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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Forecast bright for BBC Scotland's new weather team

Three new weather presenters are breezing in to BBC Scotland as the existing forecasting team all prepare to go off on maternity leave within weeks of one another.

The new team – Christopher Blanchett, Cat Cubie and Stavros Danaos – will stand in from next month as Gail McGrane, Judith Ralston and Gillian Smart take temporary leave to have their babies.

Christopher, 28, an assistant producer, who currently produces national forecasts on BBC One and the News Channel as well as training presenters at the BBC Weather Centre in London; Cat, 29, an experienced presenter on a wide range of factual programmes; and Stavros, 33, a broadcaster with the Met Office, will become the new faces and voices of BBC Scotland's TV, radio and online weather reports.

"We are sure the new weather team will do a great job babysitting the bulletins while Gail, Judith and Gillian are away. The new team got the jobs amid extremely fierce competition. Now they can't wait to get on air broadcasting to our audiences on radio, TV and online across Scotland," said Head of BBC Scotland News, Atholl Duncan.

Between them, the trio will be responsible for thousands of weather bulletins provided by BBC Scotland throughout the year.

"We couldn't quite believe it when all three of the forecasting team became pregnant within weeks of one another – but at least we've all been able to share our personal experiences every kick of the way," explained Gail McGrane.

Cat Cubie says her move back north has brought back some family recollections: "One of my earliest memories is falling asleep as my dad listened to the shipping forecast. I never, for one moment, dreamed that when I grew up I would be involved in presenting the weather myself. I am delighted to be joining the team here in Scotland and am looking forward to lots of sunshine – well, here's hoping!"

London-based Christopher is also looking forward to joining the BBC Scotland team: "Scotland gets some of the most interesting and challenging conditions in the UK and it will be a great opportunity to be able to help deliver that all-important forecast.

"I love the wilderness and can't wait to be able to explore more once I get some time off from studying the pressure charts."

Stavros has an interest in extreme weather, especially thunderstorms, but he's particularly looking forward to getting to grips with the fact Scotland frequently gets "four seasons in one day": "I've always had a real interest in the weather from an early age, so this is the perfect job for me. The fact I enjoy walking and hiking also means I'll get to take my day job with me when I'm not working."


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