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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Waking The Dead: introduction

L-R: Sue Johnston, Wil Johnson, Trevor Eve, Tara FitzGerald and Eva Birthistle star in Waking The Dead

In the final series of BBC One's award-winning crime drama Waking The Dead, Boyd will face the greatest test of his career – will he prevail...?

Created by Barbara Machin, Waking The Dead first appeared on BBC One in 2000. Since then the series has produced 92 hours of primetime viewing, with the highest viewed episode pulling in 9.5 million viewers. In 2004 the drama won an International Emmy Award for an episode entitled Multi-storey starring Sean Pertwee.

Boyd (Trevor Eve) is back leading the Met's Cold Case Unit and investigating more unsolved crimes with his team: Grace (Sue Johnston), Eve (Tara FitzGerald) and Spence (Wil Johnson) in this the ninth and final series written by Ed Whitmore, Timothy Prager and Richard Warlow .

In this series the team acquires a new member, brilliant ex-counter-terrorism officer Sarah Cavendish (Eva Birthistle). Foisted on Boyd by his superiors he is given little choice but to keep her out of "harm's way".

Sarah matches Boyd in rank, the first time he has worked with someone of an equivalent level. Sarah's capabilities means she quickly ingratiates herself with her new colleagues; but as her symptoms of post-traumatic stress become increasingly apparent there is mounting concern for her welfare.

Sarah challenges Boyd's recklessness in the line of duty – something, she warns, he will pay for one day.


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