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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Three takes on world of work for new live series

There are almost one million young adults unemployed in the UK today and many more in stop-gap jobs.  It is getting continually harder to get your foot in the door and interview skills and knowledge of the job market are becoming increasingly important.

In a television first, a new BBC Three series hosted by Richard Bacon and Tina Daheley, Up for Hire Live, is devoting a whole week of primetime to the most important issue facing young people in Britain today: how to get a job. The series takes on the issue of unemployment head on by offering paid work placements via the BBC Three website. 

There's a range of 23 opportunities being offered by seven well-known companies who are supporting the Up for Hire Live initiative – Argos, Greggs, Hilton Worldwide, ScottishPower, Starbucks, Timpson and Virgin Media have roles throughout the UK.

Each placement lasts for a minimum of three months and all are paid. It's a way for people to get their foot in the door and hopefully kick-start their career.  If you would like to apply go to for details. All recruitment decisions will be made by the companies involved, not the BBC.

Working alongside BBC Learning and BBC Radio 1, Up For Hire Live is an ambitious series which will explore the issues faced by young unemployed people as well as offering viewers guidance through the challenging, complex world of work.

Business leaders and celebrity guests will be taking part to share their stories and highlight the reality of the world of work. The series will give an insight into the recruitment process and give viewers tips on applying for a job.

Harry Lansdown, Commissioning Editor, says: "Obviously a TV series can't solve the problem of unemployment but we aim to shine a light on it and offer practical help on how to improve your chances of getting a job. The series will be interactive and have access to business experts and a wide range of companies both in the studio and via social media."

The BBC Three programme will be broadcast live each evening from Monday 17 October so presenters Richard and Tina can respond to questions asked by viewers immediately and the series will be as current and topical as possible. Radio 1's Breakfast Show will also be running an Up For Hire theme and will be focusing on youth unemployment.


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