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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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The Body Farm – introduction

The Body Farm

Starring Tara FitzGerald, who reprises her role as Dr Eve Lockhart from the hit BBC One series Waking The Dead, and Keith Allen as Detective Inspector Hale, The Body Farm is an original new six-part crime drama series for BBC One jointly produced by BBC Drama Production and Trevor Eve's production company Projector.

The Body Farm centres around the work of a team of scientists, led by Eve Lockhart, working at the cutting edge of forensic detection. Their base is a remote farm from which, with the aid of donor bodies, they conduct research on behalf of Police forces around the world into the many ways in which murders can be committed and sometimes disguised. As the harsh economic climate eats into their funding, and the Home Office's own forensic facility falls victim to cutbacks, Eve accepts DI Hale's offer for The Body Farm to leave the hidden world of academic research for the visceral front line of murder detection. Eve, of course, is no stranger to murder in its many forms, but her new team find themselves rapidly thrust into an unexpectedly brutal new world.

Eve's team comprises Rosa, Mike and Oggy. Wunmi Mosaku (Moses Jones, Father And Son, I Am Slave, Silent Witness) is Rosa, an expert Botanist, who is young, beautiful and perhaps too eager to put her research into practice. Mark Bazeley (The Damned United, The Queen) plays Mike, haematologist, business partner and, most importantly, an old flame of Eve's. Finlay Robertson (How Not To Live Your Life) is Oggy, a Forensic medicine PhD with a computer obsession. Oggy has had his head buried in his Body Farm research for so long that he has begun to fear the real world.

Created and written (episodes 1, 3 and 6) by Declan Croghan and with other episodes written by Simon Tyrell (episodes 2 and 5) and Graham Mitchell (episode 4), this new 6x60-minute series is produced by Simon Lewis. The Executive Producers are Trevor Eve for Projector and Susan Hogg for BBC Drama Production.


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