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29 October 2014
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Monday 5 January 2009

BBC RADIO 2 Monday 5 January 2009
¡Viva Latino! Ep 1/13
Monday 5 January
10.30-11.30pm BBC RADIO 2

John Armstrong presents a new series of foot-blistering, heart-warming, soul-shaking Latin music.


From Tito Puente to Gilberto Gil, Ojos De Brujo to Juanes, rumba to bomba, salsa to samba, reggaeton to latin hip hop, Cuba to Curação, Brazil to Birmingham and Miami to Manchester, ¡Viva Latino! takes listeners on a voyage of discovery through the colourful and exciting world of Latin music – a genre which, in recent years has leapt to the forefront of popular culture and music opening the ears, exercising the dance steps and raising the pulses of millions of new fans.


Over 13 weeks, this new magazine format features new releases, reviews, up-to-the-minute concert and gig information and exclusive new interviews with Latin artistes from around the world including: Juanes, the new king of international Latin popular music, with five recent Latin Grammy Awards to his name; Sergio Mendes, the king of Brazilian fusion; David Bisbal, the new superstar of flamenco and reggaeton fusion; Vitor Ramil, one of Brazil's best kept singer-songwriter secrets; Bobby Carcasses, cited as the world's greatest-living Afro Cuban scat vocalist; To Mezclao, Cuba's biggest new sensation for a decade; Larry Harlow, the elder statesman of the legendary Fania record label and Fania All Stars; Rio club vocalist Paula Santoro; Alex Wilson, the UK's leading salsa band leader; Manu Chao, Mestizo-pop superstar and figurehead of the world's alternative Latin community; Sexto Sentido, Cuba's leading female vocal soul-jazz-latin quartet; Marcos Valle, a "Bossa" institution for nearly half a century; Cuba's leading new-wave latin funk experimentalists Ogguere; and Juan Martin, one of the finest living masters of flamenco guitar.


Presenter/John Armstrong, Producer/Graham Pass


BBC Radio 2 Publicity

Hitsville USA – 50 Years Of Heart And Soul
Ep 1/6
Monday 5 January
11.30pm-12.00midnight BBC RADIO 2

As part of BBC Radio 2's Motown Season, Pete Mitchell unearths rare treasures, re-examines old truths and hears about every side of the label, from the likes of Smokey Robinson; Mary Wilson; Brian Holland and Eddie Holland; and the Funk Brothers.


Radio 2's Motown Season celebrates the 50th birthday of one of the most iconic record labels in history. The season – which started on Thursday 1 January with Motown: 30 At 50 and saw Paul Gambaccini count down the Top 30 biggest-selling Motown singles in the UK to date – profiles the label's star names and looks at the far-reaching influence of the Motown sound on artists and musicians around the world.


Presenter/Pete Mitchell, Producer/Helen Lennard


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BBC RADIO 3 Monday 5 January 2009
Composer Of The Week – Purcell
Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
12.00noon-1.00pm BBC RADIO 3
(Schedule addition Friday 19 December)

Purcell is one of BBC Radio 3's Composers Of The Year 2009, marking year-long celebrations of the music of Purcell, Handel, Haydn and Mendelssohn, who all have significant anniversaries in 2009. This Composer Of The Week, which launches the Purcell celebrations, is the first of four in January focusing on each of the anniversary composers.


Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Purcell in celebration of the 350th anniversary of his birth, with one of the UK's leading scholars on the composer, Professor Bruce Wood, whose new biography of Purcell is due to be published in May.


Purcell lived through a fascinating slice of British history. Born in the final year of the Commonwealth, he survived both the Plague and the Great Fire of London in infancy, with a subsequent career that spanned three reigns and countless political intrigues. Yet, despite these uncertainties, Purcell remained at the top of his tree, from the moment he joined the prestigious Chapel Royal as a child, going on to serve each of the reigning monarchs with an abundance of matchless style, to his final years wowing audiences in London theatres.


The first programme looks at events surrounding Purcell's early life. The years of the Commonwealth were lean times for musicians. The restoration of monarchy brought the re-establishment of Royal Music and young Purcell was quick to follow in the family tradition in the service of the King.


