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24 September 2014
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Tuesday 6 January 2009

BBC RADIO 2 Tuesday 6 January 2009
Stubborn Kind Of Fella – Remembering Marvin Gaye

Tuesday 6 January
11.30pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 2

On 1 April 2009, it will be 25 years since soul-legend Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father.


This is another chance to hear Smokey Robinson pay tribute to Gaye's life and music and re-examine his legacy as one of the most influential soul singers of the 20th century.


BBC Radio 2's Motown Season celebrates the 50th birthday of one of the most iconic record labels in history, profiling its star names and looking at the far-reaching influence of the Motown sound on artists and musicians around the world.


Presenter/Smokey Robinson, Producer/Sue Clark


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BBC RADIO 3 Tuesday 6 January 2009
Composer Of The Week – Purcell
Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
12.00noon-1.00pm BBC RADIO 3
(Schedule addition Friday 19 December)

Donald Macleod continues his explorations of the life and music of Purcell in celebration of the 350th anniversary of his birth, with one of the UK's leading scholars on the composer, Professor Bruce Wood whose new biography of Purcell is due to be published in May.


In the second programme Donald and Bruce chart Purcell's progress in his early twenties. By this time he was married and working at Charles II's court. He was also holding down duties at Westminster Abbey. Life was good, yet tinged at the same time with sadness as he had to cope with a number of deaths in his family including two of his own children.


Music includes Once, Twice, Thrice; She Loves And She Confesses Too; Welcome Vicegerent Of The Mighty King; Rejoice In The Lord Always; Welcome To All The Pleasures; and Would You Know How We Meet.


Presenter/Donald Macleod, Producer/Johannah Smith


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The Essay– The Utopian Dream:
The Dream Of Harmony
Ep 2/5
Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
11.00-11.15pm BBC RADIO 3

Human beings are often dreamers and idealists. They want the best, the most perfect and, to that end, history has been punctuated with a series of utopian experiments that have, seemingly, ended in disappointment. Jane Shaw explores the utopian dream in five essays drawing on her own experiences this week.


In her second Essay, Jane explores the pursuit of harmony by political regimes and religious communities, and their attempts to impose uniformity.


Jane Shaw is Fellow, Chaplain and Dean of Divinity at New College, Oxford, where she teaches history and religion. She is the author of Miracles In Enlightenment England and is currently writing a book about a millenarian, utopian community in England – into which no outsider has been allowed before.


Presenter/Jane Shaw, Producer/Ian Willox


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BBC RADIO 4 Tuesday 6 January 2009
Birds And The Battlefield
Tuesday 6 January
11.00-11.30am BBC RADIO 4

BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner, a keen bird watcher, looks at the sometimes surprising links between soldiers and birds and the comfort soldiers get from bird watching in times of extreme stress. The programme features letters from the front, poetry, music and birdsong, in combination with interviews with today's servicemen and women.


Sergeant John William Streets and Sergeant Geoffrey McMullen of the Royal Artillery, share a passion for birds, although they are separated by a century as Sgt Streets served in the First World War. Streets was killed on the first day of the Somme offensive and his poem, A Lark Above The Trenches, was published posthumously. Sgt Geoffrey McMullen speaks of how, when he wakes early in the Iraqi desert, he is convinced he hears a flute but it is, in fact, the morning song of the hoopoe lark.


Frank Gardner adds details of his own experiences bird watching in Basra soon after the invasion of Iraq.


Presenter/Frank Gardner, Producer/Merilyn Harris


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Femme Fatale – The Story Of Nico
Tuesday 6 January
11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Christa Paffgen, AKA Nico, from The Velvet Underground
Christa Paffgen, AKA Nico,
from The Velvet Underground

Marc Riley tells the story of Christa Paffgen, who gained legendary status as Nico, singer with Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground.


Christa Paffgen was born in Germany just before the war. After leaving school she worked as a model and actress, travelling widely in Europe and appeared in Fellini's La Dolce Vita.


