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Sunday 13 Jul 2014

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BBC RADIO 2 Friday 4 June 2010

Desmond Carrington

Friday 4 June
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Desmond Carrington takes the theme "here comes summer" as he shares good tunes, some unexpected ones and perhaps a few that listeners have never heard before.

As he sorts through his personal record collection of some 250,000 titles for songs and music related to summer, is Desmond indulging in some meteorological optimism or just plain dreaming?

Presenter/Desmond Carrington, Producer/Dave Aylott

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BBC RADIO 3 Friday 4 June 2010

Performance On 3

Friday 4 June
7.00-9.15pm BBC RADIO 3

BBC Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawny
BBC Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawny

Andris Nelsons conducts the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's Voyevoda and Pathétique Symphony, while Rainer Gibbons is the soloist in Richard Strauss's elegiac Oboe Concerto.

The symphonic ballad The Voyevoda is one of Tchaikovsky's least-known works, perhaps because the composer himself tended to under-rate it. But in the Pathétique Symphony, he threw his all into a no-holds-barred musical autobiography; the result blends raw emotion and glorious melody to devastating effect.

Between these two pieces, the CBSO's section leader oboe offers a moment of tranquillity with Strauss's gentle Oboe Concerto.

Presenter/Petroc Trelawny, Producer/Anthony Sellors

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BBC RADIO 4 Friday 4 June 2010

A History Of The World – Arabian Bronze Hand

Bank Holiday Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June
9.45-10.00am BBC RADIO 4

A mysterious bronze hand tells the story of religious belief in Arabia before Islam, as director of the British Museum Neil MacGregor continues to tell A History Of The World through 100 objects from the museum.

Throughout this week Neil examines how the great faiths were creating new visual aids to promote devotion 2,000 years ago. Having looked at emerging images from Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Buddhism he turns his attention to the religious climate of pre-Islamic Arabia.

The story is told through a life-sized bronze hand cut at the wrist and with writing on the back. It turns out to be not a part of a god, but a gift to a god in a Yemeni hill village.

Neil uses this mysterious object to explore the centrality of Arabia at this period, with its wealth of local gods and imported beliefs. Hand surgeon Jeremy Field considers whether it was modelled from a real human hand, while religious historian Philip Jenkins reflects on what happens to old pagan gods when a brand new religion sweeps in.

Presenter/Neil MacGregor, Producers/Philip Sellars, Paul Kobrak, Anthony Denselow and Jane Lewis

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The eSportsmen Ep 1/2

New series
Friday 4 June
11.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 4

Calling themselves cyber-sportsmen, a new generation of young computer gamers are turning their bedroom hobby into a career. These young men are at the cutting edge of a vibrant, new social scene driven by the £2bn a year games industry.

In the first of two programmes, Kate Russell investigates the emergence of a pursuit that began in the nation's darkened bedrooms and is now being played out in exhibition centres attracting several thousand players for weekends of gaming.

Kate meets the man behind Dignitas – a multi-national team of 88 players – who is attempting to turn young gamers into professional players on full-time salaries, and to establish his organisation as Britain's premier e-sports team. At the vanguard is David Treacy, known in the gaming world as Zaccubus, who has battled dyslexia and sought social acceptance through computer games. Kate talks to him and his family about their concerns over his obsession.

With society often frowning on the activities of these players, she explores their chances of becoming the role models of a new tech-savvy generation and asks what intrinsic value can be put on a pursuit that entails hours spent in front of a computer screen every day.

Presenter/Kate Russell, Producer/Paul Peachey

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Afternoon Play – The Last Witch Trial

Friday 4 June
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

The Last Witch Trial by Melissa Murray is a love story woven around real and unusual events that took place in 1944.

Exhausted by war, people are turning to spiritualism for comfort. Morale is very fragile, there has been too much death and destruction, everyone has lost someone; it's unbearable. Surely there must be some way to make contact, to be reassured that the dead are happy in the afterlife?