Music includes one of his earliest surviving symphony anthems, My Beloved Spake and the huge surviving collection of songs with From Silent Shades and How I Sigh When I Think Of The Charms Of My Swain.


A dedicated website for Radio 3's Composers of the Year, including detailed information about Purcell, is available at


Presenter/Donald Macleod, Producer/Johannah Smith


BBC Radio 3 Publicity

The Essay – The Utopian Dream:
The Moment Of Hope
Ep 1/5
Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
11.00-11.15pm BBC RADIO 3

Human beings are often dreamers and idealists. They want the best, the most perfect and, to that end, history has been punctuated with a series of utopian experiments that have, seemingly, ended in disappointment. Jane Shaw explores the utopian dream in five essays, drawing on her own experience this week.


In today's programme Jane explores the viability of utopian communities. Jane grew up in the Great Hospital community in Norwich and now lives in another community at New College, Oxford, where she is Fellow, Chaplain and Dean of Divinity, and teaches history and religion. She is the author of Miracles In Enlightenment England and is currently writing a book about a millenarian, utopian community in England – into which no outsider has been allowed before.


Presenter/Jane Shaw, Producer/Ian Willox


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BBC RADIO 4 Monday 5 January 2009
Darwin – In Our Time
Ep 1/4
Monday 5 January
9.00-9.45am BBC RADIO 4
Press pack

Melvyn Bragg investigates the life and work of Darwin
Melvyn Bragg investigates the
life and work of Darwin

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin Of Species, Melvyn Bragg presents a major four-part documentary series about the life and work of Charles Darwin.


The first programme, recorded on location in Cambridge, tells the story of Darwin's early life. It describes his childhood in Shropshire and discusses the significance of Darwin's three years at Cambridge, where he trained for a career in the Anglican Church.


Programme two is recorded at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and the University Museum of Zoology, both in Cambridge. It covers the period from December 1831, when Darwin set sail on the Beagle, to November 1842, when he moved to Down House in Kent.


The third programme, recorded in the Natural History Museum in London, outlines how Darwin was persuaded to publish On The Origin Of Species in November 1859, and describes the book's impact on fellow scientists and on the general public.


The final programme, recorded at Down House in Kent, covers the period from 1860 to Darwin's death in April 1882. Between 1862 and 1881 he produced 10 major works and six revisions of On The Origin Of Species.


Presenter/Melvyn Bragg,
Producers/John Watkins and James Cook


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Writing The Century Ep 1/5
Monday 5 January
10.45-11.00am BBC RADIO 4

Writing The Century returns to explore the 20th century through real correspondence from the great, the good and the ordinary.


Dramatised by Margaret Wilkinson, this series includes a love story in the ruins of post-war Germany and England. Leslie is a British soldier, stationed in Germany after the war, who meets a local girl called Ischi. When they fall in love and decide to marry they face prejudice and opposition from all sides. Their struggle with anxious parents, unsympathetic authorities and bureaucracy is set against the austerity and anxieties of a world coming to terms with the end of one conflict and fearing the arrival of a new one.


Toby Hadoke plays Leslie and Georgia King plays Ischi.


Producer/Stefan Escreet


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Dear Darwin
Ep 1/5
Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
3.45-4.00pm BBC RADIO 4
Press pack

Each afternoon this week, an eminent contemporary thinker writes a letter to Charles Darwin to provide an intimate insight into how some modern-day scientists view Darwin's continuing legacy.


Dr Craig Venter, one of the men who first mapped the human genome, tells Darwin about his own experiences as a collector and as a hands-on biologist. He describes his voyage on the Sorcerer II, which circumnavigated the globe in a similar manner to the young Darwin's journey aboard HMS Beagle.


Dr Peter Bentley works at the cutting edge of digital biology, and he brings Charles Darwin up to speed on the emerging field of evolutionary computing.


Professor Jerry Coyne's main research scours the heart of Darwin's great work, On The Origin Of Species. Sir Jonathan Miller takes issue with Darwin's central mechanism of reproduction. And finally, Professor Baruch Blumberg describes the central issues that viruses raise for biologists.


