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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Radio 2 celebrates parenting

It's often called the most important job in the world, but becoming a parent requires no application form, no interview, no training and no appraisal. So how can you be certain you're any good at it? Radio 2 will be shining a light on the controversial subject on Jeremy Vine's daytime current affairs show, which has a weekly reach of 6.3m listeners. In this special week of programming Jeremy will be looking at joys, frustrations and fears felt by every parent across the world.

Jeremy Vine says: "Becoming a parent is a minefield of extreme joys and potential disasters and I hope that our guide will help tackle some of the huge challenges of raising a child."

In the build up to the week, on Jeremy's show on Monday 21 March the Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who both have children of their own, give their thoughts on parenting.

And on Friday 25 March Jeremy Vine interviews Chris Evans, who will discuss the highs and lows of being a father to a 23 year old daughter and two year old son.

On Monday 28 March Jeremy considers the very first day a parent is at home with their baby. He will be speaking to worried mums and dads, with a parenting panel on hand to give advice.

Tuesday's programme will look at which style of parenting works best, with lively discussions between strict and liberal parents.

Radio 2 will then ask whether the traditional family unit is really any better than the so-called "broken home" and whether or not divorce can sometimes help bring people closer together.

Towards the end of the week Jeremy will be asking who's to blame for troublesome teenagers; is it the kids themselves or the parents?

"The Most Important Job in the World" series concludes on Friday 1 April, with a focus on the moment a child moves away from home. The show includes talks from parents who say their world ended the day their child left home.

Listeners wanting to discuss further the issues raised in Jeremy's parenting specials can visit his website at Their views and comments will be reflected by Jeremy on air during the broadcasts.

Phil Jones, Executive Producer, Jeremy Vine, says: "The Radio 2 audience love getting involved in the show via text, the telephone or email, and we look forward to lots of healthy debate. It's their experience of real life parenting that we want to hear about. Every parent is an expert."


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