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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

BBC Four Spring/Summer 2011

The Killing (2)

The Killing II

Following the huge success and critical acclaim of the first series, BBC Four brings series two of the Danish crime drama later this year.

The body of a woman is found in a Copenhagen park… An ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan is savagely killed… Copenhagen's Homicide Department is stumped. Detective Commander Brix decides to send for Chief Inspector Sarah Lund, who has been banished to the provinces after her last murder investigation, and Lund soon discerns a common thread in the cases. Parallel to Lund, both the Minister of Justice and an escaped convict are also desperately searching for the murderer. They are the protagonists of a twisting tale of top-level cover-ups, betrayals and lies set in a time of fear – that of Islamic terrorism.

Sofie Gråbøl returns as Sarah Lund, with Morten Suurballe as Brix and Nicolas Bro as the Minister of Justice.

Richard Klein, Controller BBC Four, says: "The Killing is the most intensely thrilling televison drama experience in British broadcasting at the moment. It is a diamond of a series – complex, dramatic, thoroughly gripping. It never loses sight of its truly brilliant insight: into the humanity and the emotion that goes on behind a police investigation into a brutal and sordid murder. At its heart, this is The Killing's genius – to truly portray the human cost of tragedy."

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We'll Take Manhattan

We'll Take Manhattan explores the explosive love affair between Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton and photographer David Bailey. Karen Gillan has been cast as Shrimpton, her first lead role since starring alongside Matt Smith as Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

Focusing on a wild and unpredictable 1962 Vogue photo shoot in New York, John McKay's drama brings to life the story of two young people falling in love, misbehaving, and inadvertently defining the style of the Sixties along the way.

Set predominantly in 1962 but also exploring the story of how Bailey and Shrimpton first met, this one-off drama reveals how a young, visionary photographer refused to conform. He insisted on using the unconventional model Jean Shrimpton on an important photo shoot for British Vogue and, over the course of a freezing week in Manhattan threw out the rule book and made startling, original photographs.

We'll Take Manhattan is the story of that wild week, of Bailey and Jean's love affair, and of how two young people accidentally changed the world for ever.


A Kudos Film And Television production

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Room At The Top

Vibrant, visceral, modern and compelling, Amanda Coe's new two-part adaptation of John Braine's post-war classic tells the story of Joe Lampton, a young man on the make.

All seems to be going to plan for Joe. He has a new job in a smart town and his looks and energy have attracted the daughter of a rich local businessman. But then he meets Alice Aisgill, with whom he finds a true passion of both the heart and the senses. Their lives will never be the same again.

Joe Lampton is played by Matthew McNulty, Alice Aisgill by Maxine Peake, Susan Brown by Jenna-Louise Coleman, Counsellor Brown by Kevin McNally and Jack Wales by Theo James.

Amanda Coe (Margot; Elizabeth David: A Life In Recipes; Doctor Who) has adapted this triangular love story, set in Yorkshire, as part of BBC Four's season exploring love and sexuality in 20th-century literature.


Great Meadow Productions

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Spiral (3)

Spiral (3)

The celebrated French police series returns for a third season, darker and sharper than ever, in Spiral 3 – The Butcher Of La Villette.

When the mutilated body of a young woman is found on a disused railway track in the north of Paris, Police Captain Laure Berthaud leads her squad on the hunt for what she believes to be a deranged serial killer, delving into the mysterious recesses of a disturbed mind.

Meanwhile, Judge François Roban probes a bribery scandal involving a prominent politician; the impeccable career of Public Prosecutor Pierre Clément falls into disrepute; and ambitious barrister Joséphine Karlsson attempts to untangle herself from some dubious associations.

As the world of each character spirals out of control, the pace quickens, the narratives overlap and the boundary between private and professional lives becomes increasingly blurred in this superbly taut thriller.

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A Son et Lumiere for Canal Plus production

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Only Connect Special – Wall Night

Only Connect Special – Wall Night

The success of BBC Four cult quiz Only Connect, hosted by Victoria Coren, has not been confined to television screens; a spin-off web game, available on the BBC site, has also proved a hit.

The game is based on the Only Connect round known as the Connecting Wall, in which contestants are required, against the clock, to group 16 clues into four connected groups of four. In 2010 more than four million online walls were played on the BBC site and enthusiasm for the game shows no signs of diminishing.

So much so that BBC Four is now planning a Connecting Wall Night later in the year built around special editions of the TV quiz, all fronted by Coren, devoted entirely to Connecting Walls and their solutions. There will be a chance to see celebrities tackling some of the walls and to learn the secrets of the question-setting trade from the people who dream up the walls in the first place.

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Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve

Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, Olivia Colman and Amelia Bullmore star in the new six-part comedy drama about the people paddling hard beneath the water to make the Olympics happen in London in 2012, which continues to transmit this spring.

You're organising the Biggest Show on Earth. You've got nine billion pounds to spend and plenty of time to think about it all. What can possibly go wrong?

Shot as a documentary, Twenty Twelve deals with such hot topics as how best to re-phase traffic lights across London during the Olympics; how to find a use for the Taekwondo Arena post Games; what to do with the trailer-load of horse dung delivered by protesters against the siting of the equestrian events; and exactly how a wind turbine can function as a Green Beacon when there's no wind.

The series follows the Deliverance Team as they do their level best to get to the end of the day, the end of the week, and ideally the end of the Olympics without all the wheels coming off at once.


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