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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Burnistoun returns to BBC One Scotland


Ahead of the second series of the acclaimed sketch show Burnistoun next week on BBC One Scotland on Monday April 4 at 10.35pm an exclusive online feature has been posted to give fans a taste of what's coming up and the inside track on the making the six new episodes.

Burnistoun is written and performed by top Scottish comedy duo, Robert Florence and Iain Connell.

Robert says: "Myself and Iain are delighted to go back to Burnistoun. We've swept the streets and painted the houses, scraped the chewing gum and dog mess off the pavement, and are ready to meet new visitors. We might have the lowest life expectancy in Europe and the highest crime rate in the universe, but we do have some fine comedy sketches for you to enjoy while you're here!"


Following a successful pilot, the first series of Burnistoun was broadcast on BBC Two Scotland last year and became a global viral phenomenon with "the lift" sketch, in particular, being played all over the world.

This second series sees the return of some popular comic characters first seen in series one, including Paul and Walter, the snippy siblings who manage to create high drama out of running an ice cream van. In episode one, they have trouble dealing with a customer's unlikely order. Robert and Iain give a unique insight into the filming of this new series in the online feature on plus clips from the new series on the Burnistoun website.

Also back for the second series are pals Peter and Scott who try out some unusual exercise machines at the local gym, and Jolly Boy John who is once again "for real" in another video filmed in his own bedroom.

Joining the regulars in the first episode of the new series are 12 year old boys, Marky and Rosso who create mayhem in the cinema. Also new to the show is Burnistoun's self proclaimed "quality" police team – McGregor and Toshan – whose definition of quality is extremely suspect. Discover more about these calamitous coppers in the online feature.

We also visit Burnistoun's racetrack where an infuriated racehorse takes revenge on a disappointed punter; witness the blossoming love affair between two Kenny Rogers impersonators; and find out how a wee wardrobe terrified a whole community.

Burnistoun stars Robert Florence and Iain Connell with Kirsty Strain, Allan Miller, Richard Rankin, Louise Stewart and Gerry McLaughlin.


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