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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Network Radio BBC Week 38: Thursday 23 September 2010

BBC RADIO 2 Thursday 23 September 2010

Bob Harris Country

Thursday 23 September
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Bob Harris's guests tonight are Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, with session music from their new project – Dave Rawlings Machine.

Made up of Gillian, Dave and members of The Old Crow Medicine Show, Dave Rawlings Machine received multiple nominations at the recent Americana Music awards in Nashville, including best album, group and song.

Rawlings and Welch have one of the most influential musical partnerships in American roots music. Since meeting at music college in Boston in the early Nineties, the two have released four critically acclaimed albums under Gillian's name, including Grammy nominated Revival and Time (The Revelator). Gillian Welch also featured heavily on the hugely successful O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack album. She's currently working on a new studio album to be released next year.

Presenter/Bob Harris, Producer/Al Booth for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 4 Thursday 23 September 2010

A History Of The World In 100 Objects Ep 9/30

Monday 20 to Friday 24 September
9.45-10.00am BBC RADIO 4

This week, Neil MacGregor is exploring the world at the time of European discovery, between 1450 and 1600.

Today Neil is with a pair of white elephants the size of small dogs. They come from Japan, are made of fine porcelain and take Neil on a journey that connects Japan to Korea and China and to a growing trade network in Western Europe. He discovers the specific technique of this porcelain style, traces it to a Japanese potter called Kakiemon, and follows other examples of this same pottery to an English country house.

Miranda Rock describes the Kakiemon collection at Burghley House; a present-day Kakiemon potter discusses his work; and Korean porcelain expert Gina Ha-Gorian explains how the detailed technology for porcelain production spread.

Presenter/Neil MacGregor, Producer/Anthony Denselow for the BBC

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Not Fade Away

Thursday 23 September
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4 (Schedule change 8 September)

Stuart Maconie looks at how to end a piece of music and asks why most classical music has a clear ending, but so much pop music just fades out.

An early exception is Haydn's Farewell Symphony of 1772, which ends with the players leaving the stage one by one until there are only two players left. Haydn wrote it as a hint that the players needed a break.

Holst's Planets Suite (written 1914-16) ends with a chorus of women's voices fading into nothing – perhaps one of the first true examples of a fade in music.

At the same time, recording technology was developing and fades could be created by moving away from the recording horn. Record companies began imposing endings for commercial reasons or to fit onto a side of a 78rpm record, sometimes with quite brutal results. With the advent of modern recording techniques it became easy to create a fade electronically, and from the Fifties onwards this became commonplace.

But it was in the Sixties when the fade came into its own, particularly with the iconic two-minute fade of The Beatles' Hey Jude.

Stuart, drawing on his own experience as a DJ, talks to Stephen Johnson, presenter of BBC Radio 3's Discovering Music; Jacob Smith, a lecturer in Film and Television Studies; and re-mastering engineer Roger Beardsley. Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 also features to talk about ending live songs that faded out in the studio versions.

Presenter/Stuart Maconie, Producer/Nick Holmes for the BBC

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Afternoon Play – The Second Mr Bailey

Thursday 23 September
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

The Second Mr Bailey is a haunting drama about John, a young gay man living in Edinburgh in 1967. Homosexuality is about to be legalised in England, but not in Scotland.

When John takes up lodgings with the enigmatic Mrs Margaret Bailey, he begins to experience what life as a conventional straight man could be like. But Margaret is no ordinary housewife – she's slowly turning John into a replica of her husband. And John's beginning to like it!

The drama stars Sam Swann as Young John; Richard Greenwood as Older John; Owen Whitelaw as Brian; Gerda Stevenson as Margaret; Gabriel Quigley as Hilary; and James Bryce as the policeman.

The Second Mr Bailey is written by Andrew Doyle and directed by Lu Kemp.

Producer/Kirsty Williams for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Thursday 23 September 2010

5 Live Sport

Thursday 23 September
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Eleanor Oldroyd presents all the latest sports news.

At 8pm there is a live report from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi with a look ahead to some of the competitors and sports that will feature in the Olympic Games in 2012.

At 10pm The Ryder Cup Years looks back at key moments from Europe's rivalry with the USA in the Ryder Cup.

Presenter/Eleanor Oldroyd, Producer/Danny Garlick

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BBC 6 MUSIC Thursday 23 September 2010

Marc Riley

Thursday 23 September
7.00-9.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Tonight it's psyche folk-a-go-go when Marc Riley is enticed into the Parallel Universe by Rob Hughes and kings of freaky folk, Erland And The Carnival.

Orkney-born Erland Cooper, Simon Tong and David Nock took their name from the Jackson C Frank tune My Name Is Carnival, which they've also covered. Their current single is The Derby Ram – which apparently has little to do with sheep – and they're touring throughout the UK in September.

Presenter/Marc Riley, Producer/Michelle Choudhry

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Gideon Coe

Thursday 23 September
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe gets his hands on a pre-Millennium concert from American art-rockers Sonic Youth, recorded in 1998, and Canvey Island boys Dr Feelgood from the Hammersmith Odeon. There's also a selection of sessions from sub-pop records group Tad from 1990, and 1998 session from US post-rock legends Tortoise, recorded for John Peel, and Bright Eyes, with a recording captured for The Evening Session in 2001.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon

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