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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Scotland hits the road to bring the big election issues to audiences

BBC Scotland's coverage of the 2011 Scottish Parliament election is geared up to bring the latest news and views from communities across Scotland.

The broadcaster's news teams will be out and about, breaking the latest election news and giving voters the chance to question candidates about the issues that matter to them – on television, radio and online.

On Radio Scotland, Brian Taylor's Big Debate is stopping at towns and cities from Ardrishaig to the Borders during the election campaign.

Audiences will be debating the local and national issues live with a panel of candidates which will be chaired by BBC Scotland's Political Editor.

In addition, the station will be bringing a series of Big Election Debates from around the country chaired by regional-based BBC reporters.

Voters will be able to put their local candidates on the spot in the hour-long programmes which will come from Melrose, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Inverness.

A list of the towns and cities where the Radio Scotland debates will be taking place can be found at the bottom of the release.

Televised debates will also feature in BBC Scotland's comprehensive coverage. On Sunday 17 April, on BBC One Scotland at 10.35pm, the big issue under the spotlight will be the economy at BBC Scotland's headquarters at Pacific Quay.

On Sunday 1 May, also on BBC One Scotland at 10.35pm, The Leaders' Debate, from the Concert Hall in Perth, will show the leaders of the four main parties fielding questions from the electors in the final week of the campaign.

Throughout the campaign the teams from Good Morning Scotland on Radio Scotland and Reporting Scotland and Newsnight Scotland on TV will also be reporting from around the country, bringing the latest poll news and in-depth analysis.

On election night and the following day, all the final twists and turns of the 2011 election will be reported as they happen on TV, radio and online.

Atholl Duncan, Head of News and Current Affairs, BBC Scotland, said: "We will be providing extensive coverage every step of the way – from the big talking points, through breaking news to the final countdown when we will bring the results as they happen."


Radio Scotland
Brian Taylor's Big Debate – 1 April, Ardrishaig; 8 April, Livingston; 15 April, Coldstream; 22 April, Glasgow; 29 April, Edinburgh. Each programme will transmit at 12.05 pm.

The Big Election Debate – 11 April, Melrose; 18 April, Aberdeen; 25 April, Dumfries; 2 May, Inverness. Each programme will transmit at 1.05pm.

Sunday 17 April, BBC One Scotland 10.25-11.25pm, The Big Economy Debate.

Sunday 1 May, BBC One Scotland 10.25-11.25pm, The Leaders Debate.

From the close of polls on Thursday 5 May to the final results on the afternoon of Friday 6 May, BBC Scotland will be first with the election news on radio, TV and online – with nearly 24 hours of live coverage as the final votes are counted to reveal who has won the Scottish Election 2011.


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