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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network Radio BBC Week 35: Wednesday 1 September 2010

BBC RADIO 2 Wednesday 1 September 2010

Remembering Elvis... With Priscilla Presley

Wednesday 1 September
10.00pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 2

Bill Kenwright interviews Priscilla Presley in the year that the king of rock 'n' roll would have turned 75.

Priscilla will also appear in Elvis Forever, BBC Radio 2's concert celebrating the music of Elvis Presley, which comes live from London's Hyde Park on Sunday 12 September.

Born into an army family in New York, Priscilla went to high school in Wiesbaden, West Germany, where she met her future husband, Elvis Presley. Although Priscilla and Elvis divorced in 1973, they remained close until his tragic and untimely death.

Priscilla's acting work includes Dallas and the box office smash-hit Naked Gun trilogy, as well as guest roles in Spin City and Melrose Place. In 1987, her book Elvis And Me spent six weeks in the No. 1 spot in The New York Times bestseller list before being adapted as a television mini-series. A successful businesswoman in her own right, Priscilla now runs her own perfumery and jewellery company, sits on the board of directors for MGM and is developing a stage play based on her life, from the perspective of a teenage girl thrust onto the global stage through her relationship with one of the most famous men in the world.

Presenter/Bill Kenwright, Producer/Lewis Carnie for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 3 Wednesday 1 September 2010

Prom 62 – Bruckner's Ninth Symphony

Live event/outside broadcast
Wednesday 1 September
7.30-10.00pm BBC RADIO 3
Suzy Klein introduces the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra
Suzy Klein introduces the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra

Suzy Klein welcomes the last of the BBC Proms' youth orchestras for this season. The Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra was founded 25 years ago by Claudio Abbado and nowadays chooses from among the world's leading conductors for its tours. It returns here under veteran Swedish maestro Herbert Blomstedt, who has made something of a speciality of the music of Hindemith and Bruckner.

The concert features symphonies by both composers: Mathis der Maler, the orchestral work that Hindemith based on his opera about Mathis the painter; and Bruckner's final, unfinished masterpiece, Symphony No. 9 in D minor.

Between these two pieces, leading German baritone Christian Gerhaher sings Mahler's youthful Lieder eines fahrenden gesellen (Songs Of A Wayfarer), telling of a young man's unrequited love.

Presenter/Suzy Klein, Producer/Mark Lowther

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BBC RADIO 4 Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fry's English Delight Ep 4/4

Wednesday 1 September
9.00-9.30am BBC RADIO 4

Stephen Fry investigates what the English language will be like in 200 years time in Future Conditional, the final episode of his series exploring the highways and byways of English.

As English continues to grow and spread around the world, the influences of the places where the language has been adopted are being re-imported. This continual process means that some of the changes in the way people use language can be predicted. Dr David Crystal, a world authority, thinks that the sound "th" might disappear, the very rhythms of speech might change, and that vocabulary certainly will.

The other huge influence on the way English will change relates to technology. This episode features computer programmes that "read" text. The London School of Economics employs a computer programme to read text in the service of research. So computers will, in some sense, join the swelling billions who use English.

Professor Margaret Boden, a leader in the field, is doubtful that computers will ever "understand" English well enough for them to read and comprehend a novel. She and Microsoft search engineer, Ron Kaplan, discuss a test for computers, in the shape of this sentence: "Is the duck ready to eat?"

Nobody knows exactly how English will change, or whether people might, as time travellers, recognise it 200 years hence; however, following Stephen as he speculates about it is endless fun.

Presenter/Stephen Fry, Producer/Nick Baker for Testbed Productions

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Head To Head Ep 4/4

Wednesday 1 September
9.30-9.45am BBC RADIO 4

Two leading black activists clash at the height of the Civil Rights movement in 1963 in the final passionate broadcast debate from the archives revisited by Edward Stourton.

It was summer 1963 when radical Muslim Malcolm X met mainstream campaigner James Farmer. They were fired up by the same ideals but were divided on how to achieve them. Malcolm X demanded the creation of an all-black nation, by violent means if necessary. Farmer believed in de-segregation through peaceful protest and the law – using the US constitution to fulfil its promise of an America free for all men.

Whether segregation still exists today is up for question. In the studio dissecting the debate are author Bonnie Greer, who was a teenager in Sixties Chicago, and Dr Stephen Tuck, lecturer in American Studies at Oxford University.

Presenter/Edward Stourton, Producers/Dominic Byrne and Eve Streeter for Blakeaway Productions

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Case Study Ep 4/4

Wednesday 1 September
11.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 4

Claudia Hammond revisits the final classic case study, in this current series, that helped advance psychological research.

Dora was the pseudonym Sigmund Freud gave to the teenage girl who claimed that her father had offered her to his friend in exchange for the continued sexual favours of the friend's wife. Freud used this, his first case history, to show how the interpretation of dreams could be used in analysis, and to illustrate his new theory of infant sexuality and to explain transference. Although Freud said he believed Dora's account of the adults' love triangle, Dora ended the analysis after just 11 weeks. Freud wrote up his account immediately, but didn't publish it until 1905, as Fragment Of An Analysis Of A Case Of Hysteria.

In the Seventies the case was taken up by feminists to discredit Freud's theories. Claire Pajaczkowska made a film about it: Dora – A Case Of Mistaken Identity. Claire talks to Claudia in the Freud Museum, Sigmund Freud's former London home.

