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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Junior Doctors – Your Life In Their Hands: introduction

(L-R): Andy Kong, Adam Beaini, Lucy Holmes, Katherine Conroy, Keir Shiels, Suzy Batchelor and John Barclay

Brand new to BBC Three, Junior Doctors – Your Life In Their Hands follows seven recently qualified junior doctors as they hit the wards of the Royal Victoria Infirmary and The General, Newcastle.

Following five hard years of study, seven ordinary twenty-somethings are about to embark on one extraordinary career. Laying both their professional and private lives bare, the series sees how the junior doctors cope with juggling their new-found responsibilities and being a young adult.

The junior doctors will live together across three emotionally-charged months, while working in roles that take us to the heart of some of the hospitals' busiest departments – A&E, gastro, paediatrics and plastic surgery.

Viewers can expect frustration, tears, laughter and elation as the reality of life for the young doctors starts to unfold in their journey from first day nerves to accomplished professional.

A BBC Vision production, the series is executive produced by Rachel Arnold and Hannah Wyatt.

Junior doctors spend five to six years at Medical School before embarking on a two-year foundation programme to help them further develop a broad base of knowledge and skills before fully qualifying for specialty training.

Each year around 7,500 junior doctors start work across the hospitals of Great Britain.

Around 150 foundation year 1 and foundation year 2 junior doctors take up their position at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and The General, Newcastle, on what the nurses call black Wednesday.

This year, BBC Three follows seven of them and, amongst the fledgling doctors, are: Adam Beaini; Jon Barclay; Katherine Conroy; Keir Shiels; Suzi Batchelor; Andy Kong; and Lucy Holmes.


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