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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Men's Hour returns to Radio 5 Live

Men's Hour returns to BBC Radio 5 Live this weekend (Sunday 8 May at 9pm), promising to lift the lid on the male inner soul.

Men's Hour gained critical acclaim last July when it burst onto the airwaves offering a man's perspective on life's crucial issues such as health, emotional well-being, relationships, living on the front line and surviving prison.

The new series builds on this legacy and, once again, is unafraid to rugby tackle the issues that matter – from philandering and fatherhood to seducers, spiritual gurus and sperm stealers.

Award-winning journalist Tim Samuels once again presents Men's Hour. The series is billed as the cheeky younger brother of Women's Hour, and Tim is joined each week in the studio by writer and comedian Jon Holmes. The show is produced by Richard Danbury.

Details for the first programme in the series are:

Boys and books
Men don't read fiction in numbers so the show seeks to address this with this week's guest author and comedian David Baddiel and redress it by launching the 5 Live Blokey Book Club. Each week, the programme asks a well-known man to recommend a work of fiction they think every man should read.

McNab on Bin Laden
Men's Hour regular and ex-SAS officer Andy McNab fields the unspoken questions about this week's raid.

Abused Husbands
The last taboo? In a remarkably candid interview Tim talks to a man who, for years, was physically and mentally abused by his wife.

From Our Old Correspondent
Men's Hour taps into the font of knowledge of older men hearing their pearls of wisdom on issues varying from marriage to facing down fears.

60 Second Hypochondria
Questions you daren't ask your doctor are posed to Dr Mark Hamilton.

The show is made by Tonic Productions, which is housed with Jamie Oliver's Fresh One production company, and recently made Porn Again with Jacqui Smith for 5 Live.


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