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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Pan Am

Pan Am

Pan Am, a glossy new period drama series for BBC Two, will fly viewers back to 1963 and the dawn of a glamorous new era of luxury air travel. The series follows the lives of a group of Pan Am pilots and air hostesses as they take to the skies, crossing the globe in a jet-powered, seductive age, shaped by romance, shifting social values and international espionage.

Series creator Jack Orman takes you back to a time when air travel was an adventure, flight destinations were exotic ports of call, and your food, blanket and pillow were gratis. Welcome to the world of Pan Am, where change is in the air.

It's 1963 and a new generation is leading the way to the future. John F. Kennedy is president. Juan Trippe's airline, Pan American, is launching into the Jet Age with its first cross-Atlantic flight on a Boeing 707. World War Two and Korea are history. But the Cold War is in full swing and the world is poised on the brink of a cultural revolution.

In this modern world, air travel represents the height of luxury, and Pan Am is the biggest name in the business. The planes are sleek and glamorous, the pilots are heroic and the stewardesses are the most desirable women in the world.

Not only are they young and good-looking but representing Pan Am means they also have to be educated, cultured and refined. They're trained to handle everything from in-air emergencies to unwanted advances – all without rumpling their pristine uniforms or mussing their hair.

These pre-feminist women form a powerful sisterhood, while enjoying the rare opportunity to travel outside of the country – something most women in this era can only aspire to – and one of the few career options that offers them freedom, empowerment and respect.

At Pan Am, there's Dean (Mike Vogel), a cocky, charismatic and ambitious new pilot – the first of a new breed not trained in war. A farm boy from a small rural town, Dean finds himself thrust into a leadership position at Pan Am far too young, but is eager to prove himself as the new face of the airline. On the sly, he's dating Bridget (guest star Annabelle Wallis), a beauty with a mysterious past.

Co-pilot Ted (Michael Mosley) comes from wealth and privilege, but his powerful family is a blessing and a curse, and he has his own dark secrets.

A rebellious bohemian, Maggie (Christina Ricci) turns into a buttoned-up professional for work in order to see the world, trying to balance her hunger for life with her undefined ambitions. Also on this crew is flirtatious French stewardess Colette Karine Vanasse, who is the empathetic caretaker of the group, though she herself has a penchant for unavailable men.

And finally there are the sisters, the spirited Kate (Kelli Garner) and her beauty queen younger sister, Laura (Margot Robbie), a runaway bride who recently fled a potential life of domestic boredom to take to the skies.

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci (Penelope) as Maggie, Margot Robbie (Neighbours) as Laura, Michael Mosley (Justified) as Ted, Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique) as Colette, with Mike Vogel (The Help) as Dean and Kelli Garner (Going The Distance) as Kate.

Pan Am is outfitted with an award-winning and distinguished team of producers, writers and directors: Jack Orman (ER, Men Of A Certain Age), Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing, Parenthood, Mr. Sunshine) and Nancy Hult Ganis (Akeelah And The Bee) are executive producers. Sid Ganis, Lydia Woodward, Todd Ellis Kessler and Andrew Bernstein are co-executive producers.

Orman also wrote the pilot, with Schlamme directing. Pan Am is produced by Jack Orman Productions, Out of the Blue Entertainment and Shoe Money Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Welcome aboard and fasten your seat belts... Adventure awaits!


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