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Wednesday 23 Jul 2014

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Police Academy UK: Alfred Nawa

Alfred Nawa

From: Lusaka, Zambia

Age: 46 years

Rank: Assistant Commissioner

Interests: Christianity

Mission in the UK: Commissioner Nawa wants to try out the technology here that he can introduce back home.

Skills: The Commissioner specialises in raising awareness of child and sexual abuse. He loves to teach children as "they are our future".

Other: Alfred is sensitive and dedicated, a man whose mission it is to do good and to protect children. He's passionate about his work.

He started as a recruit constable and then went to the Police Academy to join the force. He went on patrols, then was posted in specialised units. He now does detective work as well as prosecutions.

When Alfred first trained, he came to work with the community to educate people about crime. His specialism was talking to people about sexual crimes like rape and the sexual abuse of children and women.

He did his diploma in Zambia, at the Evelyn Horn College and then undertook courses specialising in sexual abuse cases. His aim is to ensure that women and children are safe and protected, as sexual abuse is very common. Alfred has been in the force for 25 years.

Why did you decide to take part in the show?

I decided to take part in the show because I thought it would make a difference and be important to my policing career. I also discovered that taking part in the show could offer me an opportunity to visit the UK and work with the world's most successful police service.

How did you find the experience?

I found the experience so exciting and educational. It enriched my policing methods and I had many opportunities to meet with very important people in the UK. I met with The Duke of Gloucester – Prince Richard, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Monmouthshire and many others. It was a brilliant experience.

What surprised you most about British policing?

What surprised me most was the fact that police in the UK stripped naked those they detained in their custody. This surprise faded out when I discovered that the suspects' clothes were taken temporarily for further forensic investigations.

Did you pick up anything from your time with the British police that you will take back to your own force?

I picked something which I wish to introduce into my own police service. I could have picked quite a lot of things but some of them are expensive and long term projects, eg monitoring crime-prone areas using CCTVs ,The Safer Travel, The SOS Bus, Street Pastors, Dog Handling and many.

However I came up with Bicycle Patrol system, a Community Policing Crime Prevention Venture and Firearm Training for my police service in Zambia.

What was the biggest difference between our police force and yours?

The biggest difference between UK police and Zambia Police was the equipment and high technology. The UK is highly equipped in technology and equipment while Zambia lacks a lot in this area, otherwise we share the same policing system.

Zambia used to be a British Colony; even with a few amendments Zambia still uses British Laws and ways of doing things.

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