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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The BBC at the Edinburgh International Television Festival 2011

This year's Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival will feature sessions with the Controllers of BBC One, Two, Three and Four. Full details of all BBC related announcements, including links to blogs, press releases and showreels will appear on this page over the duration of the event.

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You can follow the Festival on Twitter using the #MGEITF hashtag.

Danny Cohen

27.08.11, 3.10pm
Controller of BBC One Danny Cohen announces details of new programming coming up on the channel:
Danny Cohen brings new commissions to BBC One
BBC One makes ambitious new commitment to comedy

Kevin Bridges asks What's The Story? on BBC One
Danny Cohen announces new BBC One drama series, The Village

27.08.11, 3.00pm
Blog from Controller of BBC One, Danny Cohen: BBC One – reflecting the nation and below showreel with a look at upcoming programmes, including Sherlock, Planet Dinosaur, The Voice, Birdsong and The Borrowers.

Janice Hadlow

26.08.11, 6.10pm
Controller of BBC Two Janice Hadlow announces details of new programming coming up on the channel:
Janice Hadlow confirms recommission of The Hour
Mary Beard delves deep into Ancient Rome for BBC Two

26.08.11, 6.05pm
Blog from Controller of BBC Two, Janice Hadlow: BBC Two – ancient Rome to London in the fifties and below showreel with a retrospective look at the broad range of programming that has aired over the last year.

Zai Bennett

26.08.11, 4.15pm
Controller of BBC Three Zai Bennett announces details of a host of new programming coming up on the channel:
Zai Bennett reveals new programmes for BBC Three at Edinburgh Television Festival
Blog: BBC Three – gripping, relevant and entertaining

26.08.11, 1.10pm
Blog from Controller of BBC Four, Richard Klein: BBC Four – curating content on-air and online and showreel of programmes shown on the channel, plus a preview of the upcoming The Killing 2.

Richard Klein

26.08.11, 1.10pm
Controller of BBC Four Richard Klein announces details of new programming and a first online archive for the channel:
BBC Four announces Army collection online and new factual series, Art Nouveau
Richard Klein announces new drama The Spies Of Warsaw for BBC Four

George Entwistle

26.08.11, 10.10am
Blog post from Chair of the Festival and Director of BBC Vision George Entwistle: The Edinburgh TV Festival – a word from the Chair

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