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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Him & Her – introduction

Sarah Solemani and Russell Tovey in Him & Her

Him & Her, BBC Three's most successful ever sitcom launch with 2.1 million viewers watching across the week, will return this autumn with seven brand new episodes.

Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani return to their roles as lovers Steve and Becky, alongside Kerry Howard as Laura, Ricky Champ as Paul, Joe Wilkinson as Dan and Camille Coduri as Shelly.

The Big Talk Production is produced by Kenton Allen and directed by Richard Laxton.

Writer and creator Stefan Golaszewski tells us a bit about the show: "Becky and Steve get to live their lives like it's always the weekend. For all the grubbiness, it's a show about a dream, a life not muddied by aspiration or ambition, vanity or show, but one founded in the warmth of true love.

"It's a story about what life's actually like, not what life on telly's like. We all fart and swear and have good bits and bad bits and slag people off and say the wrong thing and just want to be with the one we love. Everyone's life is like this, made up of tiny moments and insignificance. We all pretend our lives are better than that, as if we only ever do tremendous things, but it's this stuff – the stuff that fills the minutes – that's the most fascinating, compelling and amusing, not the stuff that fills the days, and that's what we've tried to make a show about."


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