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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Inspector George Gently: Episodes

Inspector George Gently – Gently Upside Down by Stewart Harcourt and Peter Flannery

When the body of missing schoolgirl Mary is discovered in a shallow grave in Pinnock Woods, Gently and Bacchus are thrown into the new world of pop and media celebrity. The dead girl's best friend, Hazel (Kate Bracken), is the rising star of the popular weekend show Upside Down, much to the chagrin of its old-timer presenter, Tony (Neil Morrissey).

Upside Down's TV producer Hogge (Christopher Coghill) wants out with the old and in with the new and Hazel's talk of fashion and music is just what they're looking for. But her father (Vincent Regan), who is also the deputy head teacher of the girls' school, is not keen on her new career aspirations.

Bacchus suspects Mary's miner father (Sean Gilder) and her music teacher, Mr Nugent (Keiran Bew), since rumours abound that Mary was having an affair with him. But who was the real Mary?

It seems most people had a different view of her and Gently must uncover these different faces to get to the truth of her murder.

Guest stars include: Neil Morrissey, Vincent Regan, Louise Delamere, Kaye Wragg, Sean Gilder, Christopher Coghill. This episode also introduces Kate Bracken.

Behind the scenes of Gently Upside Down

The Walking Dead seen in the Upside Down TV studio scenes are actually a four-piece band from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, called The Rash.

JD, Bobby, Steel and Nathan are old school buddies who go way back, first crossing paths at the grand old age of eight and then coming back together in their late teens when they first formed a band together.

Pete Saville, the music supervisor on Inspector George Gently, stumbled across them when they uploaded "Bows and Arrows" to independent new music network carbon logic;

"When producer Caroline Levy asked me to look for a band I thought of them immediately even though I knew their recordings were stylistically a million miles from what we were after. They are a very tight band, write amazing songs and their work ethic and attitude is superb."

Director Nick Renton was dubious when he heard their indie folk recordings but the boys demoed their Sixties-style hit Suzanne overnight on a mobile phone. They were hired immediately.

The Rash are all writers and harmony singers with strong influences from the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, The Shins, The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Pete And The Pirates and The Beach Boys.

The boys wrote and recorded three new songs for Inspector George Gently in a two-day recording session at Snorkel Studios in London – Suzanne, Beating Heart and Got To Live On which ends the film on a high and rolls out with the credits.

Inspector George Gently – Goodbye China by Peter Flannery

It's 1966 and the world is changing fast as Martin Shaw plays one of the unsung heroes of detective fiction, Chief Inspector George Gently, whose passionate investigations reveal the dark underbelly of a society on the cusp of change.

Gently and his sidekick Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) investigate the suspicious death of Gently's friend and ex-snout, China.

The Coroner's office tells Gently that China was a drunk and a vagrant and died after falling in a derelict building. Bacchus believes the story and tells Gently not to feel guilty about his friend's death – he had it coming. But when Gently speaks to nurse Terri Malloy (Christine Bottomley) who tended to him in his final hours he gets a very different story – and as her husband is a local copper (Dean Lennox Kelly) it seems the police are hiding something.

Gently visits his old colleague and friend, Alan Shepherd (Neil Pearson), who is the local police Superintendent where China died. Gently's suspicions are inflamed as Shepherd is clearly holding something back.

Then when a teenage boy goes missing, it appears that China's death is inexplicably linked.

The Blackburn lads are local hooligans. Gently knows that they are somehow connected to Shepherd because they had also trashed the care home where his young son, Danny, stays at weekends. He and Bacchus suspect a larger conspiracy at play. When the truth is uncovered Gently faces some difficult decisions when dealing with the culprits.

Gently makes a new friend at the police station, Liz (Lucy Ackhurst), and agrees to take her wayward young son fishing. Things don't quite go to plan when things move much faster than Gently expects.

As in the investigation, Gently struggles to do the right thing.

Guest stars include: Neil Pearson, Dean Lennox Kelly, Christine Bottomley, Mark Benton, Lucy Akhurst, Shaun Prendergast and Alexandra Gilbreath.

Behind the scenes of Goodbye China

Lee Ingleby, who plays John Bacchus, uses a bottle of Old Spice aftershave in one scene, before a night out. The iconic bottle caused huge amusement on set and brought back lots of memories. The original Old Spice bottle found by the art department obviously didn't have the aftershave still in it and was replaced with water, which Lee had fun splashing onto his face in the scene: "Just seeing that classic Old Spice bottle is like being in a time warp."

Another "time warp" was having on the set of the police station one of the first hot drinks machines – a new innovation in 1966 and "the future" of tea making. Both Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby had to use it in scenes – and it managed to serve tepid water and powdered milk only.

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