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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Two to host brand new gastronomy quiz format

Alison Kirkham, Commissioning Editor for Formats & Features on BBC Two, announced today A Question Of Taste (w/t) a new quiz show for "foodies" presented by Kirsty Wark, who is currently appearing on Celebrity Masterchef.

The (6x30min) series will look to explore gastronomy, cooking techniques, recipes, ingredients, food history and science through a quiz show format that will sort the gastro "nerds" from the "foodie" frauds.

Like-minded food lovers will compete to be the most knowledgeable "foodie" demonstrating an encyclopaedic knowledge of gastronomy. The quiz will also seek to involve armchair food enthusiasts, encouraging them to play along at home through the use of onscreen graphics.

Alison Kirkham said: "The series is a really distinctive new way to explore food and gastronomy on BBC Two. We're a nation of foodies and the food quiz format will capitalise on that interest by allowing the audience and panel to explore the depths of their gastronomic knowledge while also being entertained."

Kirsty Wark says: "This is going to be a real joy for me as I am crazy about cooking, and pitting enthusiastic cooks against each other and the audience at home with questions about ingredients, foodie facts, famous chefs and using archive from some kitchen greats – will I hope, be a very tasty dish."

A Question Of Taste (w/t) will consists of two teams of three friends, relatives or colleagues all united by their love of food, going head to head in a series of rounds. Each episode the series will be jam-packed with play-a-long questions and fascinating facts designed to test even the most knowledgeable of gastronomic brains.

The series has been commissioned for spring 2012 and is being made by Silver River Productions on behalf of the BBC. The show has been commissioned for Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC Two, by Alison Kirkham, Commissioning Editor of Formats and Features. Commissioning Executive for the BBC is Lisa Edwards and Executive Producer for Silver River is Daisy Goodwin.


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