Dear Darwin is part of the BBC's season of programmes in 2009 which mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin Of Species.


Producer/Alex Mansfield


BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Advertising – The Most Fun You Can Have
With Your Clothes On
Ep 1/2
Monday 5 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC RADIO 4

After 40 years in the advertising industry, Robin Wight has seen it all, pitched to the best and come up with some of the most imaginative slogans.


In this two-part series, Robin Wight talks to some of the legends of advertising, such as Maurice Saatchi and Alan Parker, and also to the new creatives on the block as he gives his personal perspective of an industry in flux.


The programme hears how, in the Nineties, many clients watched advertising bosses grow rich as they flaunted their wealth via stock market listings, and how they turned to new media agencies as they felt the advertising bosses were focused on building their own fortunes rather than looking after the brands with which they had been entrusted.


Presenter/Robin Wight, Producer/Barney Rowntree


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BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Monday 5 January 2009
5 Live Sport
Monday 5 January
7.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Mark Saggers presents all the day's sports news and, from 8pm, is joined by Steve Claridge for The Monday Night Club, discussing all the latest football news.


Presenter/Mark Saggers


BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity


BBC 6 MUSIC Monday 5 January 2009
BBC Sound Of 2009 On 6 Music
George Lamb, Nemone

Monday 5 to Friday 9 January
10.00am-1.00pm and 1.00-4.00pm BBC 6 MUSIC

Since 2003, the BBC News website has published the BBC Sound Of, a list of the most promising new music acts for the forthcoming year, compiled from recommendations by a range of critics, editors and broadcasters from the music media.


Last year's Top five comprised Adele, Duffy, The Ting Tings, Glasvegas and Foals. Artists including Klaxons, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Wiley and Razorlight have all appeared in the Top five in previous years.


This year, in the week when listeners find out who has secured top spot in the poll, BBC 6 Music features each act in the Top 10 on air, with live music sessions and interviews.


The count down starts on Monday when act five on the list is revealed and continues through the week until the victorious band or artist is crowned BBC's Sound of 2009 on Friday. All the artists in the Top 10 will appear in live sessions or interviews in George Lamb or Nemone's show.


Find out the shortlist for BBC Sound of 2009 (in no particular order) at


Presenters/George Lamb and Nemone,
Producers/Mike Hanson and Jax Coombes


BBC 6 Music Publicity


BBC ASIAN NETWORK Monday 5 January 2009
Breakfast With Adil Ray
Monday 5 January

As part of the new schedule refresh for 2009, Adil Ray brings his own style of irreverent humour and charm to the Asian Network Breakfast Show. Having gained plaudits across radio and TV, Adil also mixes the best in Bollywood beats and British Asian music.


Presenter/Adil Ray, Producer/Khaliq Meer


BBC Asian Network Publicity

The Wrap
Monday 5 January
12.00noon-12.30pm BBC ASIAN NETWORK

Rozina Sini presents The Wrap, her twice-daily news update with all the news, sport and entertainment from across Asian Britain and the world.


Presenter/Rozina Sini, Producer/Kevin Silverton


BBC Asian Network Publicity

Silver Street
Monday 5 January

Mary gets angry with Bill for wallowing in self-pity in the week's first episode of the Asian drama. Bill needs to stop making Mary feel guilty for having a life of her own. What is he doing to their marriage?


Meanwhile Aidan is in hospital. He is worried about the gossip surrounding his fall but Roopa has come up with the perfect story. Later Roopa wonders who is going to look after Aidan once he is discharged and is shocked by his reply.


Mary is played by Carole Nimmons, Bill by Robin Bowerman, Aidan by Arkie Reece and Roopa by Rakhee Thakrar.


BBC Asian Network Publicity

Monday 5 January

Jas Rao presents the Drive show in a new weekday timeslot with all the best in news, views and Asian music.


Presenter/Jas Rao, Producer/Neila Butt


BBC Asian Network Publicity

Gagan Grewal
Monday 5 January

Gagan Grewal's new extended weekday Hindi/Urdu show combines news, discussion and celebrity interviews.


Presenter/Gagan Grewal, Producer/Inderpreet Sahota


BBC Asian Network Publicity



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