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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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The Field Of Blood – character profiles

Paddy Meehan (Jayd Johnson)

Patricia Meehan – Paddy to her family and friends – has just started work as a copygirl at the Daily News in Glasgow. In her late teens she is self-conscious about her weight without realising how attractive she is. She has ambitions to be a serious investigative journalist and feels suffocated by her working class Irish Catholic family, this mixture of determination and insecurity contributes to an extremely spirited/lively personality which is exactly what she needs to survive in a cynical newsroom. Brought up in the heart of Glasgow she is sharp with a combative sense of humour and a strong sense of right and wrong. She hates to see injustice of any kind. When a murder investigation touches the very heart of her family she has to decide where her loyalties lie and what really matters in her life.

Murray Devlin (David Morrissey)

The editor of the Glasgow Daily News, Devlin is Paddy's boss. He is assertive, aggressive and rude. He can find a story under a ton of coal but he can just as easily spot talent. He can see that Paddy has the potential do well as a newspaper reporter and that her intelligence and drive can be an asset to his newspaper. But there are no free rides with Devlin, if Paddy wants his trust and a staff job at the paper than she is going to have to earn it with some hard-nosed journalism.

Dr Pete (Peter Capaldi)

Dr Pete is the heart and soul of the Daily News. He's a veteran reporter with printer's ink in his veins who has worked at the Daily News for more years than is good for him. He has seen it all, done it all, and filed the stories. Dr Pete takes Paddy under his wing and does his best to look out for her as she attempts to succeed. Where colleagues see only a "fat girl who doesn't know her place", Dr Pete sees ambition, intelligence and humour. He acts as a potential saviour to Paddy as she faces choices and challenges that could define the rest of her life.

Terry Hewitt (Jonas Armstrong)

Terry is 26 years old and a journalist at the Daily News newspaper in Glasgow. He is bright resourceful and together, a young reporter who is definitely on the way up. What he needs is the story that will make his name. After an initial misstep he becomes one of the few people in the newsroom who believes in Paddy. Terry is prepared to back Paddy's instincts as they break the rules to prove that the police are wrong about a recent child murder.

George McVie (Ford Kiernan)

McVie is the archetypal hack and a bit of a newsroom joke. He's a lazy journalist relying on others to do the hard work for him. He's a drinker and a chauvinist whose main ambition is to bed the sexy Heather. He has little respect for either of his female colleagues but Paddy is determined to prove him wrong. McVie is threatened by her youth and intelligence and her drive to seek out the truth. But he is also smart enough to know that she might be onto something and if he works things out then he might get the credit.

Heather Allen (Alana Hood)

Heather is a sexy student who works part time at the newspaper. She believes there is only one way to get ahead in this male-dominated world and she is prepared to trade on her looks to get what she wants. Determined to make her name and head for London, Heather's ruthless streak and naked ambition is more important than her relationship with Paddy. When the younger girl confides in her Heather breaks that trust and betrays her for the sake of the story. The consequences however could mean more than just a broken friendship.

Trisha Meehan (Bronagh Gallagher)

Trisha's life revolves around the twin pillars of her faith and her family. She is devastated by the loss of her own mother and at the same time fears that her daughter is about to walk away from the future that has been carefully mapped out for her. When Paddy has to choose between her family and her career, mother and daughter are on a collision course.

DS Paterson (Derek Riddell)

Paterson is a detective who finds himself at the heart of three murders which may or may not be related. His surface cynicism belies a judgement that comes from years of bitter experience. He is a good cop and despite appearances he can be trusted to make the right decision.

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