WORLD SERVICE Tuesday 26 October 2010

Exchanges At The Frontier Ep 1/5

New series
Tuesday 26 October
10.30-11.00am BBC WORLD SERVICE

Philosopher AC Grayling meets with some of the leading figures of world science, asking what relevance their work has to modern society and whether the public has the right to expect science to solve the problems that society creates, in this new five-part series.

The subjects of memory, malaria, string theory, treating psychoses and extending the human life span will all be debated in front of an audience by some of the world's greatest authorities in their fields.

Grayling meets with California bio-gerontologist Cynthia Kenyon, who has discovered the gene for ageing and found a way to switch it off, in this first programme.

Presenter/AC Grayling

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