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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Torchwood: interview with Arlene Tur

Arlene Tur

My character, Dr. Juarez, starts off having a pretty normal day, and all of a sudden, everybody starts coming in to the hospital and staying there – they're not dying. Rex comes in, after he's impaled in his accident, and because of the miracle, I am able to work on him and save his life. I'm Rex's liaison to keep him pain free.

So the miracle saved his life, and as the show goes on, you see all the troubles that come with over-population and everything that we have to deal with – from the government to lack of medication and how we're going to deal with that.

Vera plays a major role in the decision making in Torchwood. What is going to happen to all these people, how do we handle over-population?

I think she's fighting, along with everybody else, to learn how we deal with the situation. She's also fighting for her sanity, because as a doctor, you are taught exactly how to deal with the body and how it works, and what you know, all of a sudden, goes out the window when the body's not working how you were taught. So you're a professional, but all the information that you had no longer holds true.

You have to really deal with "what do we do now?" in a most professional manner. That's where Vera could lose her sanity, along with everybody else. That's why you see such chaos, with the government and everybody trying to get involved, and actually trying to get a piece of the pie and making some money off the chaos.

In the beginning, I'm his liaison to keep him pain free. Later, I confide in him, and he confides in me in a way we expose our vulnerability to each other, and that starts a relationship between the two. It's really in the midst of the chaos, so there's not too much foundation that this relationship is built on. There's not enough time spent together, but there is something there that has flourished despite all the chaos.

It's my first role as a surgeon, so it's very exciting for me as well, such as learning all the exciting medical terms that I have to say. The production has helped me get into an ER and shadow a doctor, so I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot, and I love it.

This is my first science fiction project, so that's exciting for me as well. And it has a lot of facets to it. Because there's a lot of cop, medical, law and sci-fi shows, I feel like this combines them all.

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