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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Interview with Sinead Michael

Sinead Michael as Sky

Sinead Michael plays Sky in the brand new series of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Here she talks about what it was like being the newest girl on Bannerman Road.

What can viewers expect from the last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Expect some surprises, emotional times and lots and lots of fun in the last series.

What was it like being involved with such a hugely popular show?

It was amazing. I loved filming every minute of it. It’s a great show. I am aware that it has been around for four series and am hoping that everyone likes my character even though I’m the new girl!

How did you get the part?

My agency sent me along for the audition with the casting director and I got a recall to do a second audition a few weeks later. I was so surprised to get the part.

Have you done any acting before?

Yes, I have done acting before. I have been in a few dramas on stage, in an opera and a few other bits, but nothing as big as Sarah Jane.

Did you ever watch the show before you got the part?

Yes! I have seen every episode – more than once. I love the show.

What do you think of Sky’s special powers?

I think they are so cool! Dangerous but cool!

Which cast member did you get on with most and why?

I would never choose one as the best since they are all amazing, welcoming and so much fun.

What are you memories of Elisabeth Sladen?

Lis was such a lovely woman who cared about everyone on set. She was like a mum to me when I was filming. I miss her so much. I remember when I first went on set, I was so nervous and she said to me: "Don’t worry, just relax and have fun". I will never forget her.

How did you get on with the rest of the cast?

We were like a massive family. The crew was great and I still keep in touch with some of them. You would forget you were at work and just have lots and lots of fun. They were such happy times for everyone.

What do your friends think about you being on such an iconic programme?

They think it’s really cool! They have all seen the trailers now and say: "wow" every time they see me!

What was the best bit about being involved in the show?

The best bit was meeting the cast and crew and becoming friends with them. Also the series preview we had recently at the BFI IMAX was so great. I have never done anything like that. And it gave me a chance to meet Chris Johnson!

Can you sum up the experience of working on The Sarah Jane Adventures in 10 words or less?

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, with amazing, fantastic people.

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