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Wednesday 27 Aug 2014

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Pakistani students debate their future on BBC Urdu's Kya Karein?

BBC Urdu has teamed up with the Pakistani TV channel, Express News, to bring to the fore the voices and views of students from universities across Pakistan.

Webcast on and broadcast by Express News from Saturday 19 March, the 13-part weekly series, Kya Karein? (What To Do?), will debate key issues facing Pakistani youth.

Presented by BBC Urdu's Mohamed Hanif and Wusatullah Khan, Kya Karein? engages the students of Pakistan's leading universities and colleges in a conversation about their future. Asking the youth where they see themselves and their place in their country in a few years' time, BBC Urdu is capturing the Pakistani student community's aspirations and concerns.

Each week, in the run-up to the Saturday debates, the website will offer its readers a selection of blogs by the students of the university to be featured in the week's broadcast. In their blogs, the students will talk about the factors that motivate their learning and what they think universities and colleges need to do in order to enhance young people's drive to learn and explore. The blogs will be open to comments from other students.

BBC Urdu will offer the forum to leading universities and colleges including Sindh University, Jamshoro; NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi; University of Karachi; University of the Punjab; National College of Arts, Lahore; and Wafaqi Urdu University.

Head of BBC Urdu, Aamer Ahmed Khan, comments: "Young people, who represent the majority of Pakistan's population, have grown up in an atmosphere of general instability and have witnessed – and may have been exposed to – violence and conflict throughout their lives. How has that affected their identities as Pakistanis? What future are they looking to carve for themselves? As we put their outlooks under the spotlight, important issues will be raised about Pakistan's current political, economic and social environment."

Kya Karein? will be broadcast by Express News and webcast on at 18.30 PST on Saturdays. It will also be broadcast by BBC Urdu radio and rebroadcast by the BBC's partner radio station in Karachi, Josh FM 99.

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