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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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"Honeymoon Murder" revelations on Inside Out West on BBC One tonight

Inside Out West reveals tonight that the family of Bristol businessman Shrien Dewani are not ruling out cutting a deal with the South African authorities to return to the country to stand trial.

Mr Dewani has been accused of ordering a hit squad to kill his new wife Anni Dewani during their honeymoon in Cape Town – an accusation he strenuously denies.

The South African authorities have requested that he be extradited from the UK to answer the allegations in court.

The next stage of the extradition process is due to be heard at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday 20 January.

A close family friend, speaking with the full knowledge and support of Shrien Dewani's family, told Inside Out West Shrien Dewani is confident he can clear his name if he is required to stand trial.

Hasmukh Velji Shah first met Shrien Dewani when he was a student at the University of Manchester and now considers him to be a member of his own family.

He tells the programme that the Dewani family are looking for answers to a number of questions before deciding whether Shrien will return to South Africa voluntarily: "There are certain issues and questions and guarantees which must be answered and given, such as if Shrien had to go to South Africa, would he be given bail?

"It is for Shrien's legal team and the South African authorities to discuss this and agree a mutually agreed programme."

Inside Out West understands that for a deal to be done, the South African authorities would need to guarantee that Mr Dewani would be given bail up to the final point of appeal if it is needed, as well as freedom of movement to help him build his defence case.

The offer is one of a number of revelations being made in tonight's edition of Inside Out West.

The programme has been investigating the sequence of events that led to the murder of Anni Dewani in Cape Town and explores whether Shrien Dewani could expect a fair trial in South Africa.

The documentary includes new interviews with people in both South Africa and the UK speaking on camera about the case for the first time.

Mr Dewani is currently on bail in Bristol preparing for the extradition hearing.

Notes to Editors

Any information used from this press release must be credited to BBC Inside Out West.

Inside Out West can be seen at 7.30pm on Monday 17 January on BBC One in the West of England and on BBC One HD across the rest of the UK. It will also be available on the BBC iPlayer for seven days.


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