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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Steve Backshall launches Deadly 360 investigation on CBBC

The world's greatest predators are put under the spotlight in Deadly 360, the brand new CBBC natural history series presented by action adventurer Steve Backshall.

This ground-breaking new series, on air from September on CBBC, sees Steve in his very own virtual studio – Deadly HQ – with some of the most stunning natural history footage ever filmed at his fingertips.

In each episode, Steve will re-create and analyse in forensic detail three exhilarating hunts by some of the world's greatest predators.

Using interactive touch screen style technology, Steve will break down all the action as three phenomenal predators take on three cunning and resourceful prey animals in three epic battles for survival.

From birds of prey and venomous snakes through to big cats, sharks and crocodiles, Steve delves beneath the feathers, fur and scales to uncover the hidden facts that influence each killer scenario.

Using special graphics, maps, slow-motion, magnification and rewind techniques, along with a host of real, live animals, skeletons and computer generated 3D images, the programme investigates why predators often succeed – but sometimes fail.

Steve Backshall said: "On Deadly 60 I head out to encounter predators in their natural environment. Deadly 360 goes one step further. This series uses all the latest technology to get beneath the skin of the most exhilarating creatures on earth, to find out how their anatomy, their behaviour and their special skills enable them to catch prey that is far from defenceless. It really is a 360 degree analysis of hunting strategies in the wild world."

Deadly 360 is the latest addition to the successful Deadly branded family of programmes, executive produced by Wendy Darke. Other Deadly programmes include Live 'n' Deadly, Deadly 60 and Deadly Top 10s and Deadly Art.

Deadly 360 will air from mid-September on CBBC.


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