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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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CBeebies launches new look Grown-ups website

CBeebies has re-launched its Grown-ups website today with new features designed to make it more fun and user friendly.

The website is an important part of CBeebies where grown-ups and their children can go for more information about their favourite programmes but also learn and play together.

New features will include an "Extras" section that gives a sneaky glimpse into the world of CBeebies, such as interviews with the cast and crew or outtakes from favourite shows.

As well as a de-cluttered, brighter look, the navigation menu will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for or what is most relevant to them.

There are three key sections "Fun Activities", "Support for You" and "Programmes". The "Fun Activities" section has been designed with education in mind so that children can play while secretly learning. It explains more about the value of CBeebies and how its online games, stories and songs can be used to create magic moments between grown-up and child.

The "Support For You" section shows parents and carers how CBeebies content can help them deal with everyday issues from nutrition and special needs, to first days in school or nursery and safeguarding children when they are using technology. These features have been written in consultation with healthcare, special needs and Early Years experts and give advice on where to go for further information.

The "Programmes" section will take users through to CBeebies shows, describing what the programmes are about with a brief introduction to the characters alongside what educational value they have for children.

Besides displaying improved navigation, the website has been re-designed to give a more interactive experience, offering recommendations of where users could go next on their Grown-ups journey.

Filters such as age, theme, moods, interests and learning areas will enable users to further break down their searches to find content specific to their child's age or even how much time they have to spend online.

While the emphasis is on fun, the content is designed to support the Early Years Foundation Scheme and help parents and carers with their child's development.

As part of the re-vamp, Grown-ups has also launched on social media networks. There will be regular blogging on the site, which will also have links to Grown-ups Twitter and Facebook to give users an inside track on the latest CBeebies news.

The social networks will offer exclusive content such as previews and interviews as well as interactive chats with presenters. They will also give parents and carers the opportunity to connect, chat and share their CBeebies experiences with CBeebies and one another.

The re-launch follows consultation with parents and carers who felt that the old site had a lot of content but was difficult to use and a little uninspiring.

Controller of CBeebies, Kay Benbow, said: "We wanted to close the gap between CBeebies and Grown-ups so that parents and carers make a natural transition between the two. Grown-ups enhances and goes beyond the experience children have watching television. It uses the familiarity of CBeebies' content while allowing parents and carers to have fun and learn alongside their children, helping to nurture their development.

"It's also a place where parents and carers can share their own experiences. We are encouraging them to join the Grown-ups social media community on Facebook and Twitter as a way of keeping up to date with the latest from CBeebies but also as a platform for sharing views and opinions. We want to create a real time conversation and buzz around CBeebies and give people the chance to let us know what they think about our content."

The website will be fully complete by the end of September with new content and features being continually added.


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