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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network Radio BBC Week 21: Friday 29 May 2009

BBC RADIO 2 Friday 29 May 2009

Bonjour Mr Aznavour Ep 2/4

Friday 29 May
7.00-7.30pm BBC RADIO 2

Presenter Petula Clark tells of Charles Aznavour's relationship with Edith Piaf, his first tour to America with musical partner Pierre Roche and his first steps into the world of films, as the series exploring one of the last great French chansonniers continues. She also looks at Charles's early song-writing success and the initial criticism he received because of his unusual voice and appearance.

Contributions come from French chanson singer Juliette Greco, songwriter Don Black and Charles's nephew and music producer Patrick Shart. There is also music from Edith Piaf and Le Compagnons de Chanson, Nina Simone, Juliette Greco and Charles Aznavour himself.

Presenter/Petula Clark, Producers/Laura Metcalfe and Jo Wheeler

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Friday Night Is Music Night

Friday 29 May
7.30-9.15pm BBC RADIO 2

Paul Gambaccini
Paul Gambaccini

Paul Gambaccini presents this week's Friday Night Is Music Night from London's LSO St Luke's. Singer Emma Kershaw joins the Joe Stilgoe Trio for a performance of Is There Any Room For Me? and the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Roderick Dunk, plays Puttin' On The Ritz.

Presenter/Paul Gambaccini, Producer/Jodie Keane

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My Word Is My Bond Ep 5/6

Friday 29 May
9.15-9.30pm BBC RADIO 2

Movie icon and legendary actor Sir Roger Moore reads the fifth excerpt from his autobiography, My Word Is My Bond, and recounts his memories of playing the suave spy, James Bond. He remembers working with Britt Eckland, the adventures of Herve Villechaize and the unique experience of starring alongside Christopher Walken and Grace Jones.

Please note: This episode was previously billed in Programme Information on Friday 22 May.

Narrator/Sir Roger Moore, Producer/Neil Gardner

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BBC RADIO 3 Friday 29 May 2009

Performance On 3 – BBC Singers

Live event/outside broadcast
Friday 29 May
7.00-9.15pm BBC RADIO 3

Live from London, the BBC Singers, directed by David Hill with organist Stephen Farr, perform choral and organ music by Mendelssohn and the composer he most admired – JS Bach.

"There is one God – Bach – and Mendelssohn is his prophet," was Hector Berlioz's verdict on the musical relationship between these two great composers. Mendelssohn, who avidly devoured Bach's fugues and chorales as a boy, and famously revived Bach's St Matthew Passion in 1829, 100 years after its first performance, was at the forefront of the 19th century's rehabilitation of the Baroque master, and Bach's music left an indelible impression on his own.

Tonight, live from a great Victorian church in central London which Mendelssohn might have known from his frequent visits to the capital, Catherine Bott introduces a concert which juxtaposes the music of these two composers and explores how one influenced the other.

The BBC Singers, with their chief conductor David Hill, perform three motets by Bach which are renowned as being among his greatest choral masterpieces, and two by Mendelssohn, which explore similar styles and techniques. To complete the programme, Stephen Farr plays two of Mendelssohn's most Bachian organ works.

Presenter/Catherine Bott, Producer/Michael Emery

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The Essay – Looking For Ghosts Ep 5/5

Bank Holiday Monday 25 to Friday 29 May
11.00-11.15pm BBC RADIO 3

The Essay continues to follow Michael Goldfarb as he travels across Europe on an emotional journey looking for the Jewish writers, philosophers and poets who played a critical role in European society before the Holocaust.

In the final programme of the series, Michael travels to Vienna to see Rachel Whiteread's Holocaust memorial and to find out more about the story of poet Ludwig August Frankl.

Presenter/Michael Goldfarb, Producer/Julia Hayball

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BBC RADIO 4 Friday 29 May 2009

Afternoon Play – Listen Up

Friday 29 May
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Listen Up is based on the true story of the Italian radio enthusiasts who intercepted transmissions from early Russian space missions, and who subsequently listened in to the earliest men and women in space.

It's 1964 and the Americans are losing the space race. The Soviets are ahead and the Americans have failed to gain any intelligence on their rival's space programme. So it appears quite outrageous when two young Italian brothers turn up at Nasa claiming to have successfully recorded almost every Russian space mission over the previous seven years. Nasa has to take notice when they realise that the brothers have also intercepted American missions and have tapes of classified transmissions by John Glenn, the first American in space.

Written by Glen Neath, the play tells the story of the brothers, how they made the recordings, and what happened during their encounter with Nasa. It also contains some of the actual recordings made by the Judica-Cordiglia brothers, which are considered authentic by some experts, although disputed by others.

Directed by Boz Temple-Morris, the cast includes Giacomo Valdameri as Achille; Simeon Perlin as Gian; Silvia Mercuriali as Maria Teresa; Nathan Osgood as Will; Dominic Hawksley as Eugene; Serena Bobowski as Carla; and Francesco Calabretta as Mike.

Producer/Holy Mountain

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Friday Play – Sunny Afternoon

Friday 29 May
9.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 4

The normality of a sunny London afternoon is brutally shattered when a man is killed in the street in broad daylight, in this evening's play. Screams fill the air as passers-by try to help the victim or helplessly observe the drama unfolding before them. Their lives will never be the same again.

The event is recounted as witnessed by passers-by and residents including Roy, the local window cleaner; Johnny, an investment banker; Kayleigh, a part-time beauty therapist; WPC Flanagan; Pam, a full-time carer for her husband, Brian; and Avelina, the victim's wife. Their testimonies reveal not only the personal repercussions of such an event, but also contemporary attitudes to violence, immigration and the community.

Johnny is played by Tom Hollander; Pam by Cheryl Campbell; Roy by Michael Begley; Kayleigh by Tashie Jackson; David by Richard McCabe; and Avelina by Christianne Oliveira. The translator is played by Teresa Gallagher and WPC Flanagan by Colette Brown.

Sunny Afternoon is written by Doug Lucie.

Producer/Heather Larmour

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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Friday 29 May 2009

5 Live Sport

Friday 29 May
7.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Pougatch presents all the day's sports news and is joined by guests for the FA Cup Final preview, looking ahead to tomorrow's match between Chelsea and Everton at Wembley.

Presenter/Mark Pougatch, Producer/Patrick Whiteside

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BBC 6 MUSIC Friday 29 May 2009

Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show

Friday 29 May
9.00pm-12.00midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

UK rockers Thunder are Bruce Dickinson's guests on the Rock Show tonight.

Formed in 1989, Thunder are regarded as one of the most visible and popular bands of the last two decades. Their tradition of creating good and honest blues rock albums with big riffs and sing-along choruses has labelled them as one of Britain's best live acts.

The five-piece have enjoyed chart success and a strong, loyal fan base but have decided to quit 20 years after they formed. They come in to talk about their farewell tour, why they've finally decided to split up and what they plan to do next.

Presenter/Bruce Dickinson, Producer/Ian Callaghan

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BBC WORLD SERVICE Friday 29 May 2009

My World – A Different Kind Of Stroke Ep 4/6

Friday 29 May

My World explores the life of an extraordinary individual and this week focuses on Dr Jill Bolde Taylor, who made a series of personal and scientific discoveries following her stroke, leading Time magazine to name her as one of the most influential people of 2008.

The Harvard-trained brain scientist had a stroke in 1996 at the age of 37 and underwent an eight-year recovery process, which included major brain surgery.

This programme examines how she used her own scientific knowledge and personal experience to gain a series of unique, and potentially revolutionary, insights into the workings of her brain.

Producer/David Coomes

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