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Thursday 28 Aug 2014

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Keith Allen to star with Tara Fitzgerald in BBC One's new crime drama series The Body Farm

Keith Allen is to star alongside Tara Fitzgerald in BBC One's new modern crime series The Body Farm. Keith plays Detective Inspector Hale who calls upon Waking The Dead's pathologist Dr Eve Lockhart (Tara Fitzgerald) and her private forensics facility to help solve crimes and find justice for the victims.

Keith says: "I'm delighted that the BBC has given me the chance to delve into the murky world of The Body Farm."

In the modern world, private forensics are being used by the law more and more. Eve's brilliant and ambitious team of scientists turn to police work to pay the bills, but in this team, it's only Eve who has had any previous experience of dealing with the aftermath of a horrific crime.

Eve's team is made up of Rosa, Mike and Oggy. Wunmi Mosaku (Moses Jones, Father And Son, Silent Witness) plays Rosa, who is young and eager to put her research into practice, Mark Bazeley (The Queen, The Bourne Ultimatum) plays Mike, Eve's right-hand man, and Finlay Robertson (How Not To Live Your Life) is Oggy, a hardcore science geek who has had his head buried in his studies so long that he has begun to fear the real world.

Kate Harwood, Controller, Drama Series and Serials, says: "We are tremendously excited to have such a wonderful cast line-up and to be following the character of Eve Lockhart into a new job as she leads her pioneering forensic team out to fight crime; Eve will face her challenges in the same way that she did in Waking The Dead, with cool professionalism and quiet compassion."

We see DI Hale introduced to Eve's team in the opening 90-minute special episode. Viewers are led into their world within the Body Farm, a facility that is pushing back the boundaries of scientific research and solving crimes – it's unchartered territory. Here no horror is taken for granted and murder is seen to be what it is – visceral and shocking.

Created by Declan Croghan, this is a new six-part series made by BBC Drama Production in association with Trevor Eve's company Projector Pictures for BBC One (1 x 90 minutes and 5 x 60 minutes). Produced by Simon Lewis, the Executive Producers are Sue Hogg from BBC Drama Production and Trevor Eve for Projector Pictures.


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