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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Jules Hudson and John Craven to present Britain At Risk for BBC Two Daytime

John Craven and Jules Hudson are on a mission to put Britain's past very much in the present in Britain At Risk, a brand new 15-part series for BBC Two Daytime.

Passionate about history, John and Jules will explore how parts of the UK's heritage are at risk of disappearing – forever.

They will cross the country shining a light on the extraordinary stories behind Britain's disappearing heritage and celebrating the individuals who are working tirelessly to save it. 

They will meet the people who care, the communities battling to save a local landmark or an ancient wood and work alongside craftsmen keeping alive skills from an age long past – from dry stone walling, to local marmalade making and helping to save our dying hay meadows.

Liam Keelan, Controller of BBC Daytime, who has commissioned Britain At Risk from Tern TV says:  "This new series centres around our disappearing heritage and people's efforts to ensure Britain's crafts, culture and buildings remain part of our national way of life.  It's a real coup to have such experienced and passionate presenters on board and I hope it inspires our viewers to go out and explore the wealth of heritage local to them."

The series will be based on seven main aspects of Britain's heritage that are under threat including landscape, wildlife/nature, architecture, crafts/artisans, food, travel and monuments.

Every week for three weeks a different part of the country will be covered: "Pier to Pier" – Penzance in Cornwall to Hastings in East Sussex; "The Pennines2 – Britain's Mountain Backbone and 2Borderland" – The Welsh-English border.

Far from mourning a world that has long since disappeared, Britain At Risk is about the excitement and celebration of the fact that Britain has a heritage worth fighting for.

Britain At Risk has been commissioned by Liam Keelan, and the executive producer for the BBC is Jo Street.  The series is being made for BBC Daytime by Tern TV Northern Ireland and the executive producer is Brendan Hughes.

It will broadcast in Spring 2012 on BBC Two Daytime.


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