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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Simon Schama to present The History Of The Jews on BBC Two

BBC Two announces a major new landmark series written and presented by historian Simon SchamaThe History Of The Jews.

The History Of The Jews is a five-part series that will explore the Jewish experience, spanning over 4,000 years of history from the Ancient Israelites and the origins of the Hebrew Bible to the impact that Jewish people have had in creating the world we live in today – through culture, money, science and entertainment.

Speaking about the series Simon Schama says: "Zakhor! Remember, the sages command us, so if you're an historian how can you not want to tell this epic story?

"From the invention of the single faceless God to the invention of psycho-analysis, the Jewish story brims with illumination; ordeal and cultural revolutions; with poetry, politics and picturing.

"One of the first American Presidents said that from their mere numbers the Jews ought to have been no more than a mere puff of stardust amidst the constellations; but they have been more like an explosive sunspot that never dies down.

"Coloured by passion and pathos, populated by troublemakers, and visionaries, I've always wanted to bring this story to a contemporary television audience and since Jews have shaped the world as much as they have been shaped by it, their experience will, I hope, become part of everyone's story."

The History Of The Jews has been commissioned by Martin Davidson, Commissioning Editor for BBC History and Business.

He says: "From the Diaspora right through to the present day, the history of the Jewish people is fundamental in the history of civilisation. I am delighted that Simon Schama, with his expertise, is returning to BBC Two to present such an important and wide-ranging authored series."

The History Of The Jews is being made for BBC Two by Oxford Film and Television; the Executive producer is Nicholas Kent. The Executive Producer for the BBC is Cassian Harrison.

The History Of The Jews is a history commission due to transmit on BBC Two in 2012.

The BBC is committed to providing a broad range of compelling history content across all channels and platforms. BBC History programmes are known for their thought-provoking themes, meticulous research and expert contributors. Knowledge programming, of which History is a key component, is one of the BBC's five editorial priorities as outlined in the Strategy Review.


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