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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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The Body Farm – series synopsis

Dr Eve Lockhart, who viewers will know from Waking The Dead, returns to run The Body Farm with a team of talented and highly qualified research scientists.

The Body Farm, with the aid of bodies donated for scientific research, studies organic decomposition – the journey after death back to the basic elements of life. Using cutting-edge techniques The Body Farm leads the way in this form of forensic detection.

Eve is a dedicated and driven scientist who is determined that the new "front line" role for The Body Farm will be a success. As ever she hopes to find justice for the victims of crime by searching for the secrets that death can hide within the body. The intelligence and meticulousness of her team is employed to ensure that no murderer can hide their crime and that innocent life will be treated as sacred even in death.

Viewers first meet the team when Eve is approached by Detective Inspector Hale to help gather evidence at a particularly gruesome crime scene. Their unflinching approach, academic knowledge and grasp of the latest technology gives them a solid head start.

Research scientists suddenly thrust into the real and very visceral world of murder detection could very easily be fish out of water. Eve, of course, has seen it all before. But Oggy knows his limitations and wants no part of the "real" world. He elects to stay back and mind the Farm. Rosa, on the other hand, is over-keen and, on more than one occasion, gets in out of her depth and needs Eve to pull her back. Mike sees that financial necessity makes this change of direction inevitable but is suspicious of how interacting with the real world may change the role and function of the Farm not to mention their lives – and his relationship with Eve in particular.

Death by explosion, suffocation, drowning, medical experimentation, burning and beating will form part of the lives of those who work at The Body Farm in this exciting new series.

Episode 1 synopsis

Dr Eve Lockhart is one of Britain's leading forensic pathologists and runs a state-of-the-art forensic research facility called The Body Farm with her business partner Mike Phillips. Theirs is the only facility in the country using real human body-donors to examine the complex and fascinating journey the body goes through as it decays and returns to the earth.

When Eve gets a call from DCI Craig Hale asking for her help investigating an unusual crime scene, she sees an opportunity to bring much needed funding to The Body Farm, but her decision to work with the police on real crime scenes will take her team out of their comfort zone.

The team includes Rosa Gilbert and Oscar "Oggy" Traynor, who are both gifted young scientists but their previous experience is strictly academic. They quickly discover that dealing with real people who are suffering in the aftermath of crimes is a lot messier than any of them expect.

Eve and the team encounter a crime scene in a derelict tower block which is both disgusting and fascinating. Human remains splattered all over the walls of a small flat. They soon find evidence that local teenagers have been using the tower for wild parties. The team begin to suspect that the human remains are connected to the attempted suicide of a young girl weeks before.

Using all the cutting-edge techniques they have been developing on The Farm, Eve and the team discover the cause of the blast which destroyed the bodies of two young men, and uncover the secrets hidden deep with the victims.

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