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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Leonardo: introduction


Step back in time as the most brilliant mind of the last 500 years bursts on to CBBC in April in Leonardo, an action-packed new drama series following the adventures of the teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his group of friends.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of 15th century Florence, Leonardo is far from a typical period drama. Fast-paced with modern music, language and costumes that are more high street than hose, Leonardo is full of mystery, adventure, comedy and an unfolding love story which invites the audience to venture into the exciting world of history's most dynamic group of teens.

At the heart of the group is the young Leonardo da Vinci. Working as an apprentice, he's not just a genius; he's an unstoppable, free-thinking creative force who's always 10 steps ahead of the rest.

There's Mac, better known to us as Machiavelli, Leo's streetwise and razor-sharp friend who is so uniquely devious, he thinks there should be a word for it – "Machiavellish"?.

Lisa is the subject of the world's most famous painting who is herself desperate to paint – but is pitted against the Dark Ages when it comes to rights of women.

Then there's Lorenzo, heir to the most powerful dynasty in Italy, who envies the freedom of his "peasant" mates and sneaks out of the palace to join them at every opportunity.

Lurking behind the action is the scheming Piero de' Medici, played by Alistair McGowan. Although the gang know him only as Lorenzo's father, his far greater and more menacing role in the action is soon revealed...

In a series full of twists and surprises, every ounce of Leonardo's brilliance is tested as he and his friends try to uncover what the sinister Luminari are up to – a secret society intent on stealing Leo's designs. Ultimately, Leonardo will find himself going head to head against the most powerful and dangerous man in the city.

Leonardo is played by Jonathan Bailey, Machiavelli by Akemnji Ndifornyen, Lisa by Flora Spencer-Longhurst and Lorenzo by Colin Ryan.

Leonardo is a Kindle Entertainment production for CBBC. The series is produced by Bernard Krichefski and directed by Beryl Richards and Luke Watson. Anne Brogan and Melanie Stokes are the executive producers for Kindle and Sue Nott for the BBC.


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