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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The Field Of Blood – interview with David Morrissey

David Morrissey

What attracted you to The Field Of Blood?

I'm a huge fan of David Kane's writing. I've worked on a number of things he's done in the past. We did Finney together and I was also in Born Romantic, the film that he wrote and directed. It's always a pleasure to work with him, he's a marvellous writer.

I didn't read Denise Mina's book until after we had finished filming and I do think it's great. It's full of wonderful characters and I think the mystery at the heart of it makes for a great thriller.

You play Murray Devlin, the editor of the Daily News. How would you describe him?

I think Murray is that sort of hard-nosed journalist who has been there and done that, but by the time we see him here I think he's become a little jaded by life. I think one of the reasons he has something of a soft spot for Paddy Meehan is that he can see she's committed and a good journalist, but he can also see a bit of himself in the way she works at trying to get to the truth of the matter.

The story is set in the Eighties. Did you do much research or did you rely on your own experience?

The research I did was to live through that decade. It seems like a long time ago but it's not really. In terms of playing Devlin I didn't really talk to any journalists about it or anything like that.

As an actor you regularly come into contact with journalists, what was it like being on the other side for once?

I loved playing a journalist. Some actors have issues with journalists but I think it's a wonderful profession. If I had my time again I think it's the job I'd go into.

How did it feel being in charge of a newsroom?

I really enjoyed being in charge. I think I was in charge, although Brian Pettifer wouldn't do as he was told, and he probably wasn't the only one. But we all had a great time. Peter Capaldi is an old friend but I really enjoyed hanging out with Jonas and Jayd and the others.

In terms of the newsroom I did have a specific lay out that I wanted for Devlin's office. When I'm playing a character it's very important for me to feel at home in my environment so I do tend to make it my own as much as possible.

Did you enjoy working in Scotland?

I've worked up here quite a lot. I did a film, Centurion, in the Highlands last year and I did a six-part TV series in Glasgow a few years ago. I always feel very at home in Glasgow and have some great friends in the city. When it's for something like The Field Of Blood then that's an added bonus.

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