The authorities are worried that mediums may give away military secrets. D-Day is fast approaching and the Allies are in an advanced state of paranoia, terrified that the Germans might get hold of their plans, so terrified that they look in the strangest places for potential spies.

Crossword compilers who have come up with "suspicious looking" clues are arrested and interrogated and the authorities are now about to arrest and possibly charge Helen Duncan, the well-known Scottish medium.

Lucy Kirkland, Third Officer in the WRNS is not the kind of woman to have much time for spiritualism. Being sent undercover to one of one of Duncan's séances she sees as a humiliating waste of time. Nevertheless, she does her job, writes her report and Duncan is arrested and charged under the 1735 Witchcraft Act for "falsely purporting to conjure spirits".

Lucy comes in for a fair amount of teasing from fellow officers for being involved in a witch trial. But Margery Lane, odd shy little Margo, stands up for her. When Lucy is due to give evidence at the trial, Margo, to Lucy's surprise and delight, decides to come to London with her. But Margo has motives other than friendship, and soon Lucy finds herself increasingly, and desperately, out of her depth.

Indira Varma plays Lucy, Joanna Monro plays Helen, Lyndsey Marshal plays Margo and Vineeta Rishi plays June. Sam Dale plays the prosecutor and other parts are played by Michael Shelford and Keely Beresford.

Producer/Marc Beeby

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Friday 4 June 2010

5 Live Sport

Friday 4 June
7.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

George Riley presents the day's sport news and looks ahead to the weekend's sporting action, including athletics with Darren Campbell.

Presenter/George Riley, Producer/Francesca Bent

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Friday 4 June 2010

Test Match Special

Live event/outside broadcast
Friday 4 June

Live from Old Trafford, Test Match Special's commentary team present uninterrupted commentary on the first day of the second Test between England and Bangladesh.

Producer/Jen McAllister

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Rugby League

Live event/outside broadcast
Friday 4 June

Listeners can enjoy uninterrupted commentary of one of the night's top Super League matches.

Producer/Jen McAllister

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BBC 6 MUSIC Friday 4 June 2010

Tom Ravenscroft

Friday 4 June
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

BBC 6 Music's newest recruit Tom Ravenscroft, son of the late BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, gets behind the mic to present the first of his new Friday night shows.

"I'm thrilled that 6 Music have asked me to present a weekly show," says Tom. "It's great to be offered a home on a station with such amazing DJs, who open your ears to lots of exciting music, new and old. I intend to do the same and can't wait to get started."

BBC 6 Music editor Paul Rodgers, says: "Tom Ravenscroft is a great young broadcaster with all the knowledge, passion and articulacy that you might expect from someone of his lineage. Tom is much sought-after and we are thrilled that he thinks that 6 Music is the best way for him to reach his audience."

Tom plays his own unique blend of music that will sound unlike anything anywhere else in radio.

Presenter/Tom Ravenscroft, Producer/Adam Hudson

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BBC ASIAN NETWORK Friday 4 June 2010

Asian Network Reports

Live event/outside broadcast
Friday 4 June
12.30-1.00pm BBC ASIAN NETWORK

Asian Network Reports is at Old Trafford reporting live on the first day of the second Test match between England and Bangladesh.

The Asian network team will provide live updates every half an hour into programmes and news from 11am until 6pm.

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BBC WORLD SERVICE Friday 4 June 2010

In The Shadow Of The Stadium

Friday 4 June

South African Audrey Brown visits the area around Johannesburg's refurbished Soccer City stadium – the venue for the opening match and the final of this year's World Cup – to meet the people directly affected by the tournament, living around the stadium.

Press reports have cited complaints of local residents, who have protested about the lack of local services, while money gets spent on the tournament. Audrey sets out to discover whether there has been any shift in their attitudes and if they think there will be long-term local benefits to their lives as a result of this global sporting event arriving in their neighbourhood.

Presenter/Audrey Brown

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