In the Sixties Christa met some of the biggest names in rock music, including Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones and Lou Reed. She eventually came to the attention of artist Andy Warhol, who decided to cast her as the lead singer in his newly created band, The Velvet Underground. Their first album, with its signature Warhol drawing of a banana on the front cover, was released in 1967. It is now cited as one of the most influential albums ever recorded and some claim that without Nico it would never have been made. She sang just three songs.


Contributors to the programme include Nico's son Ari and John Cale, who was with Nico in The Velvet Underground and produced a number of her later solo albums.


Presenter/Marc Riley, Producer/Nicola Swords


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Take Two Ep 1/3
Tuesday 6 January
1.30-2.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Take Two returns for a second series in which the Rev Richard Coles explores the significance of musical partnerships.


Each week, in the company of two studio guests, he analyses the music and the personalities behind collaborations and investigates its significance and the ways in which it changed musical history.


In the first programme, jazz performers Clare Teal and Dave Gelly discuss with Richard the partnership between singer Billie Holiday and the saxophonist Lester Young. Both were consummate musicians who found a kindred spirit in each other as soon as they met in 1934. Their recordings together were said to be among the best ever made in the jazz of that time, with critics noticing how perfectly the nuances of Holiday's voice matched the sound of Young's saxophone.


Off duty, they were also a perfect pair, although their relationship was only ever platonic. He nicknamed her "Lady Day" and she called him "Prez" for his presidential mastery of his instrument. However, they both shared a weakness for alcohol and drugs which would blight their careers and lead to their early deaths.


Presenter/Rev Richard Coles, Producer/Emma Kingsley


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Home Planet Ep 1/13
Tuesday 6 January
3.00-3.30pm BBC RADIO 4

Home Planet returns for a new 13-part series which tackles listeners' queries about the world and human interaction with it.


The series covers a wide range of issues, from environmental concerns to a scientific understanding of the world. These include protecting biodiversity and the many subtleties of climate change, as well as more lightweight ones such as bee-on-bee violence. The content of the programmes is dictated by listeners' emailed, written or telephoned questions.


Producer/Toby Murcott


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Scottish Shorts Ep 1/3
Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 January
3.30-3.45pm BBC RADIO 4

Scottish Shorts features three stories showcasing new Scottish writing.


In The Astronaut by Jason Donald, a jobseeker is distracted from his mission by an old woman in distress, in a comic story about success, self-belief and the healing power of white lies.


The Intelligence Of Hearts by Cynthia Rogerson is a touching portrayal of the peculiar solitude experienced in a crowd. Love and loneliness are on the mind of a gallery attendant as he watches the world go by.


In Pillars Of The Community by Anneliese Mackintosh, three flatmates endure the dinner party from hell, hosted by neighbours who may be gun-wielding maniacs as well as committed minimalists. This is a story about the lengths to which students will go for a free meal.


Producer/Eilidh McCreadie


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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Tuesday 6 January 2009
5 Live Sport
Tuesday 6 January
7.00pm-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Saggers presents all the day's sports news and, from 7.45pm, there is live commentary from a first leg Carling Cup semi-final match.


Presenter/Mark Saggers


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BBC 6 MUSIC Tuesday 6 January 2009
Gideon Coe
Tuesday 6 January
9.00pm-12midnight BBC 6 MUSIC

Gideon Coe's selection from the archive features The Gang Of Four captured on their return to the live arena in 2006 with a set at Glasgow's Indian Summer festival. Gideon also looks back 30 years for prime Santana at New York's Beacon Theatre.


Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Mark Sheldon


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BBC ASIAN NETWORK Tuesday 6 January 2009
Silver Street
Tuesday 6 January

Roopa reckons Aidan's "accident" is down to Arun's tough big brother routine, in today's visit to Silver Street. Arun says it's more likely to be the drugs, but Roopa insists Aidan has given them up.


Shazia is pleased that Dr Masud and Zak have returned from Mecca safe and sound. Later Zak admits Silverhill doesn't feel like home any more. He tells Shazia about his experience in Mecca, which has made him realise one or two things...


Roopa is played by Rakhee Thakrar, Aidan by Arkie Reece, Arun by Naithan Ariane, Shazia by Shobu Kapoor, Dr Masud by Saeed Jaffrey and Zak by Jetinder Summan.


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