American psychoanalyst Karin Ahbel-Rappe asserts that Dora, a vulnerable teenager, was badly let down by Freud. So does Anthony Stadlen, a psychotherapist who has researched the real people behind the pseudonyms in Freud's case histories. Dora was in fact Ida Bauer, later Ida Adler, and the image of the self-obsessed hysteric, perpetuated by Freud and his followers, was apparently untrue.

Janet Sayers, professor of psychoanalytic psychology at the University of Kent, and Michael Billig, professor of social science at Loughborough University, also feature in the programme.

Presenter/Claudia Hammond, Producer/Marya Burgess for the BBC

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Afternoon Play – The Great Swim

Wednesday 1 September
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

In the "Roaring Twenties" the world was changing at an electric pace. In science, commerce and art, everything seemed possible and the challenges were there to be confronted. By 1926, only five men had ever conquered the English Channel, and the race to become the first woman to swim the Channel captivated two continents. Many doubted that a woman could do it.

Gavin Mortimer's drama, starring Madeleine Potter and Emily Bruni, tells the story of a remarkable attempt.

Gertrude Ederle, a brilliant young swimmer, was the 19-year-old daughter of a German migrant to the United States. Her father, Henry Ederle, ran a successful butcher's business in New York. Ederle's cross-channel swim was sponsored by the New York Daily News.

The News sent a crime reporter, Julia Harpman, to accompany the swimmer and cover the story and this drama is told through Julia's eyes.

Madeleine Potter stars as Julia Harpman, Emily Bruni as Trudy Ederle, Samantha Dakin as Lillian Cannon, Philip Jackson as Bill Burgess/Rutherford, Nathan Nolan as Arthur Sorensen, Sam Dale as Joe Costa/Frank Pegler/Williams and Nathan Osgood as Henry "Pop" Ederle/Abbot.

Producer/Karen Rose for Sweet Talk Productions

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What To Do If You're Not Like Everybody Else Ep 1/4

New series
Wednesday 1 September
11.15-11.30pm BBC RADIO 4

Stand-up comedian Andrew Lawrence examines the difficulties of fitting in and being normal.

What To Do If You're Not Like Everybody Else is a series of short comedic monologues for BBC Radio 4 written and performed by Andrew, taking a light-hearted look at various aspects of conventional living and the pressure people feel to conform to social norms and ideals.

The series is recorded in front of an audience – the first two episodes at south London comedy club Up The Creek, and the final two at the Edinburgh Festival.

In this first episode, Andrew examines the effort people put into their personal appearance and the pressure they feel to look good.

Producer/Jane Berthoud for the BBC

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Wednesday 1 September 2010

5 Live Sport

Live event/outside broadcast
Wednesday 1 September
7.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Russell Fuller has the latest sports news and reaction, while from 7.30pm, former England rugby union international and World Cup winner Matt Dawson is joined by guests for a special live show from Bath previewing the 2010/11 rugby union season.

Presenters/Russell Fuller and Matt Dawson, Producer/Claire Ackling

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BBC 6 MUSIC Wednesday 1 September 2010

Lauren Laverne

Wednesday 1 September
10.00am-1.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Lauren Laverne is joined by Montreal band Stars for a live session in the BBC 6 Music studios. The five-piece, who also regularly feature as part of Canada's brilliant indie super-group Broken Social Scene, released their fifth album, The Five Ghosts, in July to considerable acclaim and join Lauren today before heading off on a short European tour.

Presenter/Lauren Laverne, Producer/Gary Bales

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Marc Riley

Wednesday 1 September
7.00-9.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Live in session tonight are the one and only Johnny Flynn And The Sussex Wit. Barnacled Warship, the second single from Johnny Flynn's acclaimed album Been Listening, was released earlier this month. The animated video to accompany the single is directed by Christian DeVita, lead storyboard artist on Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox and Tim Burton's forthcoming Frankenweenie. The Sussex Wit are Adam Beach, Joe Zeitlin, David Beauchamp, James Mathe and Lillie Flynn.

Presenter/Marc Riley, Producer/Michelle Choudhry

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Gideon Coe

Wednesday 1 September
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe treats listeners to archive concert tracks from Björk at Manchester 1993 and Love legend Arthur Lee at Glastonbury a decade later; plus sessions from Robert Lloyd's Birmingham punks The Nightingales, grungelite Portland trio Pond, classic hippy folk from Pentangle and the prolific and varied Chicagoan Jim O'Rourke.

Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon

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The Complete Mercurys – Mumford & Sons

Wednesday 1 September
12.00midnight-1.00am BBC 6 MUSIC

Mumford & Sons present tracks from their Mercury nominated album Sigh No More – the west London four-piece's debut album, which has sold more than half a million copies to date. It's produced by Markus Dravas, who has also worked with Arcade Fire, Björk and Coldplay, and features the singles Little Lion Man and Winter Winds.

Presenters/Mumford & Sons, Producer/Julie Cullen

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BBC WORLD SERVICE Wednesday 1 September 2010

Heart And Soul – Christianity In China Ep 2/2

Wednesday 1 September
12.30-1.00pm BBC WORLD SERVICE

Christopher Landau continues his examination of the impact officially sanctioned Christianity is having in China.

In this second episode, he looks at how the Chinese government benefits from the social work carried out by Christian churches, and meets employees at a factory run on Christian principles.

He also hears from a 93-year-old Catholic bishop who has some surprisingly forthright messages for the Vatican, and finds out how Catholics manage to tread the fine line between being loyal Chinese citizens and loyal Catholics.

With several Christian denominations experiencing enormous and unexpected growth, what influence is Christianity likely to have on the future of China?

Presenter/Christopher Landau

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