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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Youth issues series breaks new ground for BBC Radio Cymru

A brand new series on BBC Radio Cymru's youth service C2 will offer young Welsh people a platform to discuss issues and topics affecting their lives.

Starting on Wednesday 21 September at 10pm and broadcasting live, @tebion (which translates as @nswers) will run for eight weeks.

Each programme will tackle a different, and often difficult, theme including image, disability, sexuality, bullying, alcohol and drugs. The programme will also provide a place for young people to share experiences and have their say about the topics and discussion through text, phone, e-mail and social networking sites. Nia Medi presents the new series.

Sian Gwynedd, Editor of BBC Radio Cymru, says: "We welcome this new series which is breaking new ground for C2.

"Nia Medi will be discussing some of the issues that are relevant to young people all over Wales and hearing about some very moving personal experiences. There will be advice at the ready and an instant opportunity to respond live on the programme. There will also be plenty of music and light-hearted fun."

Every programme will have an expert on the relevant topic on hand, starting with image, where Dr Dai Samuel will be offering expert advice on the subject and also talking about his personal experience of anorexia.

Nia Medi, who lives in Cardiff but is originally from the Gwendraeth valley, says: "This series is such an eye-opener for me because I've been part of the researching team as well.

"The hope is that the programme be a kind of safe house where young people feel free to express their views about what's troubling them. Their views are more important than ever and I've already learnt so much in their company, and the programme hasn't even started yet. This series is a new, exciting direction for C2 and I'm so happy to be a part of it."


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