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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Lunch Monkeys: introduction

Lunch Monkeys

Lunch Monkeys returns for an exciting new six-part series on BBC Three. Focused around the post room of personal injury law firm Fox Cranford, the gang are back for more flirting, fighting and responsibility dodging.

It's been six weeks since we left Tania (Jessica Hall) fuming at Charlie's (Steve John Shepherd) infidelity and lovelorn Kenny (Christian Foster) ever hopeful of getting it together with Tania. While Shelley (Rachel Rae) continued to fend off a deluded Darrel's (Chris Hannon) advances and Asif (Abdullah Afzal) worked hard at one thing only, pretending to be a lawyer. Which left Mike (Nigel Havers) to curb his frustration at the lack of support and failing professionalism of his team and power hungry Gloria (Sian Reeves) on the case of the Monkeys' every move.

At the start of series two, the Monkeys continue to cause big trouble in little Cranford, when Tania is promoted to post room supervisor, Kenny's art starts to take off, and Darrel and Shelley both need somewhere to call home.

Stand-up Steve Edge (Phoenix Nights) joins as Darrel's dad, with Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me) as the proud father of his 'high flying solicitor' son Asif.

The series is written and created by David Isaac, originally inspired by his own experience of being a supervising solicitor in a Manchester law firm. His other writing credits include BBC Three's Scallywagga and BBC One's Not Going Out; and he won an RTS North West Awards nomination for Best Scriptwriter for series one of Lunch Monkeys.

Lunch Monkeys is made for BBC Three by Channel K and the director is Matt Holt. Produced by Matt Tiller for Channel K; Jon Rolph is Executive Producer for the BBC.


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