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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Industrial Action by NUJ – latest information

At 00.01am on Friday 15 July the National Union of Journalists began industrial action over proposals of compulsory redundancies in World Service and BBC Monitoring. This action will run for 24 hours until 23.59, Friday 15 July. We apologise to our audience for any disruption to services.

We will update this page throughout the day with schedule updates, statements and information about affected services.

Update 15.07.11, 3.35pm
No further updates expected today.

Update 15.07.11, 1.37pm
Radio 4 – The original billed edition of Front Row will now be broadcast as planned at 7.15pm. See here for details.

Update 15.07.11, 11.39am
World Service – of 27 language services 21 are operating normally. English, Arabic, Persian, Azeri, Russian and Turkish language services are running bulletins, summaries and pre-records in lieu of normal operations. All BBC World Service online services, apart from Azeri, are being maintained.

Update 15.07.11, 11.14am
Radio 4 – A repeat of Front Row will replace the billed edition at 7.15pm.

Update 15.07.11, 11.10am
Radio 4 – Any Questions will be replaced by Churchill's Other Lives at 8.03pm. 3 minute news summary at 8pm. Tomorrow (Sat 16 July) Any Answers will be replaced by a repeat of My Teenage Diary.

Update 15.07.11, 11.05am
Radio 4 – The World Tonight will be replaced by Meeting Myself Coming Back at 10.03pm. 3 minute news summary at 10pm.

Update 15.07.11, 10.30am
Radio 4 – short news bulletins on the hour with extended bulletins planned for 1pm and 6pm.

Update 15.07.11, 10.28am
5 Live – short news bulletins on the hour and half hour with 15 minute bulletins planned for 1pm, 5pm and 6pm.

Update 15.07.11, 10.20am
BBC One – Main news bulletins at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm expected to go ahead as planned.

Update 15.07.11, 10.16am
Radio 1 – there is no reported disruption to Radio 1 services today.

Update 15.07.11, 10.14am
Radio 4 – PM will be replaced by Document at 5pm and Soul Music at 5.30pm. See today's revised schedule for BBC Radio 4 for more information

Update 15.07.11, 9.58am
BBC Two – Newsnight will not be on air tonight.

Update 15.07.11, 9.34am
Radio 4 – 12noon: there will be a repeat of You And Yours (from Oct 2010) in place of previously billed edition.

Update 15.07.11, 9.15am
Radio Scotland – confirm 3 minute news bulletins at top of the hour.

Update 15.07.11, 8.20am
World Service – English language service running 5 minute news at top of hour and 2 minutes on the half hour.

Update 15.07.11, 7.28am
BBC One Breakfast as billed. No regional opt outs.

Update 15.07.11, 6.58am
Radio 4: Today programme will run at a reduced duration from 7am-9am.

Update 15.07.11, 6.20am
Today's revised schedule for BBC Radio 4

Update 15.07.11, 6.00am
BBC Statement: We are disappointed that the NUJ has gone ahead with today's strike and apologise to our audience for any disruption to services. Industrial action does not alter the fact that the BBC is faced with a number of potential compulsory redundancies following significant cuts to the central Government grants that support the World Service and BBC Monitoring.

We will continue with our efforts to reduce the need for compulsory redundancies, however, the number of posts that we are having to close means that unfortunately it is likely to be impossible for us to avoid some compulsory redundancies.

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