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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC World Service statement on continued detention of Urunboy Usmonov

Urinboy Usmonov

It is now a month since our colleague Urunboy Usmonov was detained by the security services in Tajikistan.

The Tajik authorities have now confirmed that their investigation has been completed and the results have been handed over to the regional prosecutor's office.

We also note that the Prosecutor General of Tajikistan has requested a summary of the case to be passed to the head of state, President Emomali Rakhmon for information.

The BBC hopes that this process will come to a speedy conclusion and lead to the release of Urunboy Usmonov and the clearing of his name.

The BBC has been clear that it regards the allegations linking the BBC reporter to Hizb ut-Tahrir as completely unfounded.

We believe that meetings and interviews with people representing all shades of opinion are part of the work of any BBC journalist.

We also remain deeply concerned about Urunboy Usmonov's well being. BBC colleagues have been able to visit and found him to be frail and frightened.

It is now essential that our colleague is released as soon as possible, so that he can return to his family and his work as a respected journalist and writer.

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