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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Graham Norton welcomes Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Stephen and Jo Brand

Tonight, in the last of the current series, Graham Norton is joined by Hollywood great Liam Neeson, Hangover star Bradley Cooper, comedian Stephen Merchant, actress and writer Jo Brand and pop band Blue.

On having reinvented himself as an action hero, Liam says: "I did Taken, which I thought would go straight to video but it was a success and I now get a lot of action scripts. I was a boxer from the ages of 9-16 and I love doing my own fights, I don't do my own stunts of course but I do my own fights. I like that sort of stuff."

Asked about his relaxed approach to work Liam surprises with an excellent impersonation of Clint Eastwood, when he says: " ‘You hit a few marks you say a few lines, what's the problem'. Sometimes you have to do that and sometimes you have to take it seriously."

He also proves he is adept at impersonating Sean Connery: "Sometimes I would call my agent as him and I would immediately get through," while Bradley proves his own skills, with impressions of Christopher Walken and Owen Wilson.

Surprisingly for an action hero, Liam reveals he has a new beauty regime, "I have discovered pedicures, my wife and my mother-in-law had them and thought maybe I should try that." He explains he's freshly pedicured and agrees with Graham that it's perfect for his current sandal wearing role in his new movie, Clash Of The Titans II.

On becoming a leading man, Bradley says: "I was told to grow my hair so had a Seventies Chips kind of thing going on." And on getting his role in The Hangover says: "I needed a job badly, no one had to pitch it to me." And adds: "I wasn't sure what sort of movie it was going to be when a Chinese man jumps out of a cupboard and places his genitals on your shoulder." He also says: "Ken (Jeong) came up with idea of being naked over breakfast and after 35 takes I really became very intimate with his package. I was also worried about where my hand would land."

Talking about attention from fans, he says: "I was so excited to be asked for an autograph but the fan wanted Matthew McConaughey's signature. I said 'I'm not him' and she said, 'I know that but you work with him and that's enough' and do you know what? I signed the autograph, but deliberately misspelled his name."

Stephen reveals he has been beefing up recently: "I have been going to the gym to try and stay alive, but it can only be a matter of time before Daniel Craig gives over the James Bond role."

Bradley talks about getting fit and says he too goes to the gym but is embarrassed about revealing too much: "I'm a two towel kind of guy – I wear a towel into the shower and take another one with me."

On her new book, which is heralded as her "final volume" Jo says: "I never want to write another book." Recounting one of the anecdotes in her book she says: "I was giving birth to my first daughter, my legs were akimbo and one of the doctors came in asked for my autograph. I said: ‘if you wait five minutes she'll sign it too."

Blue give the first official performance of UK's Eurovision entry I Can, in the studio, before joining everyone on the sofa for a chat.

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on foolhardy members of the audience brave enough to sit in the red chair.

Notes to Editors

These quotes are taken verbatim from a studio recording and may not necessarily reflect the content of the final transmitted version of the programme.

The Graham Norton Show returns with a new series on Friday 15 April.

The Graham Norton Show, BBC One, Friday 11 March at 10.35pm.


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