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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC RADIO 2 Thursday 21 October 2010

Jeremy Vine

Thursday 21 October
12.00noon-2.00pm BBC RADIO 2

This lunchtime, as part of First Click on BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine discusses whether the internet, with its power to entertain and educate, is a force for good in the world.

Presenter/Jeremy Vine, Producer/Tim Collins for the BBC

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Steve Wright In The Afternoon

Thursday 21 October
2.00-5.00pm BBC RADIO 2

As the BBC's First Click campaign continues, Steve Wright talks to the Government's digital champion and founder of, Martha Lane Fox, about her drive to get more of the UK population online.

Presenter/Steve Wright, Producer/Adam Uytman for the BBC

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Bob Harris Country

Thursday 21 October
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Tonight's Bob Harris Country special is devoted to the music and career of multi Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Recorded in Nashville last month, this special programme features an extended interview with Mary, plus live acoustic performances and favourite tracks from a career which began on the Washington folk circuit in the mid Seventies, and led to huge mainstream country success two decades later.

Earlier this year saw the release of her 12th studio album, The Age Of Miracles, written during and after her recovery from a serious illness. She describes it as "personal exploration of regret and resilience".

In her conversation with Bob Harris, Mary talks about the background to her new album before reflecting on her early days as a performer. She looks back on the success of her 1992 breakthrough album, Come On Come On, which gave her hit songs I Feel Lucky, Passionate Kisses and He Thinks He'll Keep Her.

She also reacts to her recent award from the Americana Music Association, which saw her honoured with the Spirit of Americana Free Speech in Music award, recognising artists who have used their work to raise political awareness and promote free speech.

After a gap of almost 10 years, Mary returns to the UK this month for a 10-date tour.

Presenter/Bob Harris, Producer/Al Booth for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 3 Thursday 21 October 2010

Performance On 3 – Britten Sinfonia

Thursday 21 October
7.00–9.15pm BBC RADIO 3

James MacMillan conducts, as the Scottish composer takes to the rostrum for the world première of his Oboe Concerto, written for soloist Nicholas Daniel and the Britten Sinfonia.

Also in the programme, Shostakovich's reaction to the Allied bombing of Dresden, his Eighth String Quartet re-arranged for string orchestra as his Chamber Symphony by Rudolf Barshai; and Beethoven's Symphony No. 2, another piece marked with personal sadness as it was written when the composer's deafness became more and more apparent. This performance was recorded at Birmingham Town Hall.

Presenter/Martin Handley, Producer/Juan Carlos Jaramillo

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BBC RADIO 4 Thursday 21 October 2010

A History Of The World In 100 Objects Ep 29/30

Monday 18 to Friday 22 October
9.45-10.00am BBC RADIO 4

British Museum director Neil MacGregor
British Museum director Neil MacGregor

In the penultimate programme of BBC Radio 4's 100-part landmark series, British Museum director Neil MacGregor tells the story of the credit card for Muslims, one that is compliant with Sharia law.

Throughout this week, Neil explores objects that speak of the great shifts in human organisation and thinking in the modern world – objects that raise questions about human lives, the environment and global resources.

So far this week, he has chosen items that deal with political and sexual revolution and that confront the disaster of global arms proliferation.

In today's episode, he considers the morality of modern global finance and its implication for the future. He tells the story with a credit card that is compliant with Islamic Sharia law and explores how it works. He speaks to the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, and to Razi Fakih of HSBC bank.

Presenter/Neil MacGregor, Producers/Anthony Denselow and Paul Kobrak for the BBC

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Really Happening!

Thursday 21 October
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Bob Dickinson re-imagines the Happening with a new generation of visual artists, re-visiting classic Happenings, based on the original scripts.

Fifty years ago, the Happening was what was really happening, on the international visual art scene. Instead of people visiting galleries to look at art objects, audiences became involved in a series of events that made no distinction between observer and observed, and sometimes didn't seem to have a beginning, middle or end.

Happenings paved the way for performance art and live art. Early Happenings, like Claes Oldenburg's Snapshots From A City and Al Hansens' Requiem For WC Fields, inspired a generation of young artists, and grabbed the attention of the public.

In the programme, Bob looks into the Happening with contemporary artists and writers including RoseLee Goldberg, Ilana Mitchell, Andrea Cusmano and Lorenzo Fusi.

Bob also investigates the way Happenings travelled around the world, to Asia and Europe, thanks to Nam June Paik in Korea and Japan, Adrian Henri in Liverpool, the Viennese Aktionists, Joseph Beuys in Germany and Yves Klein in France.

As Happenings became part of popular culture, they became increasingly spectacular and, in 1967, Britain's biggest ever example of the activity was staged at Alexandra Palace in London – the 24-hour Technicolour Dream. It was a high-point for the hippie counterculture, but it also marked the point at which the Happenings stopped being art.

Presenter and Producer/Bob Dickinson for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Thursday 21 October 2010

5 Live Sport

Thursday 21 October
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Eleanor Oldroyd presents the day's sports news, including interviews on the big stories and Europa League coverage. At 8pm, BBC Radio 5 Live Boxing has the latest news from inside and outside the ring and, from 9pm, London Calling takes a look back at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Presenter/Eleanor Oldroyd, Producer/Mike Carr

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Thursday 21 October 2010

5 Live Formula 1

Live event/outside broadcast
Thursday 21 October

Listeners can enjoy uninterrupted commentary on the first practice session for the Korean Grand Prix at the Korean International Circuit.

Please note the programme is in the early hours of Friday morning.

Producer/Jason Swales for USP

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BBC 6 MUSIC Thursday 21 October 2010

Steve Lamacq

Thursday 21 October
4.00-7.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Steve Lamacq is joined by Krissi Murison, editor of the NME, and an esteemed panel to review the hottest new releases.

Listeners can join in via the Listeners' Roundtable at or #roundtable on Twitter to become part of the discussion. There is also another Good Day Bad Day caller on the line and Steve searches through his extensive record collection for a Lost 45.

Presenter/Steve Lamacq, Producer/Paul Sheehan

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Gideon Coe

Thursday 21 October
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe delves deep into the archives to play two Nineties concerts from Belly and Scottish wist-pop The Delgados. In session, there's stellar archive from Oxford twee-pop stalwarts Heavenly, REM-ish sounds from The Stars Of Heaven, Sixties folk-rocker Bridget St John and angular punks This Heat.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon

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